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Business Process outsourcing was never that Easy

Trust on our most developed agent hiring process, select the one plan that can work best for your business call center, yes we are flexible you can change it anytime.

The agents for specified business resources have no specified customer service plan, they are mostly used for more general customer concerns handling. They have information on all routing possibilities and they excellent memories that allows them to retain necessary information in an instant when the need arises. They receive prior and on0-desk training so that they can keep their composure in the stressed times and not to crack under pressure. Their customer answering strategy is friendly and professionally courteous.

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Shared Versus Dedicated Agents – Which Is Best For You?

Let Us Answer Your Calls Professionally

Shared Model

The shared agent model is usually recommended when a client has a less predictable call volume, or experiences seasonality with their call patterns, or for clients that need overflow services associated with peak call periods. Regardless of the size of your company, we provide the staffing flexibility you need to support your account.
You will be billed on a per minute basis for support and you will only be billed for agent time spent supporting your customers. Rest assured, our shared agents are fully trained on your requirements and know where to quickly locate the answers needed to support your customers in the way you require.

Dedicated Model

The dedicated model is recommended when a client has outsourced customer care processes like order processing, healthcare member services, helpdesk, or others where call volumes can be high, and agents really need to be a complete extension of your organization. This is an indispensable service offering for complex or high touch customer interactions.
You don’t have to worry about a lapse in product knowledge or the constant change in your business model with dedicated agents. The call center agents have various communication channels to get the information on product selection, shipping, or other fast changing information in a timely manner. Dedicated agents are billed for on an hourly basis.
Although dedicated staff is assigned to your account, your team works for Customer Contact Services – removing the typical hassles associated with hiring, training, and managing employees. Our team partners with yours to ensure that dedicated agents meet all of your requirements.

Call Type: Inbound or Outbound

Next you will need to determine your call type. Let Talk over it.


Why to Go with Emenac Phone Answering Services?

Looking to Outsource Call Center to US based Call Agents?

ECCS offers a wide range of call center outsourcing options to fit any business need. From 24 hour answering services to live chat support to event registration; our customers rely on our based operators to act as an extension of their own business.
Call 888-909-2207 or contact a representative today to learn more about how our call center services can help your business grow.

How to choose?

If you are to equip yourself with shared and dedicated resources, the first step you need to take would be determination of call type and call volume:

Call Type:

Call type refers to the classification of calls. Are you expecting more calls inbound or outbound? Are these calls for order placement, marketing, tech support, appointment setting or of financial nature? You need to pre-determine the categories your calls for better allocation of your resources.

Call Volume:

Call Volume is the frequency of call you are to receive or make. There is no solid scale that would determine that, but you can map out a pattern based on hour to hour frequency of calls. There are some hours when the frequency peek sometime in the week but it will also come down. If your call volume average is high, you would need dedicated resources but if you call volume is seasonally spiked or unpredictable, shared resources will manage it quite easily.the categories your calls for better allocation of your resources.

Simple Training Process:

Simple Training Process:

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