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 Emenac Call Center Services For Online Service Providers

Looking for ways to enhance sales of online services, satiate the needs of customers more effectively and retain clients in a better way? Get inbound or outbound contact center services from Emenac to help the online services business achieve increasing clientele and higher customer retention.

Outsourcing live inbound call center services to Emenac will leave online service providers with platforms that would ease the communication for potential buyers as well as customers seeking assistance to generate consumer interest. The outbound services would help increase sales and maintain good relations with the customers. Emenac also offers non-voice services such as email support, social media customer care and live chat support which add convenience to the way how customers contact the website. Overall, these contact center services help in growing customer-base, retaining customers, enhancing customer experience and maintaining healthy relations with the customers.

Following Are the Services For Online Service Providers


Online service providers, regardless of the service that they are offering, need to have offshore inbounded as well as outbound call centers in place. These call centers would help the services websites in the following manner:

Providing Complete Customer and Technical Care

Any buyer interested in buying a service online would want to call into the helpline to seek more information. These services may include emailing, legalities, finances and accounts, fax or shopping and may as well as relate to online libraries, music organization, travel agencies and online HR services etc. Since internet scams are common place, trusting any website and giving in credit card details and security numbers is not easy enough. Therefore, interested buyers would call in for detailed enquiries and gaining trust. If left unanswered, these potential buyers will move to alternative providers of online supply system services, game services or any other service relevant to their needs.

While purchasing services, customers would come up with queries such as the version available for certain music organizer, packages offered for online library services and monthly charges for an email services etc. And the list of questions goes on. These questions too need to be answered or else, the buyer would remain confused about the service and may move on to another services website. Eventually, a sale would be lost.

To keep away all such unwanted situations, Emenac Call Center Services offers inbound call center services for online service providers to effectively generate leads and increase sales. Some of the benefits that Emenac Call Center Services will provide include:
• Make sure that all calls are taken and that no interested buyer remains ignored
• Guide callers completely about the services and their prices and packages available to make selection easily
• Lead successful service advocacy to generate leads and increase customer-base
• Assist all buyers telephonically as they purchase a service and guide them towards the best choice available for meeting their needs
• Help all callers in the friendly manner, understanding their needs and providing solutions such that they are encouraged to make purchases from the available services

Retaining Customers

After having bought certain service, customers may encounter technical as well as non-technical problems. These may include issues such as inactivation of email account even after having paid for it, website of education services not updated with latest lectures or an SMS service found overcharging or unable to send messages. If such issues are left unheard and unaddressed, the customers would be largely aggrieved. A bad and unprofessional image of the service providing website would be spread, customers would be lost to other services websites and more customers would be hesitant in joining the business.

To retain customers, increase customer loyalty and make up for an appreciable customer-base, Emenac Call Center Services will:
• Provide complete guidance to troubleshoot the problem over telephone
• Integrate web interface with the calls to help callers resolve technical issues on the website more conveniently
• Organize larger issues in a database and forward them to the concerned authority to be reviewed and resolved as soon as possible
• Handle angry customers in a friendly manner so as to calm them down, assure them of assistance and keep them from moving onto alternative online service providers

Increasing Sales

By using an offshore outbound call center, online service providers can effectively have their services promoted. In surveys, this cold calling technique has been termed as an effective customer ‘hunting’ exercise and it has been mentioned that it might ‘double’ the sales. Another survey reported cold calling to be as beneficial as increasing productivity up to 300% and reducing non-productive time by 100%. Any online service provider can use this service.

For instance, an online news service provider may call prospects and tell them how this service is important for them to have and how through cell phone, tablet or PC, they can keep a check on the surrounding condition in this time of increasing terrorism and crime or maybe providers of online movie ticketing services could call up target clientele such as kids and tell them about the release of latest action movie. Since convenience is largely appreciated by people today, chances are high that they will place orders telephonically at any time, if not immediately.

Emenac offshore call center services will help online service providers with cold calling in the following manner:
• Promote the services in the most impressive manner with a planned script so as to successfully generate consumer interest
• Eliminating the feel of a sales call to avoid hang-ups and yet leading service advocacy that ensures a sale, sooner or later
• Cross-selling an alternative service if the service asked for is not available in order to save a sale and avoid competitor service websites making use of the situation
• Up-selling another service to increase profits, once the customer has agreed on buying certain online service by convincing the buyer that the two services combined will enhance their experience considerably

Strengthening Relationships with the Customers

Welcome calls can be made once a customer has bought an online service such as a news service, email service, online photo editing services, online learning services or services of an online gift shop or just about any other type of service. These calls are made to delight the customer by welcoming him/her to the online service provision business, introducing other offerings of the business and asking for any assistance needed. This would give the customer with a comfortable feeling and indirectly tell that the service providing website is considerate of the customers. With Emenac call center services, online service providers can enjoy the following features of welcome calling:
• Welcoming the customers in a friendly manner to delight them and provide assurance of help in times of need
• Asking for assistance and providing it if required
• Introducing more services of the website such that a try of enhancing customer experience is portrayed. For the website, it works as an up-selling technique increasing profits

Feedback calling can also be done to the customers a few days after service has been purchased. This call would help in collecting customer’s feedback and experience with the online service provider. On one hand, such a service would make the customers feel that the website cares for them and their needs and on the other hand, it would help in collecting feedback to make changes for the better. The more the services turn up according to the needs of the customers, the higher are the sales. Emenac feedback calling would help online service providers by:
• Asking customers for feedback and handling angry customers in a way so as to calm them down and retain them, assuring them that the issue will be resolved
• Organizing feedback in an organized manner and sending to the concerned authorities to be reviewed and addressed as soon as possible

Saving Customer‘s History to Consume Less Time for Customer Support

In order to ensure that the issues of customers are saved and the next time that they contact for taking help, time is saved, offshore email customer support can be brought in. Emailing would also be of use as most people today prefer emailing as they can check and send it through their smart phones easily without taking note of the time. During business hours especially, people are busy with work and cannot talk over the phone. To make sure that no customer is left unassisted, email support services become essential. Emenac call center services would help with this service in the following manner:
• Saving each customer’s history and emails to be retrieved later and saving time if the same customer comes up again
• Offering 24/7 email support service to ensure that customers are replied and assisted at all times
• Reading all email and replying to each as soon as possible, in the most satisfactory manner
• Enhancing the website image and increasing company goodwill

Enabling Fast Conversion of Website Visitors into Sales

While online and offline advertisement can draw people to visit the website, it may not necessarily create in them, a need to buy the online service. In order to justify the investment that has gone into adverts and convert website visitors into sales, live chat support services become largely essential for online service providers. Through these services, live chat agents can invite the visitor to chat, ask about their needs and requirements and guide them to the right page or offer them a service of interest. If the service asked for is not available, another service can be cross-sold and a customer saved.

Some of the main features of Emenac offshore live chat support services include:
• Inviting website visitors to chat and enquiring for their needs in friendly manner to get the most out of them
• Guiding them to the right page where they are most likely to find a service of choice
• Cross-selling and up-selling services in order to save customers and increase profits respectively
• Help returning customers completely so as to increase customer retention and leave the online services business with a good image

Understanding the Customers’ Psyche and Bettering the Business-Customer Relationship

Modern-day buyer trusts and feels more comfortable with businesses that are closer to them and with which, interaction is easy. Through social media customer service, an online service provider can monitor the comments about the company made by people and make things right where needed. Also, interaction over social media will bring a business closer to its customers as social media is largely used these days and a better business-customer relationship will be formed. Eventually, customer loyalty will be higher and company goodwill will increase.

Emenac social media customer services include:
• Monitoring people’s reviews made and replying on the respective thread to change negative perceptions into positive ones
• Finding out people discussing problems or confusions, messaging them privately and providing assistance
• Increasing awareness of the services by posting pictures and statuses and explaining people more on it as they make comments below
• Checking out what the modern-day buyers of online services are asking for and accordingly, making changes so that the online services can go more according to the needs and wants of the buyers and sales charts can be grown
All online service providers from email websites to providers of online SMS services and fax services can contact Emenac Call Center Services at +1 888.909.2207. Emenac can be contacted at any time and our business development team will guide the calling party with the process. In a short time, the right service will be decided for the online services business and started off.