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  Emenac Call Center Services For Online Apparel Stores

Are sales being lost owing to unavailability of customer service helpline on the apparel website? Are calls of customers not being dealt with in a satisfactory way? Get in touch with Emenac call center services and find solutions to all these problems.

Outsourcing inbound and outbound call center services can help online apparel stores strengthen the communication with the customers by facilitating them with telephonic contact. This would allow them to talk to someone on behalf of the business and get answered. In turn, the business will find better positioning on the customers’ minds and gain their trust. There will then be increased inflow of buyers leading to higher profitability.

Following Are the Services For Online Apparel Stores


Apparel websites need offshore call center services for a variety of reasons. It can ease dealing with customers and save time as well as energies on both ends. Customers may call in to seek help before, during and after purchase. Also, website owners may often need to reach down to the target groups or research the market. For all these situations, inbound and outbound services are required.

Before Purchase

Before purchasing apparel accessories, customers may call in to enquire about pricing, coupons, materiality, characteristics, return policy, back order policy or product availability. They may also wish to know about the availability of an apparel showroom physically around the town. Whether or not there are any offline sales outlets, this is where the business finds chances to gain customers’ trust. If treated professionally by a customer service representative, potential buyers will find the business to be reliable and they easily share personal information such as credit card details to shop. This proves largely beneficial in the long run. Since the customer’s contact information would have been collected through this call, it can later be used for follow-ups and eventually converting the generated lead into a sale through outbound calling.

During Purchase

During purchase, customers would want to know out about matters such as shipment, any available discount offers. Such FAQs would be answered satisfactorily by the sales agents. Buyers may also face issues such as inability to use the website properly. In such cases they may want the customer service agents to process the order for them. If there would be no call center facility, the customer would move to alternative apparel website. There could be fears in the minds of buyers regarding the quality or durability of the products since they would not have been able to feel the material during online shopping. However, with offshore inbound call center services, apt skills can be applied to end all the concerns successfully and get the customers to comfortably place an order. In case of non-availability of a product, customer support skills can work to cross-sell other products and keep a customer from moving to another business. Up-selling tactics can also be applied to make an extra sale and increase profitability.

After Purchase

After having purchased a product, a customer could call in to enquire about product tracking owing to later delivery. Calls can also be made if customers encounter issues such as late shipment, delivery of a wrong product, defects found in the delivered apparel or inability to use the product. The online apparel business must be able to answer these questions satisfactorily and guide the customers meeting all their requirements. If these matters are not dealt with, satisfactorily, customer would be lost. Eventually, negative reviews will be spread on online forums and social media, ruining the website image. An inbound call center service can work to help the customers in the right manner. With satisfied clientele, positive reviews will spread about the online apparel business, clientele will grow and company positioning will better.

Surveying and Researching

An outbound call center is used to lead surveys such as consumer behavior and media measurement to improve product quality and website interface to enhance customer experience. An online apparel business can use such researches and surveys in order to understand customer psyche and improve the dresses, footwear, jewelry or any other apparel accessories accordingly. This desirable customization, in turn, would draw more customers, bring back higher ROI and project business growth


Whether a business is an apparel manufacturer or an online apparel retailer, Emenac offshore call center service can help in promotion of all sorts of products from fashion apparel to college apparel. It can provide customers with calling facilities to seek assistance and have their questions answered. In turn, sales projection will be seen. Some of the benefits that apparel businesses would enjoy working with Emenac are:
• Proficient agents who can handle all sorts of customer queries related to apparel industry, understanding their psyche and handle issues as they have idea about what questions they might get. Customers might want to touch or feel the product, which is not possible with online shopping but Emenac Call Center Services agents can easily handle all generally occurring queries
• Up-selling and cross-selling expertise lent in to promote sales and better the profitability graphs
• Providing customers with guidance on clothing and apparel for occasions as well as beauty products, streamlining the service and enhancing the communication through knowledge of fashion and beauty. Each customer is assisted in accordance with body type, skin type, face color and other important areas of concern
• All customer data such as credit card information kept confidential and safe
• Promote fashion coupons and discounts to draw more customers and increase clientele
• Men apparel, kids apparel, women apparel, jewelry and footwear; all sorts of apparel lines dealt with great proficiency
• Experienced customer service agents set to deal with angry customers in case of shipment delays or delivery of wrong apparel. Hence, all customers returned happy and positive company image

Online apparel businesses looking to strengthen their communication with the potential buyers as well as their loyal customers can rely on Emenac offshore call center services to achieve higher company goodwill and customer retention and grow clientele. These services are just a phone call away. To begin with, please call us at +1 888.909.2207.