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Emenac! Bridging up the Gap between Customers and Businesses
Call Center Technology to Reduce Manual Processes Advanced Functionality to Route Callers to Right Direction Dealing with Shortage Capacity & Trained Agents? Emenac Helps Emenac Operates to offer end-to-end Customer Contact Solutions Call NowPricing
Diversity in Call Center Services, Languages and In-Country Infrastructure
Teams’ Coaching & Training to Unleash Sales Potential Predictive & Progressive Dialers to Dial More Contacts Cutting-Edge Skilled Call Routing for Superlative Support Technical & analytical Skills for Optimized Business Support Call NowPricing

Emenac Call Center! A Future Ready Customer Contact Center

Emenac is a Hosted VOIP Call Center, offers blended Call Center Services (both inbound and outbound options are available, you can choose anyone or both as per your needs) with as-you-grow pricing model. “ECCS” is one of a kind Customer Contact Center offering multichannel support services by fetching everything available in this industry into play just to ensure ongoing customer support services to your clients with latest call center software integration in addition to flexible industry specialist call agents.

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Complete Back office Support Services with Secure plus Customized Warm/Cold Calling Services
Call Center Software
  • Real-Time Operational Dashboard
  • Computer Telephony Screen Pop
  • On Demand Agent Scale Ability
  • Call Routing To Defined Call Flow
  • Call Control And Forwarding System
  • Group Ringing And Tracking Systems

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Customer Support as Service
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Work order management
  • Proactive & Preemptive Support
  • Programmed to route captured calls
  • Upsell/Cross Sell Stratagems
  • Leads Generation & Follow-Ups

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Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Automatic Call Distributor
  • Interactive Voice Response/IVR
  • Multi-model Routing Systems
  • Predefined Call Protocols
  • Customized Call Queues
  • Customized Leads Transmission

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Improved Contact Rate and Connectivity with Highest Conversion Rate and Lowest Operational Cost

By putting industrially skilled agents and latest call center technology together into action “Emenac Call Center Services” has achieved highest customer conversion rate with higher customer retention for all of its clients. We believe that the timely investment in technology and progressive research in Call Center Industry is keeping us prominent and leading contact center from the last decade. Integration of recommended but latest and modified call center software to handle inbound and outbound calls with bespoke agent training sessions and proven marketing strategies as well are the actual reasons of our success to maintain call quality score and conversion rate till date.

We are fully aware with the fact that a Customer Contact Center is only responsible for taking care of all customers’ needs from delivering basic services information to technical applies of products throughout the whole lifecycle of customers’ journey and their relations with businesses. So, we are fully equipped to deal and support customers from first interaction/enrollment to billing, and making a good use of unified communication skills and collaborative call center technologies to get higher customer engagement rate while simplifying the order proceeding process at all stages.

Skilled based routing of customers to the most suitable agents and powerful interaction help us to reduce time to close sales in and across every communication channel. Which results turning 80% of customer routine interaction into powerful customer relationship.

Practical, but refined approaches to support customers during the whole customer life cycle, flexible agents and predetermined performance measuring matrices makes Emenac Call Center Services valid and applicable to every industry.