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Emenac Offshore Outsourcing Call Center Services For Media & Publication Related Firms

Is the publishing house requiring for increased sales and better promotion of newspapers, magazines, books etc.? Has it become important for the media and news agency need to stay connected with the corporate clients and customers more productively? Get Emenac’s contact center services and allow customers as well as corporate clients to contact easily and vice versa. Eventually, the media or publication business will turn out having promoted itself well. Also, a happy and satisfied customer-base will emerge with increased company goodwill. As a result, customer retention will be higher and clientele will be seen growing at a faster pace.


News and media agencies as well as publication houses, all need contact offshore center services in order to be able to maintain eased contact with the customers and vice versa. Emenac offshore call center services can help the industry in the following manner:

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Customer Services for Book Buyers

Customers of publication or printing presses can receive call from customers before they make any sort of purchase. Customers may call in book retailers asking for certain children’s books, encyclopedias or any other book of interest. Printing presses may also receive calls from customers asking for prices of printing various items such as business cards or even some posters. All such questions have to be answered or else, the customers will remain confused about the services of the press or publication house and move on to alternative printing facilities. Eventually, a customer will be lost.

Offshore outsourcing customer support services to Emenac call center services can help media agencies and publication presses save their time as someone else will come to take up the calls. Our team will make sure that no calls are missed and that the needs of each caller are satiated well. As callers are given perfected answers to their queries, leads are generated and chances for sales are increased.

Technical Support for Channel Viewers, Book Authors and other Customers

News and media agencies as well as publication and printing presses are likely to receive calls from customers who might have taken their services. These calls could be in regards to technical issues such as the TV channel not receiving proper signals, webcasts not working well with all browsers or maybe posters sent for printing not coming out with the right shades and hues as designed. These issues have to be addressed as soon as possible or else, the customers will return greatly annoyed. This will result in a bad company image and lessening customer retention. Eventually, the success of printing or news agency can fall into jeopardy.

In order to avoid any undesirable situation, Emenac call center services can be offshore outsourced with handling the technical support services. Our team will proficiently handle all calls and provide first call resolutions to each caller, saving time and ensuring that no caller has to wait for very long for an agent. For larger issues, we will organize problems in a spreadsheet and send them to the concerned authorities so that issues can be addressed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the angry customer is calmed down professionally. Our technical support service in turn, ensures high customer satisfaction and retention.

Help Desk to Troubleshoot the Issues of Newspaper and Magazine Readers

Customers of publishing houses or news and media agencies who might have bought apparel trade publications, online media, e-books, podcasts or any other kind of service or product, can also call in for several issues. They may be asking about several non-technical issues such as color of podcast needing replacement, release date for the latest issue of the fashion and style publications or availability of any other newspaper. It is important for the business to receive such calls and address customers’ issues or else, people will return unsatisfied. This will result in loss of customer, spreading of a bad company image and hesitation of more customers from joining the business.

Such a situation could lead any publication or media agency to a doom. In order to keep such an event from happening, help desk services can be offshore outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services. The team at Emenac Call center Services will make sure that no calls are missed out and that each customer is given complete importance and guidance, as needed. This will make sure that each customer’s issue is addressed well and that each caller is left satisfied. With higher customer satisfaction, high customer retention can be ensured and a good company image will be made.

Order Taking for those Interested in News Agency Services

For any news and media agency or even a printing press, an order taking system is highly essential. This is what facilitates telephonic ordering to the customers or potential buyers. For instance, a customer may call into a news agency to order webcasts for certain purpose or maybe a publishing house could get calls to order printing of books or stationary items such as letterheads. If an order taking service is not in place, there will be no way that the order will be taken and a sale will be lost to competitors if they will have this service.

In order to avoid losing customers to competitors and make up for the increasing demands of convenience-oriented customers, telephonic order taking services have to be set in place. If Emenac offshore call center services is outsourced this service, order taking can become easy as our team will efficiently take up orders for all sorts of news and publishing related works. From flash-based entertainment to online image galleries and from e-book publishing to celebrities and entertainment news, we cater to all sorts of services. Our offshore agents take orders without missing out any call. If a service or product asked for is not available, another is cross-sold in its place to save a sale and if a customer has already bought a service or a publication, more are offered for up-selling and growing profitability. This way, Emenac offshore call center services works as a complete order taking department on behalf of media and news agencies, growing their sales and profitability.

Answering Service for Media Partners

Corporate clients of media agencies and publication houses often call in for various matters. These could be communication system providers for news reporters, video conferencing TV sets providers, printer cartridge manufacturers working with printing presses. Of course, corporate clients have important issues to discuss with a business; therefore, what is essential is that these calls are not missed out. If the clients’ call is missed, it means that an important message is missed and this can be lead to confusions and severe circumstances in the future. These could be end of stock with book retailers or even end of ink cartridges for printers of newspapers or apparel trade publications.

All of this can be avoided if business answering service is offshore outsourced to Emenac call center services. Our team of offshore agents will take up all calls, making sure that no important calls is left unattended and that no important message remains untaken. In addition to taking all important calls, Emenac Call Center offshore team also eliminates all calls that waste time such as marketing calls and transfers only the relevant calls to the right department. This saves time of all employees and keeps the inflow of calls, clean and efficient.

Marketing and Promotion of News, Media and Printing Services

An offshore outbound call center can be of great use to media agencies and publication houses. Through this call center, news and media agencies as well as publication houses can promote their businesses by cold calling the prospects and increasing customer interest to grow sales. Cold calling can be used to promote any upcoming children’s books exhibition, launch of new podcasts or even tell how certain men’s interest media and publications can help men in daily lives.

Emenac Call Center Services can lead cold calling in a manner so as to gather consumer interest and ensure high sales. Leads are effectively generated through this form of calling even if sales are not made immediately on a phone call. Cold calling works wonders in increasing chances for sales and growing clientele swiftly. As per a research, it can grow profitability up to as much as 300 times and therefore is being adopted by many types of businesses. Those related to news, media and publications can also benefit from it greatly.

Welcome and Feedback Calls to Strengthen Relationships with Customers

Publication houses and news agencies can use offshore outbound call center services to lead welcome calling for their newly arriving customers. These calls can be made to not just welcome the customer to the business and delight him/her but also to ensure about a good working relationship and provision of assistance in times of need. This would make a customer comfortable with the offline or online media agency and since trust and comfort, are two of the main drivers of business-customer relationship; this strategy can lead to success. Emenac Call Center friendly offshore agents excel at the task of welcome calls and can very successfully, bring out amazing results.

Alongside welcome calls, feedback calling can also be used as a strategy to retain customers and keep them happy and satisfied with the business and its offerings. Feedback calls can be used to gather customers’ feedback. Emenac Call Center Services helps news and media agencies as well as publication houses collect feedback and organize it. The feedback is then forwarded to the concerned departments. As changes are made, customers become more comfortable with the business as the get better services and products and sales increase.

Live Chat Support to Increase Sales Conversions of Media Services

For media agencies and publication houses with websites, live chat support is highly important. This service can be used to invite website visitors to chat and find out about their requirements or whatever they are looking for. Accordingly, they can be offered products or services. If needed, cross selling and up-selling can also be done. Emenac offshore live chat agents can efficiently handle this task by generating higher leads and increasing sales. Through live chat support, book retailers, online media and all related businesses can benefit greatly from this contact center service.

Time Saving Email Support Service

Corporate clients as well as customers are highly likely to send in emails since emailing does not restrict anyone to time. Also it can be done and checked at anytime and anywhere easily through smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops, so it adds to convenience. Emenac offshore call center services can offer offline and online media agencies with email support that can even be stretched out to 24/7 if needed. Emailing also saves communication history and hence, saves time since questions do not have to be asked again and again. This form of support works well in improving customer experience and making up for a good company image.

Social Media Support for Media Service Users

Social media is one platform where the world is present and where people discuss even the tiniest details of life. By maintaining a presence on social media, all sorts of news and media agencies and publishing houses can keep in touch with their customers. The views can be monitored and feedback gained. Also, people in difficulties can be targeted privately and given assistance to. Prevalence of any negative comments can be justified and this way, an excellent contact can be maintained with the customers and more customers can be gathered.

All sorts of offline and online media agencies can contact Emenac at +1 888.909.2207 at any time, for contact center services. Within no time, a call center will be set up and amazing benefits will be achieved.