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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Also often referred to as Business to Business, the term represents contact made to/from another business


Also often referred to as Balanced Scorecard, is a performance tool designed under certain strategy in order to maintain a semi-standard structured report. The report is proven through automation tools and designed methods and is used by managers to keep a track of the activities executed by the staff. The report also helps to monitor the consequences arising

Base Amount

The volume of contacts made per month, considering that no external factors have affected this

Base Staff

The minimum amount of agents that is needed to handle the base contact volume


Also often referred to as Basic Rate Interface, is a line that provides two bearer channels for data and voice transmission and dedicates one channel for signaling. It is often expressed as 2B+D

Beep Tone

A signal that alerts an agent about an incoming call


Also often referred to as Benchmarking, the term refers to a set of statistical standard used for comparisons for improvement

Best in Class

Term used for companies with highest performance in certain category


Call centers that have agents to handle incoming as well as outgoing calls

Blended Agent

An agent or an individual who can handle inbound as well as outbound calling


A call left incomplete owing to the trunks or agents being busy

Blocked Call

Callers blocked from entering the queue of calls


The situation where a busy pathway does not allow completing a connection between two points


An open wireless protocol that uses short radio wavelengths to exchange data within small distances. It works with fixed as well as mobile devices and creates a personal area network (PAN)


Also often referred to as Outsourcing and having a full term of Business Process Outsourcing, is a business that extends call center and contact center support to businesses

Burn Out

Call or contact center agents who might have become tired due to overworking and hence, started to lose productivity

Business Continuity

Also often referred to as Disaster Planning, is a process developed due to system failures unforeseen reasons

Busy Hour

The time of the day with two consecutive half-hour periods receiving the highest number of calls or contacts each day
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