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 Emenac Call Center Services For Online Education & Training Institutes

Does, your online educational institute have problems providing students with a telephonic support system to successfully expand enrollment figures, boosting revenue generation? Emenac is offering customized call center services to resolve the problems facing online education and personal training centers.

We ensure that not only do you manage to cut costs by outsourcing customer dealings and support to Emenac, but also that the partnership results in a marked increase in your enrollment figures; thereby improving both your bottom line and top line.

Following Are the Services For Online Education & Training

  • Engage business answering services for projecting respectable institutional image while you are free to spread knowledge
  • Use telephony to draw in more students and learners towards your online education system
  • Let students call the online education center at any time and sign up, avoiding loss of profit
  • Welcome new customers in a friendly manner and get feedback to resolve issues for the better
  • Let us look after the institution’s website visitors to provide them all guidance needed
  • Provide complete care before, during and after the course via various social media platforms
  • Help learners and students get needed assistance before, during and after the online training
  • Provide professional guidance to students regarding the online institute for the best results


The main segments of online educational providers and the various degrees being served by Emenac call center services are:
• Online Colleges and Universities               • Online Schools
• Online Trade Schools                               • Online Art Institutes
• Online Graduate Programs                       • High School Diploma
• Online Art Classes                                   • Online Language Courses
• Online Certificate Programs                      • Online Personal Trainer Certification
• Online Nursing Programs

Be it online universities looking to increase their online traffic conversion rates, or online schools looking to ensure that an efficient helpline system has been set up to address all queries put forward by potential students; the problems faced by any and all in this sector are dealt by Emenac offshore call center services proficiently. Following are the ways how Emenac call center services can help online personal training and education centers:

Providing Consultancy

Online education programs that lack a dedicated helpline fail to realize many an enrollment. Most students looking to acquire degrees or diplomas online have trust issues with regards to whether what they get is going to be worth something in the world and whether it is credible. Students could also need to be asking questions in regards to the best courses for them, timings of attending the courses and availability of lecture videos etc. A dedicated helpline can help in this regard by providing prompt and efficient guidelines and assurances to potential students, ensuring that their calls directly result in increased interest of the students and hence, enrollments.

Lead Generation and Increasing Enrollments

As students browse through the websites of personal training centers, online classes or online universities searching for online education degrees, numerous questions can come to their minds. These could be in regards to the available courses, availability of PDF versions or videos of lectures, teachers’ qualifications and course lengths etc. If such questions are left unanswered, students will be left confused and they might prefer moving onto alterative online schools. With the presence of telephonic assistance though, advocacy can be led in support of teachers, courses, flexibility of timings or any other query put in and leads generated. In turn, enrollment will be higher and profitability will grow.

Retaining Students and Learners

After starting off with courses, students may encounter issues at several points. They might return with questions and issues in regards to fee charging, unavailability of lecture videos and inability to open the online computer classes’ website on certain networks etc. Of course, the tensed student would want to contact someone on behalf of the online school and ask for assistance. These students need to be helped or else, they may end up spreading a bad image of the online institute. Eventually, enrollments will fall. To keep this away, telephonic support must be provided to the students so that students are retained and kept happy and more students are attracted to the online personal training institute.

Promotion and Marketing

Using an outbound call center, online colleges and universities can cold call prospects and promote the offerings of the online teaching institute, leading service advocacy so as to draw students and increase enrollments. This could be an extremely effective way of marketing the institute, reaching down to the prospects and increasing profitability as well as popularizing the online educational service.

Researching and Surveying

An offshore Emenac outbound call center can also help online schools and educational centers to lead surveys based on students’ feedbacks or market researches to be able to update the offerings and better the educational services as per the modern-day demands. The better the online educational system goes, the higher is enrollment and the more will be the profitability.

Converting Website Visits into Sales

By using a live chat support system on the website, online schools can invite each website visitor to chat, enquire about the students’ needs or desires and accordingly, offer educational services or courses. This would surely generate the student’s interest as he/she would find a solution to the needs in the educational service. Each generated lead brings with it, chances of enrollments. Increasing enrollments mean increasing profitability.

Saving Students’ Time

Email support service can also be provided to the students as it would make it easier for them to ask questions at any time without needing to care for the time. Emailing is easy to do and check through PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets and hence, save students’ time. Also, since emailing helps saving the student’s conversational history, the next time a student arrives to seek assistance, previous emails can be referred to identify queries rather than starting off all over again. This way, students are assisted conveniently without requiring much of their time and a professional image of the online school is spread, increasing goodwill.

Understanding the Needs, Issues and Psyche of Students and Make Changes

By being present on social media, online colleges and universities can monitor what comments and discussions are being led in regards to the online education center, teaching methodologies, teachers, course outlines, time frames for covering lectures and other areas. Students found unhappy or confused about anything can be replied on the thread and assisted. Eventually, prevailing negativity will be converted into positivity. Students can then be led to the right path and a good company image can be promoted.


First call resolution: Our experts at Emenac Call Center Services are the best at ensuring first call resolutions. It is cost efficient to resolve a student’s problem on the first call, and that is what Emenac Call Center Services excels at.
Satisfied consumer experience: Emenac Call Center Services offshore professionals provide that complete customer service experience to all callers, ensuring that potential students come away with a perfect consumer service experience.
24/7 service: We provide round the clock Call Center Services and make sure there is always someone ready to take those calls as soon as they come in.
Low labor cost: offshore Outsourcing to Emenac Call Center Services ensures that you get the best possible service in a cost effective manner. Therefore, not only does your top line improve with increased enrollments and revenues, but so does your bottom line with low costs.
Increasing Enrollments: We help you ensure that marked increase in your enrollment figures. By managing student relations on your behalf, we ensure that effective student relations and management translate into increased enrollment figures, thus increasing your revenue.
Name Recognition: We engage with the public at large and pull out all the stops in ensuring that we can enhance your name recognition, making you a household name in the educational world wherever you go.

Online education and training centers can offshore outsource their call center tasks to Emenac Call Center Services to get them handled in the best possible manner. Online schools, colleges and universities can contact us at any time on +1 888.909.2207 and our business development team will guide them through the process. In a short time, the most suitable call center service will be put into effect.