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 Emenac Call Center Services For Online Electronic Appliances Stores


Is the online or offline home appliance business striving too hard to increase customer-base, retain customers and better its positioning in the highly competitive electronic market? With endless choices of home, office and kitchen appliances now available, gathering a loyal customer base and retaining it can be difficult but with Emenac’s call center services, this can be achieved easily.

Outsourcing outbound call center services to Emenac can result in growing clientele, enhanced product positioning in the market and growing profitability. Through inbound call center services, not only sales can be accelerated but also customers can be retained effectively through provision of technical and non-technical support. Eventually, this would lead towards swift growth and expansion of electrical appliances stores.

Following Are the Services For Online Electronic Appliances Stores


Any industry that expands into the e-commerce space is beset with certain problems; electronic supply stores are no exception to the rule. The main segments of the electronic appliances retail space are:
• Consumer Electronic Accessories Providers                              • Consumer Electronic Service & Repair Service Providers
• Wholesale Appliances Companies                                            • Electrical Appliances Stores
• General Electric Appliances Stores                                           • Home Appliances Suppliers
• Home Audio & Video Equipment Stores                                    • Small Home Appliances Providers
• Kitchen Appliances Stores                                                       • Office Equipment Retailers
Call center services can assist these businesses in the following manner:

Assisting Potential Buyers and Generating Leads

By watching advertisements of online or offline electrical appliances stores or landing on a website, interested buyers may wish to call up the business and enquire further about the products. Before purchasing an electrical appliance, this is necessary as buying electrical appliances can be really confusing at times. Buyers could have queries such as the price of a microwave oven, the sizes available for LED TVs or maybe the number of floor lamps needed for certain-sized office space. Clients of wholesale appliance companies might call in to find out about the best price for certain appliance bought in bulk.

If these questions are not answered, the buyers will remain confused and turn away to alternative general electric appliances stores. Eventually, many a sale will be lost. To ensure that all calls are taken, sales are made and profits are increased, outsourcing a live inbound call center to Emenac Call Center Services can help. Emenac provides the following benefits:
• Starts product advocacy such that leads are generated
• In case of non-availability of certain product, cross-selling is done to save customers
• Once a customer agrees on buying, up-selling tactic are applied as part of enhancing customer experience with the appliance

Retaining Customers

After buying any sort of electrical appliance, whether it is for home use, office use or kitchen, various issues can rise. These issues can be non-technical such as late delivery or delivery of wrong appliance as well as technical such as malfunctioning cooking range and ports of home theater system not recognizing USB devices etc. To troubleshoot these problems is essential or else, the customers will be annoyed and never return to the same business. Customer retention will be low.

Emenac offshore call center services can come to handle all such issues with its highly trained agents, ready to tackle with technical as well as non-technical problems regarding the electrical appliances they would be dealing with. These agents:
• Are trained well for their products so that the callers can be given the best solutions and returned satisfied
• Can send bigger issues to the concerned departments to be addressed as soon as possible whilst calming the angry customers down and ensuring of provision of assistance
• Handle callers in ways to ensure high customer retention and increased customer loyalty

Accelerating Sales and Increasing Profitability

Through an offshore outbound call center, online and offline general electric appliance stores can lead cold calling to promote their products to the potential buyers and generate leads. This, in turn, returns in increasing sales graphs. Alongside promotions of electrical appliances such as latest home theaters, sales or deals over kitchen appliances or newly emerging food factories, product advocacy can be led to generate consumer interest. Prospect’s needs can be found and cross-selling can be done if a product is found unavailable. While the sale is being made, cold calling can be used to up-sell more products and generate higher revenues.

By outsourcing live outbound marketing to Emenac Call Center Services, online and offline electrical appliances stores can see:
• Unparalleled cross-selling and up-selling tactics that effectively increase profits
• Drastically increased sales as only the potential buyer is targeted and no time is wasted on unproductive calls
• Better company petitioning in the minds of people who may not purchase an electrical appliance immediately but may return later

Enhancing Business-Customer Relationship

An offshore outbound call center can also help online and offline electrical appliance sellers to make live welcome and feedback calls to the customers. Through a welcome call service, new customers can be called and welcomed to the business. They can also be asked about any assistance needed and helped if they do need help. With Emenac, welcome calling can result in:
• Delighted cutovers who would come to trust the business more for being cared so much
• A bettered relationship with the customers that would result in increased customer loyalty
Through feedback calling, an electrical appliances store can find out what the customers think of its products or services. For instance, things can be found if the consumer electronic service and repair service providers were actually successful in fixing the electronic appliance or whether the newly bought DVD player is working fine without getting the DVDs stuck. According to the feedback collected, changes can be made and the products and service made more as per the likes of the customers. If Emenac Call Center Services comes to handle customer feedback calls, this would result in:
• Enhanced product and service range being liked more by the customers
• All feedback collected, organized in a spreadsheet and sent to the concerned department
• Increasing clientele and hence, growing sales
• Enhanced product positioning

Leading Surveys and Market Researches

An offshore outbound call center can also be used to lead customer-based surveys and market researches to find out the goings-on of the world of electrical appliances. The latest technologies can be found and the growing needs of customers can be examined. Accordingly, electrical appliances stores can better their product or service range. As things turn more favorable according to the trends of the market and needs of people, products positioning would better and customer base would grow.
Leading surveys and researches with Emenac call center services, electrical appliances stores will find:
• Bettering products and services and increasing clientele
• All results organized into spreadsheets and forwarded in time, to the right department
• Customers engaged in friendly conversations to assure that they are being heard and changes, as per their say, will be made

General electric appliances stores, whether working online, offline or both, can contact Emenac call center services at any time at +1 888.909.2207. The offshore services suiting the business the most will be brought in place and started off soon to bring about excellent results.