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Emenac Call Center Services For Health Industry

In need of providing patients with facilities so as to better positioning in the market and compete in today’s cutthroat healthcare industry? Find out on this from Emenac. Our inbound and outbound call center services can facilitate patients in ways that would effectively increase customer retention and bring newer ones.

Through offshore call center services, clinics, hospitals, independent healthcare practitioners and medical offices can ease the lives of patients. Patients can be provided with opportunities to take appointments, get history written or find doctors without leaving the comfort zones. Pharmacies can allow telephonic orders to further promote sales. These call center services can thus increase company goodwill and enlarge clientele


Enhanced Communication

For independent medical practitioners, pharmacies, medical offices as well as clinics and hospitals, offshore call center services can enhance communication with patients, ease the lives of old-aged patients and increase profitability. In turn, these services let achieve higher goodwill and retain customers by helping maintain a good relationship between the patient and the medical practice or organization.

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• Medical offices can benefit greatly in taking appointments, taking down patient history and important data
• Independent practitioners can provide their customers with first call resolutions from physicians regarding medical issues, thus giving patients a greater sense of care and effectively retaining customers
• Hospitals, clinics and dental offices can facilitate patients with appointment settings over the phone and also guide them to the right doctor, through call diversion, for general healthcare services, alternative & natural medicine, medical skincare services, geriatric and aging care services, dentists and dental services or any other health professional to seek help from
• An inbound call center can also ease out call volumes in a hospital by addressing the callers on availability of respective doctor on certain time, avoiding long wait times if the doctor is unavailable or busy
• Pharmacies can enhance communication by accommodating professional call operators and providing the callers with information regarding health products, orthopedics and sports medicine, medical devices, equipment and supplies or any other type of pharmaceutical manufacturing

Eased Treatment for Senior Citizens

• Since it may not be very easy for an old-aged person to visit a doctor time and again, such patients can use call center services to seek help from their physician or medical professional over the phone. This may be more successful after at least one visit and patients, who have visited the clinic or hospital, can be facilitated with the service. With Primary Care Physician (PCP) and preventive care available telephonically, old-aged patients are likely to prefer calling over paying visits. This would help gain more customers in this highly competitive healthcare industry
• Pharmacies can have call center services to allow senior citizens call in and find out information regarding products, manufacturing and supplies instead of needing to walk or drive down to a pharmacy
• Medical offices can facilitate senior citizens by collecting data and histories telephonically, keeping patients away from exertion of visiting, thus capturing customer loyalty for the respective medical practice or organization
Increased Sales and Profitability
• Pharmacies or other businesses associated with selling medical devices, equipment and supplies or any sort of pharmaceutical manufacturing can allow buyers to shop telephonically. Since today, convenience matters greatly to people, customer preference would be gained through this facility. Eventually, sales would increase
• For pharmacies offering home delivery, call center services can be a great way to provide convenience to patients and their families and hence, capture more customers. People would prefer calling in to place orders rather than going down to pharmacies. This too, can work to increase sales and profitability
• Clinics, hospitals, dental offices and independent medical practitioners can grow profits by allowing patients to take appointments and even seek help telephonically. As this practice would show more care towards patients and offer convenience, the placement in the market would better. Eventually, the associated medical practice or organization would get more customers and hence, profitability will grow

Assistance Provided to Customers of Online Health Forums

With mass usage of internet, health and medical facilities have largely gone online. A lot of patients prefer seeking help from these online forums as part of their initial research to find about symptoms, possible health problems or any risks involved. Help can be given to such patients through inbound services as they call in. These forums can be regarding any sort of clinical or pharmaceutical matters


Eased Research and Follow-ups

• To prioritize and schedule appointments or even simply organize patient charts and history, clinics, independent practitioners, hospitals and medical offices can use offshore outbound call center services to call patients, gather required data and further the process easily
• In order to avoid no show, confirm appointments, remind patients of appointments or advise for a visit or an appointment, medical offices can use outbound call centers. Hospitals, clinics and independent medical practitioners can also carry this task through outbound call center services. This would avoid issues and confusions as well as save time on both ends
Eased Updating Processes
• In order to update patient history, outbound services can be of great use for medical offices, hospitals, clinics or independent practices
• Medical offices looking to reschedule appointments or reorganize patient charts, can update their information telephonically instead of calling patients to the office. It would save time on both, patient’s as well as the office’s, ends


Emenac Offshore Call Center Services provides a highly diversified range of services for healthcare practitioners, organizations and businesses associated with selling medical equipment and supplies. These services are valid for all sorts of medical and healthcare setups from hospice and home nursing care to hospitals and health clinics. Healthcare service providers can thus, enjoy numerous benefits working with it, some of which include:
• MBBS degree holders and healthcare professionals available to help patients on behalf of healthcare practitioners or respective physicians
• Call volumes studied and agents as well as phone lines set up accordingly to avoid wait times
• After-hours and 24/7 services given for patients who are unable to call from work during business hours. This also facilitates patients calling during lunch hours keeping the call operators available at all times
• Call-back schedules set up in order to ease physicians’ timetable and avoid letting patients to hold and call back very frequently finding the physician busy each time
• Customers of online medical forums answered with FAQs and first aid given • Health consultancy given to patients needing to acquire assistance on telephone
• Physician referrals given to rescue patients
• All sorts of patient queries answered as part of general healthcare services
• Patient data updated and medical history organized before being sent to the respective department
• Information provided to callers regarding all sorts of pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical devices, equipment and supplies and expertise applied to accelerate sales through inbound as well as outbound services
• Telephonic services and form filling for hospital admissions, hospital transfers and other related tasks
• Appointments taken down and enquiry made through patient follow-ups to rescue no-show rates as well as maintain reminders for old-aged patients
• All patient data kept confidential and forwarded only to the responsible authorities
• Priority patient queuing to ensure highest possible live answer rates

Any healthcare organization or independent practitioner looking to enhance patient experience by providing extra care and facilities can contact Emenac offshore call center services. Our special service for healthcare setups is easy to begin with and come at affordable rates. These offshore services return higher customer satisfaction and hence, loyalty and a larger clientele. Call now at +1 888.909.2207