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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Data Direct Call Routing

A feature of ACD that can process calls automatically in accordance to an information database stored in a separate system

Data Mining

Detection of associations and trends in a set of customer data, automatically


A collection of data organized and structured in certain fashion so that the information of use can be easily retrieved in times of need

Database Call Handling

A feature that helps ACD to process calls in synchrony with the database computer

Day of the Week Routing

Routing of calls to alternate locations set for that particular day of the week or year or time of the day


Direct Dial Inward; allocation of multiple numbers to the caller’s digital line such as an ISDN by telephone companies. When any of these numbers is called, the call is routed to the main line and the caller’s phone determines which number to ring


Also often referred to as Queue Time; the time spent by a caller in line before getting connected to an agent

Delay Announcements

Also often referred to as Recorded Announcement Route (RAN); recorded messages played to the caller as they wait to get connected to the first agent available

Ring Delay

Also often referred to as Delay Before Answer; a phone answering system set to answer only once certain number of rings have been made or the maximum rings have been received if the message tape encounters an issue. The number of rings is predetermined

Delayed Call

A call queued waiting for the first available agent

Demographic Overlay

A strategy used to determine what the potential customer would most likely buy, considering the potential customer’s information


Dialed Number; the number used by the caller to make a connection to the contact center


Dialed Number Identification Service; a feature of 800 and 900 lines that gives the callers, the number to dial to the receiving switch. This feature can help one trunk group to cater to multiple applications and can be provided in-band, out-of-band, ISDN or through a spate channel. DNIS is used mainly to indentify the application that the caller dialed, to the telephone system


The use of binary code or 1 and 0 language for representation of information

Digital Announcer

An instrument in which the recorded messages are stored

Talk Time

Also often referred to as Direct Call Processing; the amount of time a call takes from the greeting made until the call is disconnected

Disaster Planning

Also often referred to as Business Continuity; a strategy formed within a contact center in case of any kind of failure caused by unforeseen events

Discrete Speech

A program used for recognizing speech. It demands the speaker to say each word individually with slight gaps in between

Double Jack

Listening to the same contact by plugging in two headsets to the same telephone set or workstation


Dual-Tone Multi Frequency; also often refried to as ‘touchtone’, the term refers to tone dialing

Dynamic Answer

A feature of ACD to automatically configure the number of rings before receiving a call as per the queue information. This system works effectively is saving the caller or call center’s money when long-distance charges apply because charging is not done until the call has been received by ACD
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