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Emenac Call Center Services For Recreation & Leisure Industry

Is the recreation business requiring enhanced communication with cinema goers, food lovers or other potential customers for a better ranking in the leisure industry? Outsourcing call center services to Emenac can help these setups by making it easier for movie lovers to book tickets and food aficionados to order their favorite dishes or increasing clientele in any other way. Emenac Call Center Services can also work towards bettering relationships with the frequented entertainment-loving customers and making up for a loyal customer-base. This would encourage more entertainment seeking groups to hit the address and enjoy their times out. This would leave the leisurely setup with good positioning in the market and ever increasing profits.


For recreational societies and clubs, call center services and non-voice contact center facilities can be largely important. Any business that is counted under this category, from cinemas to play lands, would need some sort of offshore contact center service. Here are a few ways how Emenac Call Center Services can help recreation businesses and setups with these services:

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Customer Service

Recreational setups such as cinemas, dance and party clubs, health and fitness clubs or even golf and sporting clubs with caddy services or other facilities are likely to receive calls at large. This is so because before purchasing the tickets or paying to enjoy the recreational activity facilitated, those pumped up to enjoy the times out will want to know the charges, timings, rules and regulations and many other things. For instance, a pool facility may receive calls from interested swimmers asking for timings for men and women or maybe a luxury club with numerous facilities may get a call from a potential member asking for membership fee and monthly payment structure. Such questions have to be facilitated in order to clear the callers’ confusions away and keep the potential customers from moving on to alternative recreational facilities.

Emenac call center services can help recreational setups by providing offshore inbound call center services and improving customer experience through apt customer service. All calls are proficiently handled at Emenac with the assurance that no call remains unattended. All potential customers are given complete guidance as per their questions and service and product advocacy is led that effectively generates leads. Eventually, chances of growth of profitability also increase.

Business Live Answering Service

Recreational setups can often receive calls of business partners or clients and keeping such calls unattended is just not an option. For instance, clubs, casinos and restaurants may receive calls from food and beverage suppliers regarding delivery and refilling or maybe sports clubs could receive calls in regards to rental of recreational, sports and fitness equipment. Play lands are likely to receive calls from repair companies looking after the rides and swings. Missing one such call means one important message is left untaken and this could lead to consequences that no recreational business would want to see or face. Food and equipment supplies can end and rides may encounter problems which may even result in accidents.

In order to keep all unwanted situations away and have all important calls taken; recreational setups can outsource business answering services to Emenac Call Center Services. The team at Emenac Call Center takes care of all calls and makes sure that no important message is left untaken. All extra calls such as marketing calls that waste time, are gotten rid of in the process. Our team also makes sure that each call forwarded is a relevant one and reaches the right department, saving employees’ time and allowing for smoother business operations.

Phone Help Desk Call Center Service

After buying tickets for movies from cinemas or for rides from play lands or maybe after using any service from a sports complex, entertainment seekers may encounter various issues that they will certainly want resolved. While a moviegoer may call in to have the ticket refunded or replaced due to postponement of the movie plan, there could also be calls requiring exchanging of one ride’s tickets with those of another. Recreational service providers might also need to look into matters such as extension of time for sports equipment rental. Such issues have to be addressed or else, inconvenience is caused to the customers and they may return angry. Eventually, they would move on to other recreational businesses and not only a customer will be lost but also bad impression of the business will be made.

By offshore outsourcing helpdesk services to Emenac Call Center, recreational setups can provide complete post-purchase guidance to their recreation-loving customers and ensure high customer retention. Through Emenac live helpdesk in place, each caller’s needs would be completely satiated and our team will make sure that no caller returns unsatisfied and angry. Angry customers would be efficiently handled and calmed down and ensured about assistance. Larger issues will be reported to the concerned authorities immediately so that the issue can be reviewed and addressed. This way, each customer would be satisfied and higher customer retention will be achieved, leading towards a stronger customer-base.

Phone Order Taking

Facilitating customers with telephonic order taking for tickets of movies, rides and live concerts even reservations in dance and party clubs or a leisure center, can be an excellent option. For today’s convenient-oriented customers, this is an opportunity that would be largely praised and may as well as help in attracting more buyers. Since, people who are ready to enjoy the nights out, usually don’t prefer waiting in queues to buy tickets and get reservations done, they will prefer recreational businesses which facilitate telephonic bookings and orders. If this service is not present though, they will move on to competitors who might be offering telephonic order taking.

Offshore outsourcing the phone order taking department to Emenac Call Center Services will leave businesses with ease in taking orders and an ever increasing clientele. Along with this, Emenac order taking agents will apply successful sales skills such as cross-selling and up-selling in order to save a customer and increase profitability. Eventually, recreational businesses will be left with highly increased sales and a larger customer-base.

Marketing and Promotion

Using an offshore outbound call center, recreational setups can market their latest offerings and make reservations or sell tickets for them. For instance, cinemas can call movie lovers and advertise the latest movies or maybe more flexible movie timings and attract movie aficionados to buy tickets. Play lands, health and fitness clubs or other such facilities by cold call may prospects to introduce the latest machinery or rides. Cold calling, as per a research, can increase sales up to 300 times and hence, is largely used as a marketing strategy.

Emenac live outbound sales call center can add to promotions and advertisements and effectively promote the recreational services, bringing in more customers. This methodology would eventually leave recreational and entertainment business with increasing profitability and growing sales charts. Development and growth would then, easily come at hands.

Feedback Calling

Once a customer has visited a restaurant, casino, a play land, a cinema or any kind of recreational setup, the business can make calls and ask their recreationists for feedback and experience. This feedback can be collected and changes can be made as part of improving customer experience.

Emenac offshore live feedback calling service can bring recreational businesses with feedbacks in organized spreadsheets so that the concerned authorities can view them easily and address them. The more the services and offerings to in accordance to the needs of the customers, the higher is the customer retention and the better are the sales.

Email Customer Service 

Email support helps in saving recreationists’ or potential recreationists’ time and money and makes it easier for them to seek assistance. Emailing can be done and checked anywhere and at any time through smartphones, laptops and tablets etc., they sound more convenient to modern day people. Since emailing also allows for saving a person’s history and data, it eases out helping process each time a customer or potential buyer emails in. For recreational setups, this service can work out great in answering queries of potential buyers and even assisting the customers facing any sort of issues.

Emenac offshore call center services can handle email support services 24/7 and answer emails at all times, ensuring complete satisfaction. Through effective emailing and replying, recreational businesses can gain a larger customer-base and keep all customers encountering issues, completely satisfied. Through email support services thus, a good company image can be spread and higher company goodwill can be achieved.

Social Media Customer Support

By maintaining presence on social media, recreational businesses can see what people these days are mainly looking for and what reviews their setup is receiving. For instance, cinemas may find moviegoers discussing bad surround sound systems, even unclear screens or unavailability of a 3D screen. A leisure center may see its recreationist customers discussing how certain facility was overpriced. Such comments can be replied and customers with issues can be targeted privately and given quick responses for their issues to satisfy the customers and maintain a good image.

Emenac Call Center Services can be offshore outsourced social media customer support services so that recreational businesses can easily monitor reviews and comments about them. Any person found confused about recreational services will be targeted and promoted with services to attract and increase clientele while customers found facing problems will be contacted privately and given complete assistance. All prevalent negative comments will be justified and a negative image will be controlled from spreading. This way, a recreational business will be able to maintain a good image, a better positioning in the market and enjoy satisfied clientele.

Live Chat Support

For recreational businesses such as cinemas, art theaters, play lands, nightclubs, bars and music clubs, having a website can be a good option so that the potential recreationists can find all information online and also, an indirect promotion can be done. On the website however, a live chat support service can work wonders.

If outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services, live chat support agents will invite each website visitor to chat, enquire about his/her likings and needs and accordingly, present recreational services. Service and product advocacy will be led so that leads can be generated and chances of sales of tickets, foods orders or other provisions can be increased. Also, returning customers will be given complete assistance via live chat and high customer satisfaction ensured.

Any recreational setup looking to gain all these benefits can contact us at any time at +1 888.909.2207. Our business development team will be there for assistance and within no time, a suitable service will be started.