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Emenac Call Center Services For Telecommunication Industry

Looking for better ways to communicate with the customers and callers in regards to telecommunications services and products? Get Emenac’s outbound or inbound call center services and enjoy enhanced communication with the customers.

Outsourcing an inbound or outbound call center to Emenac will leave telecom companies with many benefits. While our live inbound call centers work greatly in enhancing customer experience and ensuring high customer loyalty and retention, outbound call centers work to promote the business and strengthen bonds with the callers. Eventually, a stronger customer-base emerges, communication becomes effective and a better image of the business is spread.

Telecommunications companies can use inbound and outbound offshore call center services and gain a number of benefits. Here are a few benefits that Emenac Call Center Services can provide to its client telecommunications companies:
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Customer Service

Buyers of any telecommunications services provider would have a number of questions to ask before making a purchase to make sure that the product or service that they are willing to buy will satiate their needs perfectly. Hence, they would call up with queries regarding packages of cell phone companies, pricing of landline phone service providers, subscription charges and longevity of VoIP service providers and durability of Bluetooth accessories or a telephone headset etc. If these questions are left unanswered, the potential buyer will remain in doubts and move on to other telecommunications services providers.

During purchase, buyers might again require assistance, which if not given, will draw the customers away. At this time, live assistance could call in to know about the process of subscribing to a voice over IP phone, validity of calling cards and possibilities of buying mobile phones being offered by a cell phone companies etc. These questions too, need to be answered or else, the customer will return with an unimpressive image of the business, finding it unprofessional and unhelpful. Eventually, they might turn to competitor telecommunications companies.

After purchase, a customer may encounter issues such as a calling card number being marked as invalid, a broken telephone headset given or maybe late delivery of telephone accessories or calling cards bought online. Such issues need to be addressed immediately or else, the customer will be left angry. Eventually, they will not prefer sticking to the telecomm business and move onto another one. This way, customer retention would be low and a bad company image will be spread too.

Emenac call center services will take care of telecommunications services providers by working towards customer satisfaction and bettering business-customer relations. Its offshore inbound call center offers complete pre-purchase, during-purchase and post-purchase customer care ensuring that leads are effectively generated and customers are convinced to purchase telecommunications products or services, increasing sales and generating higher profits. For customers returning for help, complete care is given and angry customers are aptly handled to ensure high customer retention.

Technical Support Call Center Service

For telecommunications services, technical issues are inseparable. Therefore, it is highly inevitable that the callers and customers of telecomm businesses face issues such as disconnection of networks, frequent call dropping, weak signal strength from phone service providers and malfunctioning Bluetooth accessories etc. Since these issues are ones that cannot be ignored, they need to be addressed immediately or else, the callers and customers will be left greatly aggrieved. If telecommunications services or products are not good, they become useless and a person who would have paid for them will not bare any inconvenience in regards to them. If customers are left angry, they will of course, move on to alternative telecomm businesses and this way, customers will be lost to competitors.

To keep customers from remaining angry and being lost to the competitors, outsourcing the technical support department to Emenac can help telecommunications businesses by providing their customers and callers with complete technical care over telephone. Emenac Call Center agents will provide live assistance to the callers and for bigger issues, send in reports to the concerned authorities to be reviewed and addressed. Meanwhile, the angry customer will be aptly calmed down and higher customer retention will be ensured. As problems are settled down, increased customer satisfaction is also ensured and a good company image is set to be spread.

Business Answering Service

Like all other businesses, telecommunications businesses also receive calls from clients or other businesses. While businesses may be willing to start off any joint ventures that could result in high profits, clients might be willing to enquire about their products or services being sold such as calling cards or maybe telephone answering machines. These calls cannot be ignored because if a client’s call is ignored, many important messages might be left untaken. This would eventually leave the telecomm business and its partnerships into serious consequences.

To make sure that all important calls will be taken live during business hours, after hours or 24/7, telecommunications companies can offshore outsource business answering service to Emenac Call Center Services. Emenac Call Center Services also has the capability to handle overflowing calls and make sure that no important call is left unanswered. In addition to receiving calls for the time span set up by the authoritative telecommunications business, Emenac Call Center Services also works to eliminate all extra calls such as marketing calls. All important calls are effectively transferred to the concerned departments. This way, the time of business’s employees is saved and only those calls reach them that are relevant to their designation. No extra calls are taken up and it is made sure that waiting times for each caller is as less as possible. This way, it becomes easier for telecomm businesses to soothe out business operations and save time whilst making sure that no caller is left unanswered.

Telephone Order Taking Services

For telecomm businesses that offer home deliveries or allow purchasing of products or services online, an offshore inbound order taking call center will be highly important. This is so because after watching the advertisement or the website, the interested buyers will call in to place orders for calling cards, an internet phone service, telecom tools or telephone accessories. Since convenience matters greatly to modern-day buyers and ordering over the phone sounds a good opportunity in that regard, telephonic order taking services can give an advantage over other telecom companies and draw many buyers.

However, absence of such a call center service can lead to many potential buyers turning away from the business for not finding anyone to answer and take up orders. This is why an efficient order taking setup is highly important for telecom businesses. Outsourcing the task to Emenac Call Center Services will bring telecom businesses with order taking services that would be available at all times to take up orders and forward them to the concerned department. Emenac order taking offshore agents will also work to successfully take up credit card or other confidential details, creating trust and enhancing the business-customer relationships. Eventually, all orders will be dispatched whenever possible and sales will be increased.

Outbound Telemarketing Sales

Telecommunications agencies rely heavily on large scale advertisements such as hoardings and long TV commercials. These huge investments made into advertisement will only be justified properly if additional sales techniques are applied alongside. Cold calling can be a good option here. Researches and studies have proven this technique to be highly effective in increasing sales; one that can increase profitability up to 300 times and reduce unproductive calling time up to 100%. Telecomm companies can use cold calling to promote the latest cell phone service packages, VoIP service deals, newly introduced calling cards or maybe even any discounts or features of telephone accessories.

Telecomm companies can outsource this task to Emenac Call Center Services and get cold calling highly effectively. Emenac outbound sales agents will not only market and sell products or services appreciably increasing sales but also apply sales techniques such as cross-selling and up-selling to increase profitability. This way, telecom businesses will be able to gain high profitability and position the business better on the minds of potential buyers.

Welcome and Feedback Calls

An outbound call center can also be used for welcome calling. This form of calling is made to callers or customers who have purchased a telecomm product or service for the first time. Welcome calling is done to welcome the customer to the business and give assurance that they will be given help when needed. Emenac Call Center Services offshore friendly agents can handle this task well by welcoming the customers in a way so as to strengthen the business-customer relationships and make up for increased customer loyalty.

Feedback calling is done to gather feedback from the customers who have been using the telecom products or services since some time. The collected feedback can be used to bring about changes for betterment. Emenac Call Center Services collects the feedback from the customers efficiently, by organizing it into spreadsheets and forwarding it to the concerned authorities so that it can be reviewed and changes can be made. Angry customers are given assistance immediately and calmed down efficiently. In turn, customer retention is high and so is customer satisfaction.

Social Media Customer Support

Through social media, telecommunication services providers can monitor the discussions of their customers or potential buyers. Those in need of help can be contacted privately and given help while people in confusion looking for goof telecommunication services or accessories can be drawn towards the business. Emenac social media customer support agents also work to justify any negative discussion about the business and addressed it as soon as possible, keeping a bad image of the business from spreading. This way, social media customer support can help telecom businesses increase clientele and get closer to the customers, understanding them better and providing them better.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support can help telecom businesses with websites. Those companies that are selling calling cards or different telephone headset models or any other such items online will need to provide live chat support to the website visitors. Offshore outsourcing this task to Emenac Call Center Services will leave behind an increasing clientele and highly satisfied customer-base. We invite website visitors to chat, ask about their needs and requirements and accordingly, provide them with telecommunications services or products. Cross-selling and up-selling is also practiced to increase profitability. Returning customers are also well heard and all their problems are addressed immediately.

This way, telecommunications businesses with online presence can outsource live chat support to Emenac and gain not just a growing customer-base but also increased customer satisfaction.

Email Customer Support

In today’s time, people prefer emailing before and even after shopping. Before shopping, emailing brings them answers to questions that they may want addressed and after purchasing, thy email to get any sort of support. For telecom businesses too, customers may use this method of communication to save time and considering the fact that emails can be done and checked easily anywhere through smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Emenac offshore helps customers with email support service by not just providing before purchase and after purchase support but also by saving customer’s history to ensure ease during future contact. This way customer experience is enhanced and higher customer loyalty is gained.

All telecommunications services providers can contact us at +1 888.909.2207. In a short time, Emenac business development team will develop a plan for them which will be put into effect.