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 Emenac Call Center Services For Online Real Estate Dealers

Does your online real estate company have problems maintaining communication with potential investors and customers that directly boosts revenue generation and expands your profit margins?

Emenac provides online real estate marketplaces with customized call center solutions to not only draw more investors and property grow sales but also in retaining customers and promoting a good brand image. For online real estate businesses, brokers, contractors, developers and all related parties, Emenac works with inbound as well as call center services growing sales, customer retention and strengthening ties with investors.

Following Are the Services For Online Real Estate Dealers


Online real estate agencies need to have offshore inbound and outbound call center services in order to maintain an effective contact with potential buyers and investors. Emenac call center services are designed to cater to not just online real estate companies selling properties but also contractors, developers, realtors, property management firms and brokers etc. Outsourcing call center services to Emenac will bring the following results:

Professional Property Advisory

Before purchasing lands, homes or office spaces or renting constructed property, investors would need to know a lot of things. No one can go on to buy or rent a space just like that. Advisory becomes essential here and it becomes the responsibility of online real estate agencies because if they fail to give a good advice, a bad impression would spread and customers would never return to them as they would have made a large investment or gotten into contract which they would be regretting. Consultancy and advisory services may include telling people which home they should prefer considering the needs of the family of how big an office space they must get in order to fulfill the needs and yet save money. Such services have to be given or else, potential investors will remain confused and move on to other online real estate dealers.

Emenac call center services offers online real estate companies with these advisory services that not only guide callers to the right property but also generate their interest and increase client’s sales. Our agents are trained according to the dealings of the client and they are able to offer perfected constancy regarding real estate. These good advices lead to investors remaining humbled and company trust is developed, spreading good company image.

Lead Generation

Online real estate agencies that lack a dedicated helpline miss out on many a property sale. Most investing parties surfing the web to buy property or rent homes have trust issues owing to increasing cases of internet scams and frauds. Credit card details and security numbers cannot be shared easily for transaction of large amounts of money for buying or renting property. In addition, before investing into any sort of property, the buyers and investors would of course ask a lot of questions about the locality, construction, sanitary and interior fittings, kitchen designs and garage spaces etc. If a real estate company would not have a telephone line where investors could contact and have questions answered, they would definitely not risk out their dreams and money and move on to alternative online real estate contractors and developers. This way, customers would be lost to competitors.

Emenac offshore call center services can help online real estate companies by providing customer support at all times and answering calls of investors. Each caller would be satisfactorily answered and it will be made sure that the investor’s interest has been generated. Of course, with a huge investment like this, making sales immediately is unlikely but this lead generation would definitely bring back investors later and increase sales. In turn, higher profits will be generated.

Retaining Investors and Strengthening Ties

As investments are made into real estate and property, online real estate agents, brokers, escrow service providers or any involved party has to ensure good relations with the investors. Otherwise, not only customer retention will be low but also, a bad company image may spread if the investors are not assisted once payment has been made. Investors may see issues with sanitary fittings, broken windows and undone electrical fittings etc. Knowing and resolving all such issues is essential or else, investors will be aggrieved and talk negative about the company. This way, more customers will be discouraged from using the online real estate company again.

Emenac offshore call center services will help online real estate companies by calming down angry investors and ensuring that their issues will be resolved. All problems will be noted and organized into spreadsheets and sent to the concerned authorities to be reviewed. This way, all issues will be resolved and angry customers will be halted from spreading bad company image. Customer retention will be high and a good relationship will be formed with the investors as their problems are efficiently resolved.

Promotion and Marketing

By using offshore outbound call center services, online real estate agencies and companies can market their packages by cold calling. Cold calling works effectively in promoting and marketing and if real estate packages such as easy installments or lowered down payments are marketed via telephone, customers would be interested in making investments.

Emenac call center services excels in cold calling and ensures high lead generation. This way, sales are increased but profitability charts grow. Online real estate businesses are then able to gain popularity, good positioning amongst investors’ minds and increase profitability. Other relevant aspects of Emenac call center services exceptional service quality are:
• Quick and effective advisory: The experts at Emenac Call Center Services are the best at providing advisory services to investors. With good advisory services given, investors are encouraged to make investments and go with the online real estate business.
• Enhanced investor’s experience: Emenac Call Center Services professionals provide that complete customer service experience to all callers, ensuring that customers come away with a perfect consumer service experience.
• 24/7 service: If demanded to, we provide round-the-clock services and make sure there is always someone ready to take those calls as soon as they come in.
• Increasing Sales: We help you ensure that marked increase in your sales figures. By managing customers on your behalf, we ensure that good customer relationships and management translate into increased sales figures, thus increasing profits.
• Ensuring Repeat Investors: Emenac offshore call center services has made it a policy to ensure our clients never lose investors. Hence, Emenac call center services not only helps and assists first time customers, but gives such an enviable level of service that helps retain them; thus ensuring that the well never runs dry.
• Brand Recognition: We engage with the public at large and pull out all the stops in ensuring that we can enhance your brand recognition, making you a household name wherever you go.

Engaging Emenac Call Center Services allows online real estate businesses to grow their brands and their successes, with minimum hassle of answering, attending and managing calls. We at Emenac Call Center Services become your own offshore virtual employees handling investors before, during and after investments. You can call us at any time on +1 888.909.2207 and our business development team will help you right away.