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Emenac Call Center Services For Food & Beverage Related Businesses

Are the customers of the food and beverage company complaining about lack of contact facilities? Is the food and beverage company losing customers because it is not serving the customers or potential buyers well? Emenac’s contact center services can leave food and beverage businesses with a highly satisfied clientele and an ever increasing customer-base. In turn, better relationships are formed with the customers and the business partners and growth becomes easy. Through Emenac’s call center services, gaining a better positioning in the market and increasing profits becomes easy for all sorts of food and beverage businesses.


Businesses related to food and beverage may need an offshore call center service for various reasons. Some of the ways how Emenac Call Center Services can help these businesses are as follows:

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Customer Service for Packaged or Prepared Food Buyers

People buy different kinds of foods such as baked goods from bakeries, prepared foods from restaurants or takeaway and home delivery services or maybe even energy drinks, soft drinks, meat and poultry and cooking oils etc. from departmental stores. For all such items, pre-purchase questions may arise in the minds of customers for which, they would like to call up the food business and enquire about the food items available. For instance, a food aficionado may call in a restaurant to know if the menu has anything for diabetic visitors or if the restaurant can customize the order accordingly. A customer on diet looking for some desserts may call into a bakery to find out about donuts maybe that do not have a strong chocolate topping. If such questions are left unanswered, the potential buyers will remain confused and move on to alternative food businesses. This way, customers will be lost.

By facilitating telephonic contact to the potential customers, food and beverage businesses can entertain the questions or queries of their customers and help them in any way possible. Emenac customer support will work to increase the possibility of attracting visitors to the restaurant, takeaway facility, bakery or any kind of food outlet and generating visitors’ interest. The chances of sales are grown.

Help Desk to Troubleshoot Food Related Issues

Customers who might have bought prepared foods from restaurants or even packaged foods from a departmental store might call in to seek help regarding the nutritional values of the food or in doubt of a food or drink that seems bad or rotten. Such problems with food items are not new and actually inevitable. Addressing such questions is highly important or else, the customers would return angry to never return to the same food business. This way, not only a customer will be lost but also a bad image will be spread which will stop more customers from coming in.

In order to avoid such unwanted situations, food and beverage businesses can offshore outsource a help desk support call center to Emenac Call Center Services. This will provide the customers to contact with the business in times of need and have their issues addressed and resolved. As the issues of more and more customers are resolved, customer satisfaction is increased. While this paves way for increased customer retention, a good image also is spread which draws in more customers, growing the food business.

Order Taking for Restaurants and Take Away Services

Food outlets such as restaurants, takeaway or home delivery services need to have telephonic order taking setups or else, they will not get the amount of orders needed for sustainability. Even sellers of gourmet and specialty foods or fruit and vegetables can have this service if they are facilitating home deliveries or even takeaways. People find calling and ordering quite convenient and so, they prefer calling to order even if the food business does not facilitate delivering. This keeps them from waiting in queues on reaching the food outlet as their order has already been prepared. Hence, an order taking facility works greatly to increase profitability as this has become the choice of most modern-day customers.

While, the absence of an order taking phone facility can lead to shortage of orders and hence, lessened inflow of orders, outsourcing an order taking call center to Emenac can result in greatly increased profits. Our team of agents can take orders for the entire time span that the food business remains open and forward all orders to the concerned department at the business so that the orders can be executed. As part of improving customer experience, our team can also offer other food products on the menu as starters or side orders, up-selling to increase profits. For any food item not available, another one can be cross-sold to save a customer and make profits such as offering toasted cheese bread if garlic bread is not available. This way, orders can be secured and profits can be generated appreciably.

Answering Service for Food or Ingredient Suppliers

For food businesses, a business answering service can be highly important. This service would help maintaining contact with clients and business partners as well as in making call forwarding and other procedures easier. For instance, a baker may receive calls from bakeries or other clients who might be calling in to ask for more cakes or maybe restaurants may receive calls from cheese manufacturers or other food factories. Such calls have to be received or else, contact with clients can be hindered and severe problems such as shortage of food or business partnership may be lost.

To avoid such issues, food and beverage businesses can offshore outsource their business answering services to Emenac and make sure that no important call is left untaken. With our answering service, food and beverage businesses will not only ensure all important messages taken but also have all unimportant calls eliminated and the right ones, transferred to the right departments. This would save time and also maintain good relations with the business world. In turn, the results gotten would bring many benefits in the long run.

Promotion and Marketing of Food Services

Using an outbound call center, food and beverage businesses can cold call the prospects and promote their businesses to increase clientele. As per a research, cold calling can increase sales up to as much as 300 times. Like all other businesses, it works well for food and beverage businesses too from sellers of frozen foods to manufacturers of coffee and baked goods. Any sort of promotion from introduction of a new dish to lucky draws can be made through cold calling. While this draws more customers to the business, it also enhances the business positioning and indirectly, works for marketing.

In order to increases sales drastically and grow profitability, food and beverage businesses can outsource outbound telemarketing call center to Emenac. Our telemarketers can effectively cold call prospects and promote the food or beverage business and its offerings. They use a manner that effectively waters the moth of the prospect and draws in a customer. Even if a food item is not ordered immediately, leads are generated and chances of sale grow. In turn, this practice leaves behind increasing profits for the food and beverage businesses.

Retaining Food-Lovers and Providing Satisfactory Preparations

Through an outbound call center, food and beverage companies can also lead welcome calling to each of their new customers. This strategy works well in delighting the customers and making them comfortable with the business and hence, maintaining a good relationship. Emenac offshore call center services friendly agents can lead welcome calls in order to welcome the food lovers and assure them of complete care at each visit or delivery. This would work effectively in creating a good relationship with the customers.
Feedback calling can also work to enhance relationships with the customers by calling them and collecting their feedback on food such as taste, quality, service, packaging, hygiene, timeliness, serving, pricing and offers etc. Emenac call center services efficiently collects feedback and compiles it in an organized manner and sends it to the concerned authorities. The food and beverage business is then able to make changes and serve the customers better. As the services and food items get better, customers are more attracted to the business and customer retention increases.

Email Support to Save Time

Customers of food and beverage businesses may often prefer emailing in regards to any complaints. Clients may also email to enquire about delivery of ingredients or items such as cheese, drinks, vegetables and fruits etc. Emailing saves history and hence, makes conversations easy saving time and is also easy as it can be done and checked at any time. Smartphones, PCs, tablets and laptops can be used to email and so, the method remains easy for many.

Providing this platform for contact can help in improving customer experience and hence, make up for a good image if the emails are relied properly. Emenac offshore Call Center Services can handle emails 24/7 if demanded and help food and beverage businesses maintain an effective communication with customers or clients mailing in. we make sure that no email I left unread and unanswered, providing help and care to all.

Social Media Support for Customers of Food Service or Chain

People today discuss every single thing on social media. When it comes to food businesses, baked goods packaged food manufacturers or restaurants, the discussions of people can be extensive. By maintaining a presence on social media, food companies can monitor what is being discussed about them. People seen in any sort of confusion can be helped while any negative comments being made can be justified. This works wonderfully in delighting the customers by providing them with help when they had not directly asked for it.

Emenac call center services monitor’s people’s views and provide assistance to those in need. Negative reviews are justified with commenting on the thread and any person found confused about any food item or its ingredients is replied to. This helps clear away all confusions from the minds of people and find angry customers to provide assistance to them. This way, all customers are satisfied and a good company image is created.

Live Chat Support for People Searching Food of Food Service Online

For food and beverage companies with websites, a live chat support service becomes quite essential. This service can help draw more customers to the business and convert website visitors into customers. Emenac offshore call center services works to invite website to chat and enquire about their likes and dislikes in terms of food. Accordingly, they are offered the right food items available. If a particular food item that they are searching for is not available, an alternative is cross-sold to save the customer. If a website visitor has already bought a food item, another is offered as part of improving customer experience and up-selling generates good profitability. This way, Emenac live chat support helps in increasing clientele as well as profitability, easily converting website visitors into sales.

All food and beverage companies can contact Emenac call center services at +1 888.909.2207. Our business development team will be available at all times to look into their needs and provide the most suitable contact center service. Shortly thereafter, a service will begin.