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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Nearshore Contact Center

An offshore call center but located in a country near to the caller’s country

Net Staffing

The formula of calculating over staffing or understaffing; (Actual Number of Agents – Required Number of Agents)

Network Control Center

Also often referred to as Traffic Control Center; ensuring through individuals and equipment whether or not the staffing levels put to place are right and if the routing procedure needs a change

Network Inter-flow

A technology that efficiently distributes call between sites in multi-site call center environments, through integration of sites

Next Available Agent

A feature used by the contact centers that rerouted callers to the agent available to take the call

Noise Cancelling Headset

The headset’s ability to suppress the noise such that the caller is able to hear just the agent and not the noise in the surroundings

Non ACD in Calls

Could possibly be personal calls for an agent and are made through dialing the extension for the agent


A contact that receives an answer that is not live such as; no answer, busy signal or automated answer


Numbering Plan Area; also often referred to as Area Code; a 3-digit number assigned to each area that eases long-distance dialing directly from telephone sets

Nuisance Call

Unwanted or unsolicited call including prank calls, silent calls and even telemarketing calls. Under laws f most countries, obscene and threatening calls are rather termed as criminal acts as they may possibly include hate crime. Nuisance calls may also be made to fax machines to through junk faxes
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