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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Also often termed as Fax, communication through telephone line in the form of coded text, imagery etc

Fast Clear Down

Immediate disconnection of caller as an announcement is made

Fax on Demand

A system that required dialing of fax number on the phone dial pad to receive information through an email

Fax Over IP

Sung internet instead of phone lines, to transport fax


First In First Out; a strategy that formulates answering of incoming calls in the order that they are received in


A network used by private networks to keep unauthorized users from accessing the network


Contact center agents handling inbound as well as outbound calls

Flushing Out the Queue

A system used to reroute the calls on hold to another group of agents where agents are free to take up calls

Focus Group

A group on individuals found on demographic basis, productive for discussing products and services and for making sales to


Technology that transports fax via internet


Using previous results and current data and statistics to predict future situations for departments such as sales, contacts, financial accounting and staff planning etc

Toll-Free Service

Also often referred to as 1-800 or Freephone , numbers that begin with 800, 888 or 866 and allow callers to connect to the call center without paying any long distance charges

Full-Time Equivalent

FTE; number of total person scheduled hours divided by number of hours/week constituting a full-time person. FTE may as well include part-time employees whose hours/week may equal hours/day of a full-time person but might not be given the benefits enjoyed by a full-time employee
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