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 Emenac Call Center Services For Home & Office Decor Websites

Is the home and office improvement online store looking to enhance communication with the customers and potential buyers to increase sales graphs and ensure customer retention? Has it become difficult for the home décor and interior website to overcome the trust deficit associated with selling and promoting décor products online? If the answer to these questions is yes, partner with Emenac to get the cure to home and office décor business blues.

Emenac provides a range of call center services suitable for overcoming all these problems. It would ensure that the partnership results in a marked increase in sales figure; thereby improving both bottom line and top line. Also, customers are given complete satisfaction regarding color palette, pricing and quality of the décor services of a space before, during and after refurbishment. Hence, not only new customers will add to the line but also older ones are retained.

Following Are the Services For Home & Office Decor Websites


Be it home décor and interior websites selling products online, home improvement companies and contractors providing improvement services, or perhaps a retailer of garden décor and accessories, offshore call center services are essential for all. Some of the reasons why these businesses must maintain call centers include:

Order Taking and Growing Sales

Most customers looking to buy home or office decorations and equipment tend to have queries regarding what they are buying. These could be regarding pricing and installation etc. When it comes to online shopping, whether customers are looking for bedding sets, lights and lighting, water filter or anything else, trust issues are a norm. This is mainly because of increasing internet scams. The absence of a call center customer support helpline could mean that the customers will not have their queries answered and they will not be satiated. Hence, the potential buyers would go elsewhere to shop and a sale will be lost. It thus becomes important to have an inbound call center that would deal with all callers, ensuring them of scam-free offers and generating leads. By providing prompt and efficient guidelines and assurances to potential customers, this call center can ensure that their calls directly result in sales.

For offline home and décor businesses having websites such as home improvement companies and contractors and commercial and residential cleaning services, a telephonic helpline is essential in providing pre-sale and during-sale queries and confusions. While answering the questions the telephone operators could then lead service or product advocacy so as to generate leads and make sales.
Whether online or offline, concerned with bathroom accessories and appliances or home safety or security, all home and office décor businesses can use offshore outbound call center services to begin with cold calling. This type of calling works to promote a business, generate leads and close sales. Chances of cross-selling and up-selling are also great which can work to increase profitability.

Retaining Customers through Post-Sale Services

For all sorts of home and office décor businesses, taking care of customers is important too. Through an inbound call center, post-purchase services can be given. Since customers may face issues such a delivery of wrong lights or a wrong paint applied in certain room, the issues need to be addressed. This service translates into positive brand imaging in the general populace. Without post-delivery customer care, customers facing issues with what they might have bought will return unhappy and hence, move on to competitor businesses. In order to retain customers, a call center service dedicated to taking care of customers once they have bought a home décor product or service, is essential.

If home décor and interior websites or home improvement companies use an outbound call center, they may start off with welcome and feedback calls to further strengthen their relationships with the customers. While welcome calls will welcome the new customers and ensure them of assistance in times of need, feedback calls will help in collecting customer feedback as to what they think if the new furniture or if they are comfortable with the refurbished spaces. This would help provide assistance of needed and make changes for the better. In turn, customers would be delighted and clientele would be happy. Hence, customer loyalty will be ensured.

To Provide Consultancy

Through an offshore inbound call center service, home and office décor product sellers as well as service providers can help buyers as to what colors they can go for and what kind of furniture they should place considering the space and its usage. Any sort of consultancy can be provided. Good ideas given will bring the customer back to buy the service and move on with the home improvement company. While consultancy is given, sales skills can be applied and consumer interest can be generated. A sale is sure to be made. Chances of up-selling and cross-selling are great here and hence, profitability can be increased easily.

Surveying and Researching

An outbound call center can easily help businesses with the task of surveying and researching. Through leading market researches or customer-based surveys, interior decorators and décor businesses can find out the latest trends in the market or the needs of the modern day consumer. Accordingly, pricing, service, design and other factors can be changed and with a more suitable product or service range, clientele will increase.


Working with Emenac offshore call center services, home and office décor businesses will find the following benefits coming their way:
• Our experts at Emenac Call Center Services are highly proficient at ensuring first call resolutions. To resolve a customer’s problem on the first call brings a good company image and increases company goodwill
• Emenac Call Center Services professionals provide complete customer care to all callers, ensuring that all customers leave with that perfect consumer service experience in regards to their spaces or furniture. This ensures customer retention for online as well as offline home and office décor businesses
• Our experts at Emenac call center services devise the perfect marketing and sales strategies over the phone so as to ensure growing sales and increasing consumer interest in getting interior and office decoration products or services
• Round the clock offshore call center services to ensure compliance with all time zones, for interior design businesses working globally
• By managing clientele relations, translation of effective customer relations and management into increased sales figures is ensured to increase profits for the interior and décor firm considerably
• Emenac call center services has made it a policy to ensure our clients never lose a customer. Emenac not only helps and assists first time customers, but gives such an enviable level of post-sale service to customers of home and décor businesses helping retain them; thus ensuring that the well never runs dry
• Engaging with the public through survey calling and ensuring that we brand recognition is enhanced for the respective home and décor business

Making a business successful need not be challenging. Engaging “Emenac offshore Call Center” full time allows our clients to grow their brands, their companies, their successes, with minimum hassle of answering, attending and managing calls. We at “Emenac Call Center Services” become your own virtual employees, your partners; we believe that our success is 100% dependent on your success. To avail our quality services contact us at +1 888.909.2207