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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Recorded Announcement Route; also often referred to as Delay Announcements, recorded messages played to callers as they wait for the first available agent

Random Calls Adherence

The variation in normal routines of arrivals of calls

Real-Time Adherence

Tools that help alerting managers when agents are unable to handle a situation so that the issues can be handled before they grow bigger

Real-Time Data

Current information of a contact center

Real-Time Management

Monitoring the levels of queues formed in order to judge the size of the staff in comparison to the queue so that scheduling can be done accordingly

Received Calls

Calls that are received by the agents or those that can be disconnected by the callers

Recorded Announcement

Recorded messages played to the callers before they are able to connect to the first available agent


A feature used to record customer interactions


A feature that allows dialing the most recent number by pressing a single button

Relocation Services

Businesses that help other businesses to easily transfer from one location to another

Remote Agent

Agents who handle and process calls without being present in the contact center


Also often referred to as Agent; a person designated to handle contacts through email, phone or chat etc. and this person may as well perform additional tasks such as consulting, paper work and others

Response Analysis

Number of responses against the total number of attempts targeted

Response Time

The time calculated from when a caller dials into a contact center up till the time the caller is connected to an agent


Limitations set by phone systems to prohibit callers from making certain types of calls

Retention Rate

A one-year long measurement finding the time for which an aged remain with the contact center


Queuing models of which, the studies are restricted to queues with only one or no waiting spot as opposed to multi-server queues which have both impatience as well as customer retrials

Ring Delay

Also often referred to as Delay Before Answer; a phone system set to take calls after certain number of rings

Rostered Staff Factor

RSF; also often referred to as Overlay, it is a numerical factor that helps finding out the smallest possible number of staff required to handle the calls over base staff

Round Robin

Also often referred to as Round Robin Distribution; a system that helps selecting the agent for a call as in the nest agent is selected from the list after the one who took the last call
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