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10 Reasons to Start With Emenac

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
  • Minimum Threshold Taken
  • Precise & Reliable Infrastructure
  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership
 What Makes Us Better Than the Rest

Emenac Call Center Services is known for providing top notch inbound and outbound call center services. The company also excels in handling non-voice contact center services maintaining communication with internet as the mode. Currently, ECCS is catering almost 20 industries having numerous business branches. Emenac deals in onshore as well as offshore outsourcing of call center services and its clientele includes, businesses from UK, Canada, Australia and USA. Our agents are highly trained and experienced and know what is best for you and your business. Being an ECCS client gives you the power to grow and conquer the world.

Why Us – Providing Excellent Services Anywhere, Everywhere

24/7 Operation and Call Handling

24/7 call handling servicesOur range of exceptionally talented agents work day and night to provide you with a decent good night sleep. We take care of all your hectic calls, while you focus on bigger and more important things. Our team specializes in taking off the burden from your shoulders. The agents at ECCS are always prepared to tackle complex situations providing your clientele with the best solutions leading towards better and productive results. Our dedicated agents can take care of all your inbound and outbound calls while you focus on other important things. No need to waste your resources and workforce on expensive equipment and machinery.

Steady Growth in Sales Conversion

growth in sales volume Converting a cold call into a warm call is what every business entrepreneur wants and that is what our agents are trained for. ECCS has witnessed a 37% growth in sales conversion and is still on the go with the same level of success. Increasing sales are the most important aspect for any stakeholder or business professional therefore, maintaining a steady sales conversion rate is always a must. No one likes to lose potential clientele and that is where we come into play. We help make sure your sales are not always a one-time thing but an ongoing process by maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients

Substantial Rise in Customer Retention

rise in customer retentionWe value our gratified clients and know how to keep them entertained. We make sure your customers come back after their first purchase by providing you with the best team of agents working day and night to improve your contacts. Customers are the most important source of income for any business enterprise and that is why it is extremely important to make sure to retain all potential customers throughout the business years. We provide your precious clientele with the right kind of information and assistance whenever needed. Our highly trained agents have complete knowledge of the dos and don’ts of customer retention.

Precise and Reliable Infrastructure

Reliable Infrastructure of Call CenterConfusing clients as well as agents with too many steps and gadgets is not our thing. We have the most precise and reliable infrastructure that allows anyone and everyone to function without delay on a 24/7 basis. We do not believe in bringing complex machinery and equipment into the system. We do not want to confuse our hardworking agents with flashy items and procedures.  Whether we are providing outsource facilities or making direct contact with our clients, we never waste time and resources on problematic equipment. We believe in using dependable infrastructure so that agents can work freely.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

customized call center solutionsClients get to enjoy custom-made services after joining hands with us. Our highly trained representatives know what your clients want and have the answer to all their queries and problems on immediate basis. We have a lineup of trained and experienced agents who know how to assist you according to your specifications. Every type of entrepreneur or stakeholder has a different agenda or plan and that is when our agents show a great deal of flexibility and professionalism. Ranging from customer care support to technical support, our agents have the ability to assist you in any way from anywhere, everywhere.

Fully Equipped Blended Call Center

Blended Call Center - inbound and outboundOur agents are always prepared for both inbound and outbound calls. This not only saves time, but also provides your business with better solutions and stable clientele. Since our agents are trained for answering all kinds of calls, your clients do not have to wait. Clients are very important to any form of business and that is why it is never right to put the phone on hold. The blended call center reduces the burden of too many inbound and outbound calls by balancing the call ratio among the team of highly adept call center agents. Having a blended call center helps maintain a healthy routing system on a 24/7 basis.

More than 90% Service Level

highest call center service level Every single call is important to us therefore, we have successfully maintained a 90% service level. Through intelligent routing, our agents are always prepared to answer your queries and come up with the best solution for you. It is never a professional approach to keep the phone on hold especially when you’re providing call center services. The reason why our clients have high regards for us is because our agents are always at their service. Our agents are true problem solvers and always make sure no call goes missing or unnoticed and that is why we have been able to provide our gratified customers with the right amount of information at the right time.

Industrially Adapt and Flexible Agents

experienced call agentsOur agents are specially trained to not only provide your clients with the required information, but also listen to their problems in a calming manner. We make sure every single client of yours leaves the phone happy and satisfied. We do not restrict out agents to limited amounts of information, we cater the problems and requirements of all kinds of industries. Every single agent of ours is specially trained to cater a certain number of industries so that no call goes unanswered and no client leaves dissatisfied. Whether you run a startup or a well-established firm, our representatives can provide you with the right amount of information whenever needed.

Multi-Channel Customer Care and Support Services

multi channel communication servicesFor the convenience of your clients, we never keep our phones on hold. Our agents are always there to assist on a 24/7 basis. We have a widespread channel of customer representatives resulting in effective call routing and happy clientele. Our multi-channel customer care services helps maintain the consistency of both inbound and outbound calls. No call goes unanswered especially when it comes to handling your precious clientele. Our well-informed agents are always ready to provide you and your clients with the required amount of information on a 24 basis. Our network is well-channeled and always on the go.

Well-Managed and Scheduled Adherence

Scheduled Adherence Whenever an agent is unavailable during work hours, we always have another agent ready to assist you as your time is more important to us. Intelligent routing is what we believe in and that is how our team manages to answer all your queries in time. We never compromise on agent availability as your calls are more than important to us. We have a rotating team of skilled agents who work tirelessly to provide you and your clientele with the best solutions from anywhere, everywhere. We never make our precious callers wait for even a second. We maintain a professional environment at ECCS and keep all our agents on their toes.