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Emenac Call Center Services for Non Profit Organizations

Has it become essential for a not-for-profit organization (NPO) to better serve those in need by easing in contacting for them? Is there a need for effective promotion to gain donors and retain them for smooth running? Emenac’s live call center services can set a nonprofit organization ready for growth by not just gathering volunteers and donors but also in allowing the needy to contact easily and get help and let the NPO achieve its goals. Emenac serves all kinds of NPOs from those working for underprivileged students or old and sick to those working for endangered animal or plant species.


Any nonprofit organization or non-commercial organization (NCO) would need inbound or outbound call center. Following are a few of the benefits that Emenac call center services can provide to NPOs and NCOs:

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Helpdesk for Donors, Volunteers or the Needy

One of the main aspects on which an NPO or an NCO runs is the volunteers since most charitable foundations do not hire paid staff and if at all they do, the number is often very less. Hence, it is essential to maintain a good relationship with the volunteers and volunteer providing agencies which could be schools, offices or any other sort of organization. These organizations may need to call in and need queries addressed such as the time span for which volunteers are needed or the number of volunteers needed. NPOs serving animals could receive calls from zoos or sanctuaries asking for funds, food and medications or those serving the underprivileged students may receive calls from students asking for scholarships etc.

These calls have to be answered and the caller’s needs satiated or else, all associated parties will return unsatisfied and find the NPO ineffective, inefficient and unprofessional. They will be angry and will spread a bad image of the not-for-profit organization (NPO). To avoid such mishaps, NPOs can outsource their helpdesk to Emenac Call Center Services and make sure that all calls are received and all callers’ queries are addressed well. With the problems and issues heard, resolutions will be provided and the callers will be returned happy and satisfied. This will spread a good image of the NPO as the more it makes people happy, the more donors it will receive because donors always want their donations to be utilized in the best possible manner.

Business Answering Service for Donors and Volunteers

Since a non-commercial or non-profit organization relies mainly on funds, alms and charity, it is highly important for these organizations to stay in touch with their donors and partners. It is possible that these donors and partners would primarily be high ranking officials, well-to-do businesspersons, celebrities or even politicians and ministers. These busy donors will not come in just like that to give donations and will of course call in to make sure someone will be there to meet them and further the process. If no one takes up a call, a donor will be lost. These busy donors will not try again and again to find someone.

Therefore, in order to lose donors and make sure that the nonprofit institution runs well with constant inflow of donations and charitable gestures, maintaining an efficient business answering service is essential. If offshore outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services, our live answering service will serve all sorts of charitable foundations ensuring that all of their calls are taken and no important message is left untaken. This way, all callers will be efficiently dealt with in a friendly manner and welcomed to pay visits and give donations. This inbound call center service will maintain a good inflow of donations, keeping the NPO running well.

Effective Promotion of the NPO that can bring More Donors and Volunteers

With the advancement of religion, not only NPOs have sprung up to work on anti-poverty lines or towards elimination of prejudice and discrimination but also people have become interested in serving these NPOs. In order to gather volunteers or promote a noble cause such as lessening of neighborhood tensions, NPOs can make phone calls using an outbound call center. According to surveys, cold calling the prospects can be a successful strategy in promoting and gathering helpers or donors. Every nonprofit institution can use cold calling to gather funds, encourage volunteers to come forward and help.

This can be a very effective way of promoting a noble cause and gathering funds and partners and even if good results are not seen immediately, they will hit at some time since cold calling does successfully enhance positioning in the minds of people. Offshore outsourcing the outbound promotional tactics to Emenac Call Center Services can be very helpful for NPOs where our proficient and friendly agents successfully promote the NGO and its goals, attracting people to at least come and volunteer with it, if they are not willing to donate anyway. This strategy successfully brings in donors and NPO partners, growing the organization and easing it to achieve goals.

Welcome and Feedback Calls made to Donors and the Needy for Better Relationships

As donors and volunteer providing agencies partner with a charitable organization, they need comfort and satisfaction because their time, energy and money are being invested into the organization. The more they will feel comfortable with an NPO or an NCO, the more they will be encouraged to elongate the partnership and help it in any way required. In order to maintain good relations with the partners and comfort them, NPOs can lead welcome calling to not only welcome each new partner to the NPO but also inform them of upcoming fundraising events and meetings etc. so that they feel privileged, important and respected. Emenac call center services can set up a team of friendly welcome calling agents who can handle this task well for an NPO, saving the time of administration and volunteers and ensuring good relations with the partners. Those who have been helped can also be called and assured of assistance every time they will need it.

Through feedback calling, an NPO can call its partners and enquire about their experiences and satisfaction levels. For instance, volunteers can be called up and asked if they liked the way the NPO is working for certain causes or they want some change in the way tasks are carried out or volunteers were treated. Donors can be called and asked if they like the way their money is being utilized and if they are satisfied with the workings of the NPO. Those who have been helped can be called to ask how things can be bettered. Emenac offshore call center services collects all such feedback and sends it to the concerned department. As changes are made, people become more satisfied with the NPOs, a good image is spread and high donor retention is ensured with partnerships secured.

Providing Support to the Donors and the Needy via Email

Email support service can be used by an NPO to answer queries of partners, resolve any issues and clear confusions such as a medical center for the underprivileged telling about finished stock of certain medicines or less privileged students enquiring about scholarships. Emailing can also be used by the needy to ask for assistance or by the NPO to invite partners and donors to fundraising events and meetings. The main reason for the popularity of this medium is that busy people do not have to care about time and can send and check emails at any time and from anywhere from their phones, laptops, PCs or tablets. Also, it saves the conversation and history and hence, eases the communication where introductions do not have to be made again and again and things do not have to be asked and reconfirmed tie and again.

Emenac offshore call center services can handle emails 24/7 and answer them in the best possible way, satiating the needs of every partner, volunteer or party being assisted. Invitations will also be sent in the best possible manner and designed properly if demanded. This way, contact with the associated parties will be eased and as the parties find convenience, they are more likely to be left with a good image of the NPO.

Social Media Customer Support for Partners or Those in Need

By maintaining a presence on social media, a nonprofit organization can gain benefits in many ways. Firstly, it can promote its goals in various pages and on different relevant threads and invite people to give donations or volunteer. Moreover, an NPO can also monitor what is being discussed about it and make things right if needed. For instance, there is a common discussion about NPOs that they do not invest all of the money into the cause advertised and enjoy half of it for pleasure. Such negative comments can be justified and a negative image of the NPO changed into positive one. Eventually, the partners can be made comfortable with the organization. People looking for right places to find assistance, can also be invited to join the non-commercial organization (NCO).

Since social media is one of the most effective methods of communication these days, Emenac offshore call center services can help any kind of nonprofit institution with social media customer support. This would result in better positioning of the NPO in the minds of people, increased donors, better relationships with partners and increased satisfaction of partners and donors. As a result, growth and retention of donations will be achieved.

Live Chat Support

Online fundraising might not be very effective without the presence of live chat support since people these days are largely aware of internet scamming and frauds. Therefore, a nonprofit institution with a website or presence on the internet can bring in live chat services so that each website visitor can be invited to chat and asked what he/she may be searching for. They could be looking to donate to or volunteer with charitable trusts. As per the search, the website visitor can be given options for the respective NPO. As the website visitor talks to someone and asks questions up to satisfaction, trust is added and very successfully, donors, volunteers or people to be assisted are grabbed.

Emenac call center services can make online fundraising very successful by handling live chat service proficiently. Not only donors will be brought in but also volunteers will be collected successfully and returning donors will be given answers to all queries that they may need addressed for their satisfaction. People in need will be given complete assistance in regards to study scholarships, animal rescue and illnesses etc. and a good image of the NPO will be spread.

Any non-commercial organization (NCO) can contact Emenac Call Center Services and we will be ready to help. We can be contacted at any time on +1 888.909.2207 and our business development team will come to assistance. Very soon, the needed offshore contact center service will be set in place for amazing benefits to return.