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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Talk Time

Also often referred to as Direct Call Processing; the amount of time measured from the greeting till the call is disconnected


Telephone Applications Programing Interface; a Microsoft Windows API that integrates the telephones with the PCs that are running Microsoft Windows

Tele Worker

Also often referred to as Virtual Agents or Home Worker; workers working for a call center without being physically located on the site


Communication that takes place via telephones


Ability of telephones of computer systems that allows workers to communicate with the office whilst working from home


Ability of telecom systems that allows several individuals to talk to one another from distanced locations


Inbound or outbound sales perfumed through telephonic communication

Telephone Service Factor

Also often referred to as Service Level; the percentage of calls take within certain threshold


Transmission of data or sound between distanced localities


Telephone Service Application Programming Interface; a computer telephony integrations standard released and promoted by AT&T and Novell consisting of call logging, voice mail, call switching and other features using Netware servers


Text to Speech; playing text as a spoken voice

Tie Line

A circuit used to connect two PBXs or ACDs across a wide area

Time Zone Sequencing

Organizing telephone lists as per the time zones to which different phone numbers belong

Toll-Free Service

Also often referred to as 1-800 Free Service; an ability to allow callers to make calls to contact centers without paying long-distance charges

Touch Tone

Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF)


Also often referred to as Audiotex or ivr; an ability of telephone systems to allow callers to choose the option from a menu using numbers on the dial pad

Traffic Control Center

Also often referred to as Network Control Center; use of equipment and individual to make sure that staffing has been done rightly

Traffic Engineering

Art and science of designing facilities so that the requirements of the users are met perfectly

Traffic Study

A study that determines the levels of traffic currently being handled by a system


Also often referred to as a Call and Customer Contact; refers to telephone, video and web calls

True Calls per Hours

Calls received by an agent group per hour


Also often referred to as Exchange Line; individual transmission lines between two switching centers

Trunk Group

Precision of more than one trunk by a telephone company or carrier as a group

Trunk Hold Time

The time that a trunk is busy for, measured from the first ring up till disinfection of the call

Trunk Load

Load carried by a trunk including Talk Time and Delays

Trunks in Service

Functional trunks in a trunk group
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