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Emenac Offshore Technical Support Call Center Services Emenac Offshore Technical Support Call Center Services

Are the customers facing a lot of problems regarding the functionality, usage and understanding of the features of the products? Is it becoming tougher to handle the customers amongst too many other tasks? Contact Emenac Call Center Services and start your virtual call center for technical support troubleshooting right away.

Since outsourcing is the recommendation of professionals, Emenac is offering its clients unparalleled services leading allowing firms to save money effectively and their customers to get first call resolutions through skill-based routing and three-tier technical support setup. Our call center uses upscale technology and makes sure that the customers get hindrance free talk-time while our agents work to keep away abandoned calls and tackle with the maximum number of customers in threshold time. This eventually leaves firms with a satisfied clientele and hence, growing profits.

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Understanding what is technical support and why organizations need it?

Technical support service is the service provided by an enterprise telephonically to its clients in order to hear and tackle with issues arising at the customers’ ends, which cannot be handled by the customer. These problems or issues could be related to electronics and mechanical goods, computers, hardware, software and networking etc. When the customers of a business use its products, they call the business’s helpline and have to be given all help regarding its functionality and features before they buy it and even after they have bought it to make sure that the product works perfectly.

Phone technical support becomes essential for businesses when customers call in to enquire about product before buying them. They will need to find out about the technology and functionality and features in order to make a choice. If answered satisfactorily, the customers will be able to choice on a product with confidence and trust and give the business a sale.

Once a customer will have bought a product, it may encounter problems which will need to be addressed. Relying on the telephonic contact with the business, the customers will call in to seek technical helpdesk support. They now have to be provided with technical support so that they can be given the right solutions and guidance on usage of the product. This troubleshooting of the problem will ensure customer satisfaction eventually leading to a loyal clientele and hence, successfully maintaining inflow of profits. This is why remote technical support services are indispensable for firms and organizations.

According to a survey conducted by Emenac Call Center Services, 55% of the surveyed people were found to be calling businesses in order to find out the technical aspects of a product so that they can complete their survey and choice on a product. Most of these people had opted for businesses that had satisfactory virtual technical support services. 47% of the people were found habitual to calling businesses after buying a product to find out about its functionality and technicalities and 60% of these people had moved on to other businesses because they did not get satisfaction in terms of technical aspects when they used certain products. Hence, the product positioning changed negatively for them and their goodwill culminated into opting for another business. In this time of credit crunch and economic downfall, 15% people showed concerns with price only. Hence most people were found changing brands owing to technical complexities and unsatisfactory technical support.

Therefore, keeping the customers away from problems and the products working perfectly through technical support, firms make sure that their products will be used in future as well and as good word spreads out, more customers will come in, enhancing the profitability.

What would happen if the customers are not given technical support?

Oftentimes, remote technical support services are the sole point of contact between the customer and the business and this is what maintains trust and confidence between the two. Absence of telephonic technical care service can lead to absence of trust and confidence and not only the customers will flee but also, no referral customers will flow in. This will lead a firm to closing down eventually as customers are what a business runs on and without customers; a business cannot stay established for longer.

Technical support call center of a business becomes the deciding factor between a business and its competitors. If a customer encounters a problem with a product and the technical care helpline does not provide complete help, the customer would be further frustrated and will move to a competitor business. Hence, the brand image will become negative for them and goodwill for its products and trust in the business will diminish. To reconstruct a loyal clientele, the firm will have to spend large sums of money into advertising so keeping that situation away, offering virtual technical support should be the choice.

Setting up a technical support call center

In order to set up a technical support call center, an enterprise has two directions. One direction is the painful one in which money and time need to be spent hiring employees, buying machinery and gadgetry, training the employees, paying them, managing them and paying for utilities etc. The other direction is to conveniently go for outsourcing. Compared to an in-house setup, outsourcing is easy and simple!

As per the modern-day trend, most firms prefer offshore outsourcing in order to keep their service level high, expenditure low and time saved. Firms that do not offshore outsource face several issues including low level of service, high costs and high time consumption.

Businesses that do offshore outsource mostly opt for offshore technical support services and as examples; some of the largest businesses around the globe can be taken. In order to minimize overhead effectively, get appreciable expertise and save time, these firms have all set up their technical support call centers outside their countries.

Hence, all businesses looking to offshore outsource their technical support services are advised to go offshore to the lands that are known for talent in this regard, make use of the currency difference, get desirable customer satisfaction in terms of the usage of products and see profits increasing amazingly.

Offshore outsource technical helpdesk support to "Emenac Call Center Services"

Firms looking to offshore outsource to Emenac Call Center Services can send us an enquiry by calling our business development team on +1.888.909.2207. On call, the authorities representing the business will need to give in information such as expected call volume and time span of working in the field etc. Followed by this, a project will be planned. If the clients wish, they can email us and Emenac’s BDO team will get back to them soon.

As soon as the client firm gives a green signal to Emenac Call Center Services, our team develops a technical support call center representatives, gets the SLA signed and begins working right away.

Benefits that "Emenac Call Center Services" will bring

Emenac Call Center Services has been the field since more than a decade now and has been working with clients coming from USA, UK, Canada Australia and Pakistan with onshore and offshore projects. Its technical care call centers are fully equipped with latest technology and all important machinery so that the clients and their customers can be given the best of service.

Emenac’s clients can keep a check on the technical support service by remote sharing and reading the screenshots taken intermittently. The Quality Assurance Department records calls and helps the clients monitor them time by time or live whenever they wish, allowing the client to give in feedback and help keep the service on a good level.

Best possible solutions are provided for troubleshooting and guidance is given upon the use, functionality, care and technology of the product, helping the customer know every inch of the product so that he can use it in the right way. If needed, we also give away live online technical support 24/7.

Emenac Call Center Services works with ACD (Automated Call Distributor) technology to help skilled-based routing and lead the customers to the right agent, providing them with first call resolution. This process couples up with the CTI technology bringing to sight, a history of the callers problems avoiding further frustration of the caller.

Emenac offshore call center services presents three levels of phone technical support service with Tier 1 being the basic level technical support, Tier 2 being a deeper investigation of technical issues and Tier 3 being a high-end technical care service. As per the products of the business, a tier is set for the service and it is made sure that maximum calls are received in threshold time with zero abandoned calls.

Together with all this, Emenac’s remote technical support services bring businesses a great deal of money saving and expertise. Enterprises looking for this incomparable technical support setup can contact us at +1.888.909.2207 right today and things in order for their customers.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
  • Minimum Threshold Taken
  • Precise & Reliable Infrastructure
  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership