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 Emenac Call Center Services For Healthcare Websites

Are the online healthcare services calling for increased conversion of website visits into sales and patient satisfaction and retention? Outsourcing call center services to Emenac can create bridge all communication gaps between online providers of general healthcare services and patients and help out with this.

Emenac’s inbound call center services can be used for providing patients with complete guidance or consultancy regarding their problems or taking orders. The outbound services would be helpful in taking appointments, leading surveys or researches, updating patient records and promoting services or products to prospective customers. With everything taken telephonic and the need for patients to leave their comfort zones eliminated, these call center services can enhance customer retention and increase sales amazingly.

Following Are the Services For Health Care Websites


The online healthcare industry has many sub-types of businesses within it. Here are the reasons why each type may need an offshore call center in place to ensure operational success:

An Online Pharmacy Stores

• In order to answer customers’ queries regarding pharmaceutical manufacturing such as medicines, vitamins and herbal products etc., an inbound call center can help
• To take orders from customers calling in to place orders for any sort of pharmaceutical items or medical devices, equipment and supplies and increase sales by improving customer experience
• To provide buyers calling in to seek guidance regarding dosage of syrups or tablets or use of medical equipment and satiate the needs of buyers, ensuring a good customer experience and hence, increased company goodwill
• To deal with angry customers facing problems with their medicines or equipment, solve their issues and ensure customer retention
• An online pharmacy can use outbound call center to promote discounts, home delivery services or newly launched products such as health foods, vitamins, medical skin care services and increase sales graphs
• Surveys can also be led to enquire about customers’ needs in regards to health and better the product or service line accordingly to draw more customers whilst making up for customer loyalty
• While selling or promoting medications, health foods, health shakes or pharmaceutical equipment through a phone order taking service; up-selling and cross-selling tactics can be used in a professional manner to increase profits without risking the patient’s health
An ‘Ask a Doctor’ Website or Online Physician Service
• Ask-a-doctor websites are highly likely to receive calls from patients of their families regarding any illnesses or issues facing them.

Those who may not be able to explain symptoms or problems properly through typing will prefer calling so that they can explain things better and get the best solution. Unavailability of a customer service helpline will result in losing the patient to an alternative online physician. To avoid losing customers, an offshore inbound call center will help a great deal
• Customers who will have felt satisfied with the first online consultancy will surely come back to buy more services from the physician. These services could be about dental aid, geriatric and aging care services, vision services, women’s health care services, sports medicine or any other issue. To keep them from returning empty handed and losing profits, an inbound call center must be set up so that no caller is left unattended

A Healthcare Practitioner having Website

• For a healthcare practitioner, a website must work as a platform to draw in customers. These practitioners may include doctors with independent clinics, hospitals, wellness therapy and massage service providers or hospice and home nursing care centers.
• Once the customers will have checked up for services on the website, they may need to call in to enquire about prices or even take an appointment. Unavailability of an inbound call center means the website visitors will not be converted into sales and ROI will not be favorable
• An offshore inbound call center can also work for a healthcare practitioner to provide extra care to the patients for seeking help or consultancy telephonically after the first visit. This would work for improving customer experience and make up for increased customer loyalty
• Through an outbound call center, the medical office working for a healthcare practitioner can make calls to patients to enquire about their medical histories, update the database, confirm appointments and inform if any changes have been made. This too would provide convenience to the patients and work towards customer retention

Nutrition and Dieting Consultancy

• For nutrition and dieting consultants, offshore inbound call center services can be helpful as website visitors would want to call in to seek further information. Without an inbound call center, visits will not be successfully converted into sales
• Nutritionists and dieticians can have inbound call centers to aid interested buyers with appointments. Sales skills can be used here and buyers can be convinced on taking appointments and buying the service. Hence, for lead generation and increased sales conversions, an offshore inbound call center can work wonders
• After the first meeting, customers can be given consultancy telephonically to ease their lives and take away the headaches of driving to the business. This eased customer experience would work to ensure customer loyalty and retention
• Through an outbound call center, nutrition and dieting centers can lead customer follow-ups and give reminders for meeting with the nutritionist or dietician, further working towards customer satisfaction


Working with Emenac offshore Call Center Services, online healthcare businesses may find the following benefits:
• Good sales skills applied to convert website visitors, visiting to find pharmaceutical supplies or healthcare equipment, into sales leading to high profitability and increasing clientele
• Friendly telephone operators equipped with knowledge of the healthcare industry provide callers with complete assistance and initial consultancy, encouraging them to go further with the healthcare business
• Call from customers of laboratories and diagnostic centers, bringing concerns regarding laboratory testing and medical diagnostic services, handled with great proficiency. Appointments are also taken
• Up-selling and cross-selling tactics applied whilst ensuring that customer’s health is not risked and only the suitable products are sold
• Guidance provided regarding online shopping of healthcare items with problems heard and understood properly directions given to get to the right page so that they can find products of choice and make purchase
• 24/7 inbound service provided for healthcare businesses which might be expecting calls from patients for services or pharmaceutical products at all times of the day. These may include hospitals, clinics and nursing homes

For all sorts of online medical and healthcare business, Emenac call center services can handle inbound as well as outbound call centers. Interested business owners can call us on +1 888.909.2207 at any time and our business development team will provide further guidance.