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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Full term: Communication as a Service. Providing telecom services such as SMS as an internet-based service


Scoring agents according to their performance by standardizing the call center goals


Also often referred to as Transaction or Customer Contact, it refers to any type of contact such as telephone calls, web calls and video calls etc.

Call Blending

A system that allows inbound as well as outbound agents to make outbound calls if required. However, if volume of incoming calls is less, call blending can again be applied to make outgoing calls

Call by Call Routing

Routing calls to the right extension as per the need of the hour

Call Center

Also often referred to as Contact Center, A Call Center is a place that handles and directs inbound and outbound calls. The term Contact Center is oft mentioned for places that handle other tasks along with handling and directing calls

Call Completion Rate

The comparison of calls that were completed against the total number of calls received

Call Control Variables

A set of criteria used by ACD for call processing such as rerouting the calls, handling overflow calls, setting threshold timings and playing recordings

Call Detail Recording

Also often referred to as Call Record, it is the data captured by ACD for each call. Information captured may include the number dallied for outbound calling, the agent’s name, time spend in queue and trunk used etc.

Call Forcing

An ACD function used to forward call to the first available agent

Call Load

Also often referred to as Work Load, it is the number of calls taken over certain time span. The time spent by each call in queues is not included Internet

Call Back Transaction

Also often referred to as Call Me Button or Internet Call Me Transaction, it is a feature that facilitates users to choose to call back whilst viewing the web pages at the same time

Call Priority

A feature used for prioritizing calls as per importance

Callback Messaging

A feature that allows callers on hold to leave messages or their numbers to that the agent can call them back, instead of staying on hold

Caller ID

A feature used by telephone companies to pass numbers of the callers to the called party


Caller-Entered Digits; the digits that callers enter using their telephone sets


Call Line Identity; Automatic Number Identification

Central Office (CO)

1. Switching center of a telephone company 2. A telephone switch used by the switching centers of telephone companies The local central office gets receives call through the local area and it reroutes those calls locally or to the inter-exchange carrier (IXC). From the IXC, the local central office is able to receive calls


Training, educating and guiding the employees to increase productivity as well as employee loyalty

Cold Call

Cold Calling; outbound calling to prospective customers who have not made a request

Collateral Duties

Non-telephonic flexible tasks such as data entry, which can be scheduled for periods when call load is low

Compiled List

List of entries organized (in probably spreadsheets) formed in comparison to public records or industry lists

Completed Call

Also often referred to as Completed Contact; an outbound call where the called prospect has made final decision about a call. It could be have been purchasing, rejecting, requesting more information or remaining undecided


Agreeing with the topic or subject under discussion. Also true for industry legislations such as Do Not Call lists


Computer Technology Integration; systems that facilitate computers or telephones to work together in a desired format

Conditional Routing

A feature of the ACD based on ‘if-then’ programming statements, used for routing calls as per the current conditions

Conflict Management Training

Training given to agents of customer service providing them the right tools to meet the needs of the customers whilst complying with the objectives of the company


An agency ran to provide contact centers with professional advice

Contact Center Analytics

The process whereby improvement is brought to the contact center efficiency whilst maintaining customer satisfaction

Content Analytics

The process whereby evaluation is done for website content ensuring that it suffices with the trends and needs of the target market. Can also be used for non-web based contents

Controlled Busies

An ACD feature that generates busy signals when the queue increases more than the capacity of the programmable threshold

Cost Center

An accounting term referring to a non-profit department or function of an organization


Customer Relations Management; a concept used to formulate strategies that can handle employees and technology such that their full potential is achieved in regards to interaction with the customers


Engaging in contact with a customer and selling addition products or service after the customer has already purchased an item or a service


Customer Service Representative; a teleservice rep who deals with customers’ calls and handles complaints, accounts and enquiries etc.


Customer Experience Management; observing, managing and constantly improving the products or services being sold, as per the requirements of the customers

Customer Sensitivity Knowledge Base

A database used to record preferences of the customers

Customer Support

The way a seller commits to the buyer of the products or services being offered
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