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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Local Area Network

A network within a designated space connecting computers so that they can share certain bits of information


Last In First Out; the first call leaving and being the last one to come through

Law of Diminishing Returns

The lowering peripheral improvements in service level which can be divided amongst all available agents


Least Call Routing; a feature of telephone systems that can connect the caller to the system that will be most economical

Longest Delay

Also often referred to as LDQ, Longest Delay in Queue, Oldest Call; the maximum amount of time spent by an agent on hold before getting to an agent or disconnecting

Local Exchange Carrier

LEC; providers of local telephone services, are often local phone companies

Legal Holiday

Holidays on which, the agents are paid extra for working

Link Line

A number charged at varying rates and normally connected to a DDI Number Added DA. The number usually has prefixes of 0800, 0870 and 0845


Call centers or contact centers that put agents through live agents instead of automated recordings and tapes

Load Balancing

The process during which contact are balanced through division amongst different agent groups, sites or queues

Logged On

A position of an agent’s being connected to a system

Long Call

Calls longer than 30 minutes

Longest Available Agent

Agent who has not been with any caller for the longest period of time and is now the ‘next available agent’

Look Ahead Routing

The ability of a system to check the availability of an agent group or trunk group before routing any callers there

Lost Call

The call that is disconnected before the caller gets the agent

Look Back Queuing

The ability of the system to look into the primary queue as a call is transferred to the secondary queue and if the traffic has relieved, the call can be sent back to the primary queue
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