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Emenac Call Center Services For Real Estate Industry

Does the real estate company require better communication with investors, renters, buyers and sellers to increase the customer-base? Is there a need for a housing society to better the positioning and ensure high satisfaction of residents? Emenac’s call center services can effectively put all communication issues to an end. Outsourcing call center services to Emenac would bring real estate companies, brokers, dealers, contractors, agents and developers a higher number of investors, renters and sellers, and hence, increased profitability. For residents, all occurring issues are heard and resolved to heighten residents’ satisfaction levels. Altogether, it makes up for a good image and hence, a larger customer-base

Real estate companies, brokers, contractors, builders, developers or any other party concerned with this business need live call centers so as to maintain effective communication with the investors. Emenac call center services can help real estate and related businesses with the following services:
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Customer Care for Interested Investors and Renters or Existing Residents

Investors looking to buy property or rental services need to be satisfied because nobody risks huge amounts of money without properly surveying and satiating all the queries. For a real estate company, it is important to allow investors to call in and seek pre-purchase advisory so that they can select the right estate and invest into it. If not given satisfactory answers to queries or not given an appreciable advice, the investors would turn to alternative real estate companies. Eventually, potential customers will be lost to competitors.

After purchasing or renting a property or an estate, investors or residents may still need assistance from the real estate company, escrow services provider, brokers, dealers, contractors, agents or developers. There could be issues such as kitchen fittings in need of repair, remaining transfer of payment from a broker and release of funds from escrow services etc. If such issues are not resolved, inconvenience will be caused to the investor and the resident will return angry. In turn, a bad company image will spread and more investors will be hesitant from dealing with the real estate business. To avoid such unwanted situations, real estate companies must essentially bring in offshore inbound call center services and make arrangements of resolving investor’s issues as soon as possible.

Emenac call center services can help real estate companies by offering investors and customers with complete pre-purchase guidance and advisory services as well as post-purchase assistance that they might need. This would help in lead generation and raising sales graphs as well as in retaining customers effectively. Hence, a strong customer-base will emerge which not only spread a good company image but also position the business better.

Answering Service for Contractors, Builders, Developers or other Business Partners

Every business needs to maintain good contact with its clients as well as potential business partners and real estate companies are no exception. Since many calls come in each day and many of them turn out to be time-wasting marketing calls, a lot of time is wasted in receiving and managing calls. Owing to the inflow of calls and workload, many callers end up in long queues eventually hanging up while business operations get disturbed too. While potential businesses may call in to start a new project which could be highly profitable, clients could call in to esquire about any developments in regards to constructions or property sales.

Emenac Call Center Services has come to help real estate industry with business answering services for 24/7 support, business hours, after hours or even for overflow call handling. Through these services, real estate companies are able to make sure that all important calls are taken, no important message is left untaken and no business opportunity is lost. Moreover, Emenac professional offshore answering services help real estate businesses get rid of all extra marking calls and make sure that only the right calls reach the right person, further saving the employees’ time and eliminating hassle from business operations.

Eased Appointment Setting for Buying and Selling of Property

After watching advertisements or TV commercials or having checked out estates, interested investors would call in to further the procedure. They may want to set appointments for further surveying of the land or constructed site, make upfront payment for purchasing or maybe finalize the deal for the property that they might be selling. The escrow services company, broker, real estate agent or any party involved here must have a helpline number where buyers and sellers can call in and set appointments or further the buying and selling processes. Absence of such a helpline number will result in loss of customers and hence, loss of profits.

Offshore outsourcing an inbound call center to Emenac Call Center Services that facilitates sales and appointments can be a good way to facilitate buyers and sellers and avoid loss of profits. Emenac Call Center Services can help real estate companies by taking calls of interested buyers, sellers or renters and fixing their appointments or noting down credit card or other details that they may wish to provide. All the information is then forwarded to the concerned authorities so that the entire matter can be reviewed. This facility enhances the customer experience and increases sales whilst making up for a professional image of the real estate company.

Effective Marketing and Promotion of Real Estate and Housing Communities

Through an offshore outbound call center, real estate businesses can have their offerings promoted through cold calling. This works effectively in reaching out to the potential buyers or renters as ads and campaigns are usually not trusted by people because they never mention the hidden charges. By talking to a real estate agent though, called prospects can ask every question up to their satisfaction. Promotions may include anything from a new housing scheme to easy installments for buying homes to lowered rents and much more. Since such promotions are impressive for people, cold calling for it can effectively increase profitability.

Emenac call center services offers live outbound call center that can promote and market real estate businesses and their offerings quite effectively. Of course, no prospect would make a huge investment on the first calls but offshore Emenac Call Center Services can ensure high generation of leads and hence, chances of growth of profitability. Cross-selling is done to meet the investor’s demand and alternative estate is sold if the property or locality asked for is not available. This way, a customer is saved. Even though large scale investments are focused on certain things and do not allow for up-selling, but if possible, Emenac Call Center Services also practices up-selling to increase profits.

Support for Investors, Renters, Sellers and Residents via Social Media

By maintaining a presence on social media, real estate companies can see that potential buyers are currently demanding and what problems they are facing when setting out to buy, sell or rent estates and properties. Their views and comments about the real estate company can also be monitored and the psyche of investors understood better.

Offshore outsourcing social media customer support to Emenac Call Center Services will result in greatly enhanced customer care services and a better relationship with the investors. Alongside this, sales and profitability will grow too. We work to contact investors in problems individually and assist them through their issues, inviting them to check out our client real estate company and put all problems to an end. Moreover, we monitor people’s comments and prevalence of any negative comments is justified so that a good company image is spread. This leaves real estate businesses with high customer satisfaction, good sales graphs and good company image.

Live Chat Support Assisting Confused Investors

For real estate companies with online presence, live chat support becomes essential because investors or interested renters looking for spaces and properties online will come up with numerous questions before they make an investment. All these questions have to be satiated or else, the website visitors will not be satisfied and they would eventually move on to alternative real estate websites. This way, potential customers will be lost to the competitors.

After purchasing or renting properties, investors may again need assistance in regards to payment processes, overflowing gutters and breaking kitchen fittings etc. These issues too need to be addressed or else, the investors would return unhappy and a bad company image will spread which will halt future sales.

To avoid angry customers and loss of customers to competitors, real estate websites can offshore outsource live chat support programs to Emenac Call Center Services where each website visitor is given complete pre-purchase to post-purchase assistance. Eventually, not only higher sales are earned but also customer loyalty and retention are increased, making up for a stronger customer-base.

Email Support for Busy Investors, Property Sellers or Business Partners

In order to make up for enhanced customer experience and save investors’ time, providing email support services is a good tool for real estate companies. Email can be used by investors to seek assistance before purchasing, in regards to during-purchase processes well as after the purchase. Since emails can be done and checked at any time easily through smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops, these make up for added convenience. In addition, emailing allows saving of histories which saves time the next time a contact is done as investor’s history is saved and things do not need to start all over again.

Emenac offshore call center services can help real estate companies with email support by checking and replying to emails satiating the needs of all property buyers and sellers. This service can be given for 24/7 as well, if demanded. With perfect replies given to the investors or sellers and no potential customer halted for time limitations, this service can ensure an improving customer experience and hence, good company image which may encourage investors largely towards the real estate setup.

Companies related to real estate in any way can contact us on +1 888.909.2207 at any time. Our business development team will be there to help them select the right services and set them up in the shortest possible time. Within no time, real estate companies will see amazing benefits coming their way.