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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Pacing Algorithm

Computerized system used to control the number of calls made by the predictive dialer

Paid Hours

The time for which the agents are handling the customers, attending meetings and doing other kinds of work

Pay As You Go

Also often referred to as pay-as-you-go, Go-Phone and Prepaid Wireless; a mobile phone service paid for, before use

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PBAX)

Also often referred to Private Branch Exchange (PBX); a telephone exchange set up to serve a particular business

Peak Traffic

The highest call volume or traffic experienced by a telecom system

Peaked Call Arrival

A considerably large increase in incoming call volume at certain time

Percent Allocation

A routing strategy used by multi-site call centers to route the contacts in the network to various sites based on percentages of users

Percent Utilization

Also often referred to as Occupancy; percentage of time spent in handling incoming calls in comparison to time spent sitting idle; formula = (workload hours / staff hours)


Power over Ethernet; a system used to pass information or data along with electrical power through Ethernet cables


A discreet probability distribution used in statistics and theory to describe the probability of a number of events occurring within certain time span provided their rate of occurrence is known and that they occur independent of the last event

Potential Revenue

The maximum profit that a call can bring to the company

Predictive Dialing

A system that places outbound calls automatically to connect the agents and increase efficiency of the call center

Predictive Hang-Up

A call attempted automatically but then disconnected before it is connected because no agent will be available to take it

Preview Dialer

A system that presents the agent with lists of numbers to be dialed and requires a response from the agent about making or not making a call


Primary Rate Interface; a telecom standard used for carrying numerous DS0 voice and data transmissions between user and a network

Primary Agent Group

The group of agents to which inbound calls are supposed to be directed to

Private Network

Networks used to connect groups of agents within a single organization

Problem Resolution Engine

A helpdesk feature that contributes to solutions of the problems faced by the customers

Profit Center

Management that controls the costs (cash outflows) and increases activities that would grow profits (cash inflow)

Progressive Dialer

Automatic dialing system that provides some time to the agent to review the number if it needs to be dialed or not by presenting any available information, related to the number. If the agent does not respond within the given time, the call is automatically made


Public Switch Network; local network of telephone connecting offices and homes
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