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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Sales Force Automation

Using computer technology and software to boost sales and profits

Schedule Exception

Activities that need to be performed by the agents but has was not preplanned as such

Scheduled Callback

A redial set up for certain time


Planning out shifts and working timing of agents on daily, weekly or monthly basis

Screen Capture

Capturing and storing the information on the screen in graphic form

Screen Monitoring

A feature used by the management to keep a check on what the agents are doing on their computer screens

Screen Pop

A feature used by contact centers which allow integration of the caller’s phone and the agent’s computer, to give details of the call sent to the agent on the computer screen

Screen Refresh

The rate of refreshing of a screen is the rate at which an image on the screen can be drawn per second or measured in Hertz


Thought-out phrases to be used by the agents when interacting with the customers

Selective Call Screening

A feature that alerts an agent about the caller; it is helpful in times when certain callers have to be given higher priority

Service Bureau

Also often referred to as Outsourcing; Bureaus which can handle inbound or outbound call center services on behalf of other businesses

Service Level

Also often referred to as Telephone Service Factor (TSF); the percentage of calls take within certain threshold

Service Level Agreement

Standards formed within an organization to mark the expected service level

Service Observing

Listening to connected calls and judging the performance of an agent

Service Quality

A standard formed out of numerous factors including the way an agent handles calls and deals with the callers or called prospects

Session Initiation Protocol

SIP; a standard protocol that is used to start and stop video calls over VoIP

Shared Screen

Sharing of the same screen over a single telephone line for various callers

Silent Monitoring

Listening to the conversation of an agent and customer by the management without informing the agent


Speaker Independent Recognition System; a system that can recognize the speaker’s voice without requiring the training that a speaker dependent system would require

Site Selection Criteria

Considering various elements to decide upon the best location for a contact center

Six Sigma

Improving the quality of processes led within a contact center so as to minimize the errors and maximize the productivity

Skill-Based Routing

A capability that allows matching the agent’s skill so as to forward the call accordingly


A cell phone that offers advanced functionality such as internet or WiFi services, PC-like features, email and keyboard etc.

Smooth Call Arrival

A time for which the inbound calls come in evenly without messing up

Speech Recognition

The ability of software to recognize speech and act accordingly


An increase in call experienced by a contact center


Also often referred to as Agent Group and Gate, a group of agents with similar skills

Staff Attrition

The number of staff leaving the company or becoming obsolete


A leader in a contact center who makes sure that service level is high and that the goals are being met


An individual expected to use the product or service being sold by the contact center
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