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‘Emenac Call Center Services’ works to increase company goodwill using
various communication techniques including proficient inbound and outbound calling

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10 Reasons to Start With Emenac

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
  • Minimum Threshold Taken
  • Precise & Reliable Infrastructure
  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership

Emenac Outsourcing Call Center Services For E-commerce Industry

Do you want to convert your website visitor into loyal customers and raise your sales graph? Get the best call center agents having cross selling and up selling skills who can increase your conversion ratio and can help to increase your retained customers. We have your answer! The strategies from Emenac Call Center Services are aimed at increasing sales conversions, enhancing customer experience and ensuring customer retention through skillful expertise and effective communication. We can bring ecommerce customer service satisfaction and handle sales calls of online shopping stores, thus increasing online sales and growing sales conversion through professional approach to improve sales.

Online Education & Training

Customized call center services suiting the needs of education and training websites

Online IT Solution Providers

Find inbound and outbound call center services to grow the online IT product/service business

Online Real Estate Dealers

Meet the increasing demands of real estate world through our proficient call center services

Online Apparel Stores

Achieve desirable sales and customer-base with quality inbound/outbound call center services

Online Electronic Appliances Stores

Add sales, customers and technical help effectively to your online electronics business

Beauty & Personal Care Websites

Allow beauty conscious buyers to seek help and place orders more conveniently than before

Online Service Providers

Better up relations with customers and promote your services effectively to increase sales

Home & Office Decor Websites

Apply professional call center strategies to increase sales and retain customers effectively

Travel & Transportation Websites

Help travelers plan and enjoy perfected trips with call center services and increase bookings

Health Care Websites

Provide patients and their families with complete assistance to grow popularity and customers


Customer Care for Increased Customer Satisfaction

Before, during and after the purchase, online shoppers will have a number of queries that need to be addressed. Facilitating these queries with customer service, all the time develops a good image for the ecommerce business. The customer service offshore representatives at Emenac Call Center Services become your own virtual employees to help facilitate the sale and compromise customer support after the sale. The agents at Emenac Call Center Services best know how to tackle with customer’s FAQs often related to back order, cancellations, return policies, shipment charges and even seller’s privacy policy. Customer trust the business when it helps them before, during and after the sale eventually leaving positive reviews about it.

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So, are you looking for ways to improve customer service and deliver the idea of a safe shopping to sell products online? If an online store does not provide its customers with good customer support, insecurities may arise in the minds of buyers regarding online shopping and personal data owing to lack of communication. To end all such issues, offshore outsourcing customer service to Emenac Call Center Services will make your customers feel secure and their information protected. According to a survey, websites that offer customer care helpline and quality customer support, have been most successful and have gained higher goodwill in the market as well as better positioning.

Technical Support for Troubleshooting Problems

After selling products, business-customer relations do not end. Since online shopping does not allow checking the functionality and features of the items being bought. Many items may encounter technical issues such as a calculator delivered might not function well or a laptop may not be charging the way it should. In such times, the aggrieved customer will return to the business to seek assistance and if help is not given, a bad image of the ecommerce business will spread.

Emenac Call Center Services can handle all such issues by assisting the customers in any way that they require. In turn, we ensure higher customer satisfaction and retention and stream revenues, consuming your own ecommerce policy that helps website owners to retain their customers with maintaining the company goodwill and brand loyalty.

Help Desk to Look Into Post-Purchase Customers’ Queries

If the customers have a problem with merchandise or package they bought online, they ought to be given assistance that they may need. For instance, they might not understand how to put together the pieces to complete a decoration piece or might not find expiry date written for a food item. In such times, help desk support becomes necessary or else, the customers will remain confused. Eventually, they may not return to the business again and would prefer alternative websites.

Emenac Call Center Services offer virtual assistance to all such issues taking up calls from the customers and providing help as they need it. In turn, Emenac Call Center Services ensures largely satisfied customers and higher company goodwill.

Order Taking to Facilitate Telephonic Ordering and Increasing Sales

We can take your orders telephonically, not just fulfilling the demands of convenience for your customers but also adding trust. From ecommerce businesses, trust has been majorly demanded and it can be given if the customers interact with someone who handles them with proficiency. We bring all our skill and expertise to ensure reliability and security to the buyers and guide them best. This inbound sales expertise in turn, increases the profit, conversion ratio and sales graph of your business.

Live Person Answering Service that Proficiently Handles Calls from Corporate Clients

Emenac Call Center Services handles phone calls from corporate clients for any time requested. This can be taken even for 24×7. This means that the web store does not ever requests the clients to record messages at the voicemail since this form of call receiving is likely to get hang-ups. Business answering services from Emenac Call Center Services not only handle business calls proficiently but also transfer them to the right department and eliminate extra calls from the way such as marketing calls. This service can be offshore outsourced by ecommerce businesses to Emenac Call Center Services for not only 24×7 but also for business hours, after hours or even overflow call handling.

Click to Call

If you have a click to call unit on your website, you can direct the calls straight to us. This can help ecommerce businesses stay free of call receiving responsibilities and focus on core issues.

Outbound Telemarketing to Grow Sales Graphs

Outbound telemarketing can be used to promote the business and its offerings and make sales. Selling techniques may include cross-selling and up-selling, thus keeping customers leaving for alternative ecommerce websites and also increasing growing sales charts. By first generating leads, chances are increased for sales. The expertise at Emenac Call Center Services significantly increases sales.

Welcome and Feedback Calling for Enhanced Business-Customer Relations

Welcome and feedback calling is done after a purchase has been made. It is aimed at welcoming the customer to the clientele, addressing about the product bought and asking for feedback. This leaves the customers humbled and their relationship with the business, enhanced. This way, Emenac Call Center Services helps to build permanent relationships with your customers and deliver the right impression of your brand with every connection through its proficient welcome calling and feedback calling services.

Live Chat Support for Higher Lead Generation

Live chat support can be used by websites to convert visitors into leads. Emenac Offshore Call Center Services works to invite each website visitor to chat and enquire about what they might be looking for. Accordingly, products or services are offered and skills are applied to improve online sales by generating leads effectively. This way, the money invested into advertisement does not go wasted and each visitor coming up on to the website is converted into a customer and sales graphs are increased effectively.

Email Response to Save Customers’ Time and Make Conversations Effective

Communicating through email is highly effective as it saves the history and makes things safer and saves time. Emenac Call Center Services provides ecommerce businesses with offshore email support services to help them communicate with their customers more effectively and increase customer satisfaction in least possible time.

Social Media Customer Support that Provides a Closer Communication with the Customers

Offshore Live Chat Support helps ecommerce businesses maintain a presence on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter along with others. This presence would help interacting with people more frequently and more effectively, understanding their needs, problems and psyche better. Accordingly, help can be given to those in need and services can be bettered and company goodwill increased. This leads to increasing sales. Emenac Offshore Call Center Services handles social media pages monitoring the comments made by people and views given. Accordingly, action is taken to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales, where possible.

Emenac has diverse ecommerce offshore call center solutions available for all you may want like cross selling and up selling to save the sales and increase profits using professional tactics. Our call center agents are always ready to work for you. Contact us today on +1.888.909.2207 to learn more about our services and get started.