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 Emenac Call Center Services For Beauty & Personal Care Websites

Are the website visitors afraid of buying the personal care products, not allowing sales to grow? Is the offline beauty salon or tattoo shop requiring effective ways to communicate with website visitors? Contact Emenac and increase sales whilst retaining customers through its unparalleled call center services.

Outsourcing a call center service can be of great benefit to skin and personal care websites. Through these services, assisting the interested buyers in selecting the right products or provide solutions as per the need to convert website visits into sales can become easy. Also, post-purchase problems can be heard easily and addressed to ensure customer satisfaction. With happy clientele, not only sales will grow but also customer retention will increase and a good company image will spread.

Following Are the Services For Beauty & Personal Care Websites


For the online beauty supply stores, cosmetic websites or offline personal care businesses with online appearance such as tattoo artists, beauty salons or spas, call center services are highly important. A few reasons why the beauty and care businesses may have an outbound or an inbound call center in place are:

Taking Orders for Hair, Skin and Body Products

For websites selling personal care products or supplies for spas or are associated with cosmetic brands, an offshore inbound call center service would be highly important. While the website may successfully divert traffic onto the website by marketing itself on Google AdWords, Google AdSense or any other medium, converting traffic into sales may not be very simple without an inbound call center. This is so because the visitors may wish to ask more about products before buying them. Using any cosmetic or personal care product without proper knowledge can be harmful for skin and can leave behind irritations, allergies or irrecoverable skin and hair care issues. If the visitors do not find any helpline number where they could enquire more about the products, they may not wish to buy them. Eventually, they would move on to alternative online skin care and cosmetic product sellers and all the money invested into advertising and promotion will go wasted. During shopping, visitors may also want to know other things about cosmetic products and personal care lines such as sizes of containers, prices, promotions or coupons etc. Live call center agents can answer all such questions leading strategic product advocacy and at least converting leads even if sales are not made immediately.

Helping with Post-Sales Issues

Visitors shopping for salon supplies, natural skin care products, spa products or hair care products may wish to know about the correct usage of the product. Since such products are mostly manufactured in Europe or South East Asia, they have labels in native languages such as Japanese and French. Many buyers might not understand these languages and so, might not be able to use the product correctly. Moreover, issues could arise such as delivery of wrong-sized containers or late shipment or the need for order cancellation or back order service. To cope with all such problems, online vendors of skin care items and cosmetics need to provide customer with a helpline number. If the customers do not find any platform to get the problem solved, they will return unsatisfied and annoyed. In turn, a bad website image will be made and bad word of mouth will be spread. To avoid this, an offshore inbound call center would be needed and with that, a satisfied clientele is sure to come out with increased company goodwill and spreading good company image. In turn, customers will be successfully retained.

Providing Consultancy Regarding the Use of Personal Care Products

Websites dealing in professional beauty supply products are often attached to dermatologists, beauty salons, personal care professionals or experts in home remedies. Many visitors might not be comfortable using the writing platform as they may be better able to explain the problem talking to someone. Hence, they may need to call. Websites will need offshore inbound call center services so that the call center agents can completely collect all the important data of your valued customers and forward it to the concerned department. Accordingly, the buyer can be recommended with the best treatment or product, whether it is chemical based, has been manufactured by organic skin care brands or is a home based remedy. This way, customer’s trust can be gained and visits to the website can be quickly converted into sales as satisfactory solutions will convince the website visitors to visit the personal care professional to take the treatment further.

Leading Customer Surveys and Strengthening Relationships with Customers

Using an outbound call center, online vendors of skin and personal care products as well as offline service providers such as tattoo artists, spas and salon professionals can have welcome calls made to their customers after their first purchase. This call can include a warm and friendly welcome note and assurance of assistance at any time. Also, the buyer can be welcomed for more shopping. This would work to strengthen the relationship with the customers, personalizing the services and building trust within the clientele, leading to increased consumer interest. Through outbound calling, surveys can also be led incorporating the customers. These surveys would help in identifying the customers’ experiences with the online cosmetic and beauty product supplier. This will help in finding out what exactly the customers think of the beauty products, their, website interface and other important aspects. Accordingly, changes can be made for the better and company goodwill can be increased.

Aiding Offline Businesses such as Salons, Spas and Tattoo Services

Tattoo artist, salons and saps may not be able to work online to make tattoos, give beauty treatments or relaxing therapies but can surely have a website where interested buyers can be helped and website visitors can be quickly converted into customers. Before getting a tattoo, people may wish to know about option for them as they may get allergies or rashes owing to the processes used while tattooing and may wish to ensure about anesthesia intake. Same goes for spa services and beauty treatments as well as the materials and products used for them. People may also need to know the type of tattoos, treatments and therapies offered and their charges. Many interested buyers may wish to take appointments with the tattoo artist or salon professionals and all of this can be done by providing a helpline number on the website. As the customers get answered and have problems solved conveniently through a website, company image will better.

Once a customer has gotten a tattoo stitched or a treatment taken, he may wish to ensure about taking care of it. Tattoo may have to be removed or changed or reaction to the treatment may need medicines for any allergies that might have come up. Assisting with all this through a customer service offshore call center will make it easy for the customers to get help and in turn, this will make up for increased company goodwill and customer trust.


Having been associated with the beauty and care industry since several years along with other industries, Emenac call center services is now fully equipped with all expertise, knowledge, technology and wraps needed for the service. Some of the benefits that Emenac call center services can provide to cosmetic and skin care brands include:
• Call center reps, proficient with the knowledge of perfumery, skin care brands, hair care brands, spa products and other related items, who can provide the callers with consultancy to make the best selection for themselves
• Proficient product advocacy led for skincare, hair care, spa items and all other products to convert website visits into sales effectively and increase profits
• Up-selling and cross-selling techniques applied to give customers extra personal care whilst ensuring ensure inflow of additional profits
• Experienced reps well versed in handling angry customers with post-delivery issues such as delivery of wrong items, wrong container sizes and lack of expected effect etc.
• Male and female personal care reps available to provide customers with first-hand tips regarding skin, hair, body and other related matters
• Live call monitoring allowed to the client and recorded calls, along with call summaries sent to the client on demand for feedback
• Live customer care and help desk services that can be taken up to 24/7 if the ecommerce website is dealing with customers living in different time zones

Any online business associated with beauty and care can contact Emenac offshore call center services at any time and our business development team will be available to take up the call. Our number is +1 888.909.2207. In a very short time, the best package will be made for the business and a project will be planned as per the needs. Accordingly, services will begin.