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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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A system used for scanning and gathering together documents electronically

Incoming Call Center Management

The ability to deploy the right supporting sources and number of skilled people at the right place and at the right time to handle the workload forecasted earlier


Seeking help from an organization by the customer, regarding its products or services


Connecting two systems or more than two systems together to share the benefits offered by all of the systems

Inter Exchange Carrier

IXC; a telephone company offering long-distance services

Interactive Voice Response

Also often referred to as Audio Response Unit (ARU), IVR and Voice Response Unit (VRU); a system that speaks to the caller providing a menu to make selection from


A call rerouting system that diverts the calls flowing out of the ACD towards another telephone number, voice mail system or a site that is not a part of the ACD; used when ACD is unable to handle calls

Internal Help Desk

A resource set up to help the company and its management and employees in times of problems

Internet ‘Call Me’ Transaction

Also often referred to as Call Me Button or ‘Call Me’ Transaction and Internet Call Back Transaction; an option allowing the website visitor to view pages whilst simultaneously using the call back option

Internet Call Through Transaction

An option that allows website visitors to connect directly to the right agent whilst viewing web pages simultaneously

Internet Phone

A technology that allows website visitors to make calls via internet avoiding the long-distance network

Internet Protocol Security

Also often mentioned as IPsec; a protocol suite that works to secure internet protocol (IP) communications through authentication and encryption of every IP packet of data stream

Internet Telephony

A system that transmits information from a telephone through internet, is generally economical


Also often referred to as Overflow; callers moving from one group to another


A network of computers privatized to be accessed only by authorized persons

Invisible Queue

The unawareness of a caller regarding the quick movement of the queue


Also often referred to as Audiotex, or Touchtone, it is a system that processes voice to allow callers to choose from a menu of options using touchtone phones


Also often referred to as Speech Recognition and Voice Recognition; a computer software allowing the voice of an individual to be recognized and responded to
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