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"Glossary of Customer Contact Center and Call Center Terms, Abbreviations and Vocabulary"
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Virtual Agents

Also often referred to as Home Worker or Tele Worker; an agent working for the contact center without being present within the premises of the contact center

Virtual Call Center

A contact/call center that needs no location to be set up at but only requires internet and telecom services

Visible Queue

An announcement made to tell callers for the time for which they might need to wait in queue


Virtual LAN; a group of hosts having common requirements and communicate as if they are in the same location for broadcasting, which may or may not be true


Also often referred to as VMS, Voicemail or Messagebank, a centralized system used to deliver messages to a large group of people

Voice Identification

A capability that recognizes and identifies the person accessing a system by making a comparison of the passwords spoken with prerecorded computerized voice patterns

Voice Over IP

A technology that facilitates calls to be made via internet

Voice Processing

A capability of computers to speak, interact with people as they speak and store human speech

Voice Recognition

A computer programming that enables human voice to be recognized and given response to

Voice Response Unit

A capability that provides each caller with the menu to make selection from


The XML standard of W3C that allows computers to interact with human dialogue
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