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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Also often referred to as Percent Utilization; percentage of time spent in handling incoming calls in comparison to time spent sitting idle; formula = (workload hours / staff hours)

Off The Shelf

System or software programs that can be used without needing further development or modification

Offered Calls

The effort made by a caller to get to a contact center and may remain answered or receive a busy signal. The caller can also hang up


Outside the peak-hours or hours of heaviest use; during off-peak hours, calls are charged for low

Offshore Outsourcing

Using outsourced services from other countries

Oldest Call

Also often referred to as Longest Delay in Queue (LDQ) or Longest Delay; the longest time span for which a caller waits in queue before disconnecting or connecting to an agent

Operating Time

The time taken for an agent to make a call and get connected


Also often referred to as Agent; customer service representative who takes care of incoming calls and messages


A contact center operating in regards to outgoing calls as opposed to incoming calls


A company that gives BPO or outsourcing services to other businesses


Handling of call center tasks to third parties which specialize in these tasks


Callers moving from one group to another
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