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Emenac Call Center Services Emenac Call Center Services

Has it become essential to reach out to the prospects quickly and facilitate existing customers to capture the market faster than competitors? If yes, Inbound and outbound call center services from Emenac can help. It is simple and easy to outsource these services to Emenac and in return, enjoy enhanced promotion, increased conversion ratio and augmented sales. Outsourcing these services to Emenac will also bring trust of the customers, enhanced customer loyalty and skyrocketing profits. Therefore, inbound and outbound services from Emenac are the just the perfect way to fulfill needs of the business. Following are the call center services that we offer:


What are Call Center Services and why would businesses need them?

Call center services are services set to maintain contact with the customers for various reasons. There are mainly of two types of call center services:

  • Inbound call center services
  • Outbound call center services

The outbound call centers make calls to existing or potential customers in order to gather feedback, to make a sale or promote the business etc. In the inbound call centers, customers call in to seek technical or general help, place orders or gather information about products and/or services before shopping.

The call center services that are handled by intbound call centers are:

  • Phone Order Taking
  • Help Desk
  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support

The call center services that are handled by an outbound call center are:

  • Outbound Sales
  • Appontment Setting
  • Lead Generation
  • Survey Calls
  • Welcome and Feedback Calls

Businesses need outbound services in order to help the business with research work and to create a virtual outlet for sales, thus increasing the profits. In addition to increasing sales, outbound services also provide businesses with brand promotion and a better placement of the company’s products and services in minds of customers. Moreover, these call center services work in creating brand awareness and eventually, to increase popularity to attract customers right then or at a later point in time.

Inbound call center services provide the customers with a point of contact with the business. Through inbound services, businesses can take in orders, provide customer support or technical help or even help desk services by phone. In turn, the customers are served or their problems are solved. Hence, this telephonic point of contact propagates the message that the business cares for its customers and will help them whenever they would need it. This is how a business is able to retain the customers, keeping them from opting for other businesses. Eventually, a growing clientele is ensured and a swift inflow of profits is maintained.

What if call center services have not been set up?

Without outbound call center services, firms would need to invest in a lot of money, repeatedly on direct marketing strategies since these services cannot bring about good results in a low cost. Eventually, firms will end up paying a big sum which might not be very suitable. If a competitor however comes up with outbound services, it will reach out to prospects quicker, taking away businesses. Therefore, without an outbound call center service, effective marketing, increasing clientele and money saving will become tasks difficult to achieve.

Without inbound call center services, businesses will have no point where their customers can call in to seek help or even place an order. If the help is not provided to the customers, their problems will remain unsolved and they will move onto alternative products and services from another business. If orders are not taken in, potential customers might prefer other businesses since lives of people have now become harder and convenience matters to everyone. This way, customers will be lost to other businesses.

How to get call center services in place?

Maintaining in-house call centers means taking a lot of headache and going through the hassle of making a setup, buying machinery and furniture, paying for the utilities, hiring the agents and training and managing them and also paying them. This is time consuming and requires a big budget. Hence, the question here is how to set up call center services easily?

The easier way to go about is to outsource the call center services and get everything done from a professional call center. These call centers would already have state-of-the-art setups, all required machinery and IT infrastructures and professionally trained agents. Hence, a lot of time will be saved and the outsourced call center service will be handled professionally with no headache and tension left behind.

When thinking to outsource, businesses are given a better advice of offshore outsourcing in place of inshore outsourcing. Inshore outsourcing does save time and makes things somewhat convenient but since in these drying times of global economic crises, businesses want to save money. Going for an offshore call center shows a difference in currency values and gets tasks done in a lot cheaper prices. And yet, it is easy to do it! In addition to saving money, businesses also open themselves up to a wide variety of talent and hence, find amazing chances of getting an extremely skilful and proficient team to handle the call center tasks. Thus, going offshore for a BPO call center is the way to go.

How to outsource to "Emenac Call Center Services"?

For businesses interested in working with Emenac, a simple way to begin is to make a call on +1 888.909.2207 and the business development team here will handle the rest. For those willing to contact via email, can send in an enquiry and will be contacted as soon as possible. Further on, an enquiry will be made into the business and its offerings as per the selected service and a project will be planned out by our team. Once the business will have shown satisfaction with the project and its pricing, work will begin.

Benefits of outsourcing to "Emenac Call Center Services"

"Emenac Call Center Services" has been in the field of call center and outsourcing since over a decade now. Hence, it is pretty capable of handling this task and its experience of the field has expanded much of over time. A few reasons why businesses must choose Emenac are:

• Complete range of call center services provided for clients to make selection from as per the needs of their businesses

• Lowest possible prices given for each service

• 24/7 call center services can be given on demand or set up for business hours, after hours and in case of inbound services, even for overflow call handling

• Expert and highly trained staff which is given trainings time and again to further enhance capabilities

• Up to date technology, machinery and infrastructures and in place

• Dedicated agents given for each task so that the client business gets the very of the outsourced service

• High conversion rates and hence, increase in profitability guaranteed

• Live call tracing and call recording offered by our Quality Assurance Department to maintain call quality through the client’s feedback

• High service quality ensured

• Backups for utilities and important data in place

• Call center services run in accordance to governmental laws and SLA as well as other agreements are signed in order to keep things safer both ends

Businesses that wish to work with "Emenac Call Center Services" can call in right away at +1888.909.2207 and get their services started. Within no time, they will see a better relationship built with their customers and amazing results coming their way.