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 Emenac Call Center Services For Online Transportation, Travel & Tourism Websites

Need to enhance communication with potential travelers or existing customers to grow clientele and company goodwill and gain customer loyalty? Get hands on Emenac’s inbound and outbound call center services to get over the problems, the online travel and tour business is facing.

By outsourcing inbound call center services to Emenac, online travel and transportation companies can provide interested travelers with complete guidance and consultancy so as to generate leads effectively and increase sales. Existing customers can also be satiated with their needs and customer retention will grow. Through Emenac’s outbound services, travel businesses will be able to promote the travel deals and packages and strengthen ties with customers. Non-voice call center services add in to further enhance communication with the potential travelers and customers, leading to a stronger customer base and increasing profits.

Following Are the Services For Travel & Transportation Websites


Emenac Call Center Services offers a wide range of inbound and outbound call center services. Online travel businesses that we cater to, include:
• Online Travel Agencies and Travel Booking Sites                                  • Air Travel Services
• Cruise Ships                                                                                     • Courier and Cargo
• Hotels and Resorts                                                                            • Public Transportation Companies
• Car Rental Services
The benefits that Emenac call center services can provide to these businesses are as follows:

Providing Consultancy

Travelers and tourists can get hold of helpline number from the website of a hotel, car rental business, public transport company or any other transportation and travel business or its advertisement. Once they have the number, they would need to call in to seek assistance in regards to the best flight packages, best times to visit certain destination, types of rooms available in hotels and resorts, car or coach bus rentals or maybe to plan out the best routes with cruise ships. Since a lay person is not fluent with details of travel and transportation and hence, would need guidance upon their queries.

If they are not guided well, the travelers will remain uninformed of the right details and they will not be able to plan out an itinerary. They will then move on to alternative transportation, travel and tourism companies and this way, customers will be lost.
The solution is to have an offshore inbound call center team that efficiently handles all calls and satiates the needs of all callers, ensuring that leads are generated and no customer is lost to competitors. Outsourcing this call center to Emenac will bring:
• Well-trained agents who can handle the respective travel and transportation queries well and provide first call resolutions to all callers
• Money saved over investment made to set up an in-house call center
• Leads generated effectively and chances for increasing customer-base grown

Easing Bookings, Rentals and Reservations

After checking out the flight packages, prices for air travel tickets, hotel rooms, cars available for rental, courier service charges or cruise ship routes on the website, travelers and tourists would need to have the booking or reservation made. For an online transportation, travel and tourism business, telephonic contact seems to be the only platform of communication for these potential travelers and tourists.

If there is no one to take up the call, the travelers and tourists, especially those with little time and planning on last minute travel will not wait for anyone to call back. They would rather move on to other travel websites. Hence, a customer would be lost and with constant absence of an inbound call center service, customer will be increasingly lost to competitors.

In order to increase sales and avoid losing customers, an live inbound call center can be set up. For the best results, it can be outsourced and time and money will be saved considerably. Offshore outsourcing this call center to Emenac will leave online travel and transportation businesses with:
• Apt travel reps, who will make sure that each call received results in a booking or reservation made
• Travelers and tourists completely satisfied with the itinerary planned or travel package provided
• Considerably increased profitability

Increasing Customer Retention

Once travelers or tourists have booked flights or reserved a hotel rooms or rooms onboard cruise ships, sent a mail via a courier company or enjoyed the car or limo rental, they may return owing to certain queries. These could involve flight conformation, the time of delivery of a courier mail, availability of limo service suiting customized luxury travel needs or even confirmation of hotel rooms booked during high-season when chances of cancellation on priority-basis are high.

In such times, if the customers’ calls are not taken up and later, an inconvenience is caused such that the customer reaches a hotel and finds the room reservation cancelled owing to high inflow of visitors, the car asked for not available for rental or the flight unavailable, the travelers would be greatly raged. They would not just be much annoyed but also flee never to partner with that business again and also spread bad image of it, keeping more customers from coming in. Such a situation can lead to a travel and transport business falling into jeopardy.

Such situations can be kept away by efficiently handling incoming calls and tackling with customers issues until they are satisfied. This way, an offshore inbound call center can work to retain customers and keep the happy. With Emenac, these services can:
• Efficiently handle all customer queries
• Send larger issues to the respective departments to be renewed and addressed as soon as possible
• Ensure high customer retention

Promotion and Marketing

Through offshore outbound call center services, transportation, travel and tourism businesses can promote themselves very effectively and increase sales. They can allow cold calling and have their travel package deals, newly arrived party buses, charter transportation services, hotel deals, courier express deals or cruise services promoted to the potential travelers.

If the call center service is given to Emenac to handle, the online travel and tour business will be able to enjoy:
• Effective lead generation
• High sales charts
• Incomparable cross-selling and up-selling tactics, used for saving sales and increasing profitability

Strengthening Ties with Travelers

An offshore outbound call center can also help online travel and transportation companies to lead feedback calling and welcome calling. Through welcome calls service, a company can welcome travelers and tourists and assure them of complete assistance in times of need as well care. Feedback call service, on the other hand, would work to collect travelers’ experiences and accordingly better the service to suit the travelers’ needs.

Emenac call center services can help online travel companies in with welcome and feedback call service by:
• Delighting the travelers and enhancing relationship with the business
• Assuring angry travelers of complete assistance to that they do not run to other travel websites and are retained
• Making up for a stronger customer-base

Researching and Travelers’ Satisfaction Surveys

By leading satisfaction surveys and researches, online travel companies can find out various things. They may get to know of the fashionable traveling ways, the growing needs of luxury travelers, expectation from a luxury airline service or cruise and tourists’ top priorities for traveling to a certain location etc.

Emenac call center services can successfully lead these surveys and collect results so that the online travel business can find out what needs to be added to the offerings. As the offerings go more in accordance to the trends of the market and needs of travelers, the chances of increasing of sales also grow. Eventually, a larger clientele and a more loyal customer-base can be achieved.

Converting Website Visits into Sales

While going through the website of online travel agencies, cruise ships services, a courier company, hotels and resorts or car rental companies, travelers may require assistance in deciding the best package or option for them. If left in confusion, they may move another online travel and transport website. This situation needs to be avoided. Travelers may also return to chat after booking or reservation has been made to change the date or package or any other issue. In any situation, they have to be dealt with or else, their experience would not be too good and they would not recommend the business to other travelers.

Emenac offshore call center services can effectively handle live chat support services by:
• Inviting website visitors to chat, find out their needs and recommend the right options for them, leading them to the right page
• Converting leads and hence, website visitors successfully into sales
• Helping returning customers completely to satiate their needs and leave them happy with company goodwill increased
Saving Travelers’ Communication History and Effectively Offering Support Services

Many travelers may wish to contact an online travel, tours and transportation company via email. Since emailing sounds more convenient, can be done at any time and can be checked easily anywhere through many gadgets, it is the choice of modern-day travelers. Travelers can email for consultancy, reservation or post-reservation issues. They need to be answered or else, business-customer relations will be strained and company goodwill will decrease. Emailing also helps in keeping travelers’ records safe to be used if needed at any time in future. Emenac call center services can help travel and transport businesses with email support by:
• Providing 24/7 email support services
• Ensuring that all mails are read and all travelers are answered satisfactorily
• Travelers history saved to be retrieved if needed later
• Increased company goodwill and increasing sales graphs
Understanding the Travelers’ Psyche and Increasing Company Awareness Since social media is a common platform for people to interact through and discuss every detail of life on, travel experiences cannot possible stay out of social media websites. While people discuss their problems, questions and issues on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, Emenac can intervene through the comments and conversations on behalf of the online travel and transport business. Through social media customer support, it can offer travel businesses, the following benefits:
• Justification and refuting of any negative comment being discussed about the business
• Adding more to the positive feedback and enhancing the company image
• Contacting the travelers in need of help and assisting them such that they end up buying a travel service from the respective business
• Increasing awareness regarding latest travel deals or packages grown by adding to comments statuses

Online transportation, travel and tourism companies looking for better communication with can contact Emenac Call Center Services at any time on +1 888.909.2207. Within a short time, they will see endless benefits coming their way.