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Emenac Call Center Services For IT Industry

Searching for effective means of communication in regards to IT products and services to strengthen ties with customers or enhance communication with potential buyers to increase sales? Find the right service from Emenac’s numerous call center services and get it to start right away!

3Outsourcing call center services to Emenac can result in effective ways of reaching down to potential buyers and customers as well as allowing them to reach out to the IT business. Whether a business is concerned with internet services, hardware, software, computer repair, cloud technology, networking or any other IT application, call center services can be of great use to it. These services can effectively grow clientele, increase profits and retain customers.

The call center services offered by Emenac range largely in type and can help IT setups in the following manner:

Customer Service

IT businesses can provide customer service in three different ways. These are as follows:
Before Purchase: Before buying any IT product or service, potential buyers may call in to know if the computer repair services can fix their computer or to find the prices for DSL and fiber optic internet service plans. Clients of computer wholesalers may call in to find out the availability of certain number of computers and the best pricing. If the calls are not answered, the callers will move to other businesses. This can be avoided by offshore outsourcing inbound call center services to Emenac where agents would aptly handle all calls. The time taken to handle each caller is kept minimal so that waiting times for other callers are less. While the talk time is minimized, our agents make sure that the needs of each call are completely satiated and leads are generated. In turn, the chances of growing sales and profitability increase.

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During Purchase: During purchase, interested buyers might call in to find out about the availability of certain model of the hardware or the latest release of software. They may also wish to know about any available discounts, the speeds offered by the Wi-Fi service providers or the reliability of certain web hosting companies. The buyers need to be satiated with such queries or else, they will not trust the business and hence, not shop. If Emenac call center services comes to handle the live inbound call center, the interested buyers are dealt such that they are convinced on purchasing the product or service. We work to increase sales effectively and grow customer base through successful product advocacy. In turn, Emenac call center services successfully leaves businesses with increased profitability.
After Purchase: If the customer has bought an IT product or service online, there could be problems such as late delivery and delivery of wrong product such as an older version of software sent in place of the latest version. Issues could also arise with bills which might not have included some pre-told discount. If such problems are not tackled with, the customers will be raged and spread a negative image of the IT business. To avoid this, an offshore call center service can be outsourced to Emenac. Our agents will make sure that the complaints of all callers are registered and solved in least possible time and the customers are effectively calmed down, assured that their problem will be solved. Hence, customers will be retained and a good image of the business will spread.

Technical Support

After purchase, technical problems such as frequent disconnection of internet may occur while customers may face inability to upload photos and videos on an online photo and video sharing website. There could also be problems such as malfunctioning of hardware. In such times, the aggrieved customer will wish to make a call to the respective IT business to have the problem resolved. If no live assistance is provided, the customers will return angry and move to an alternative business as technical issues cannot be handled by a lay person. Eventually, customers will be lost and a bad image will spread too.

Emenac Call Center technical support services can help avoid such situations. Our agents are trained well for the products or services that they deal with. So, they can provide professional technical assistance to each caller. In case of bigger issues, the problems are forwarded to the concerned authorities to be resolved while the agents work to calm down angry customers to keep them from running to another IT product or service provider. Eventually, customers will be retained and the products and services of the respective IT business will get a good positioning in the market.

Phone Order Taking

Through an offshore inbound call center, IT businesses can start off with phone order taking services. Since calling is more convenient, modern day buyers prefer it over strolling down the markets. Hence, telephony adds largely to increasing profitability. By getting the number from the website or the advertisement, the potential buyers are likely to call in to place an order. Buyers may call internet service providers to have internet installed and connected, computer service companies to have systems fixed or computer software companies to order the latest version of software. If an efficient order taking service is not in place, the IT business will not be able to send in a team to assist the customers with a service or deliver the product. This means, a sale is lost.

Emenac Call Center order taking services can help in taking orders effectively such that no call is missed. Once a call is taken, our agents work to generate consumer interest, apply cross-selling and up-selling techniques and make sales. Eventually, high profitability is gained.

24/7 Answering Service

While it is inevitable for an IT business to receive calls from potential buyers, existing customers as well as the clients, it is not possible to leave these calls unattended. Or else, an important message from a client might be left unread, an angry customer might be lost for not having a problem resolved or even a sale might be lost. Computer wholesalers can receive clients’ calls frequently while IT service or product suppliers can receive calls from not just the potential buyers but also from the customers, day in and day out, for technical assistance.

It can become difficult to keep note of every incoming call that too, even after working hours. This is where the need for, 24/7 answering services, comes in. Emenac call center services can organize agents to efficiently take up calls at all times, collect all important messages and forward the calls to the respective departments for sales, technical assistance or other queries. No call is left unattended while all extra calls are eliminated from the network. Eventually, the calling system of an IT business becomes cleaner and smoother and situations such losing sales or customers can be avoided successfully.

Outbound Sales

Since cold calling has become one of the most successful ways of promoting and marketing businesses and their offerings, IT businesses too can use it as a marketing tool. Through cold calling, the latest offers on any DSL and fiber optic internet service plans can be promoted to the potential buyers or the release of the latest version of a software or hardware can be marketed.

Emenac offshore call center outbound marketers work proficiently in this regard, calling the potential buyers and promoting to them, the IT services or products of the respective business. By leading successful product advocacy for hardware, software, internet connections and other offerings, our agents are able to generate leads and add consumer interest. Cross-selling and up-selling tactics are also applied and profitability is accelerated considerably.

Welcome and Feedback Calls

Customers of internet service companies, software designers/programmers, server hosting providers, cloud hosting providers, web hosting companies, networking companies, computer service companies or any other IT business can be called for welcoming and collecting feedback.

Emenac call center services can help with welcome calling by making calls to every new customer, thanking for shopping and welcoming to the business. While this would suffice to delight the customer, we would also ask for the customer for any help needed and ensure of complete assistance in times of need. This is indeed, one of the best strategies to make customers comfortable with the business and better the business-customer relationship.

Through feedback calling, our agents can effectively collect feedback of the customers. This feedback is then sent to the concerned authorities. As betterments are made, the services and products go more in accordance to the needs and wants of the customers and the interest of the customers increases. Thus, customer loyalty is gathered and profits are increased.

Email Customer Service

Buyers of IT products and services may wish to email the business for pre-purchase or post-purchase assistance. Emailing remains a convenient tool for communicating as it can be done at any time, does not require waiting in queues until someone gets online and can be checked easily through laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Interested buyers may email to enquire about pricing of computers from computer wholesalers, prices of packages from internet service providers and ways for getting domain names and domain names registration etc. Customers might call in to enquire when the team may arrive to fix the computer or internet disconnection issues or when the hardware or software will be delivered.

Absence of email support services will result in all such emails remaining unanswered and hence, a loss of sales as well as loss of customers as they would return with problems unresolved. Emenac offshore call center services can handle emails efficiently answering all emails satisfactorily. Eventually, high customer retention will be ensured and chances of growing customer base will increase too.

Live Chat Support

This could be helpful for IT businesses having websites. As a visitor comes to shop for that latest hardware, the new software or even to find the right internet package to order, starting off live chat is important. It is highly possible that the visitor is unable to use the website correctly and does not find the product or service of choice. Eventually, this visitor will move to another IT business. Through live chat support, such visitors can be engaged in a conversation and their needs enquired. Accordingly, products and services can be offered. Customers may also come up to seek assistance and they need to be entertained or else, they will not be retained.

Emenac call center can help with live chat services and since the website can be visited at any time, it also offers 24/7 live chat support. This service will ensure complete guidance or technical assistance given to a website visitor or an IT product/service customer. In turn, not only leads will be generated and sales will grow but also, customers would be effectively retained.

Social Media Customer Support

Whether or not an IT business has a website, presence on social media is important. People today engage largely through social media websites and discuss issues. IT businesses can use social media to not just find out what people think and talk about them but also provide assistance to aggrieved customers or make sales to people looking for certain IT product or service.

Emenac offshore call center services can provide social media customer support to IT businesses that would not only track people’s comments and posts and assist them if they need assistance but also communicate with people to refute any existent negative points being said. Moreover, a good image of the IT products and services will be propagated and latest hardware, software, internet packages and networking solutions will also be discussed for promotion. In turn, customer loyalty and chances of increasing sales will grow.

IT businesses looking for offshore call center services and needing assistance to decide on one out of the above mentioned ones, can call us at any time on +1 888.909.2207. Complete assistance will be provided and the most suitable service will begin in a short time.