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 Electricity Backup

Keeping in view, the severity of power outages in Pakistan as well as the importance of keeping call center operations absolutely unhindered, Emenac has made every possible arrangement for power backup. This helps the company run all operations smoothly and provide reliable call center services without a halt of even a slightest of moment.

We understand that the customers calling in or prospects being called do not have time to wait for power to return at the call center and therefore, to make sure that our operations successfully generate leads or provide satisfactory assistance to the customers, we create a positive image for our clients and bring higher sales and a larger clientele. While power outages are growing globally, Emenac is safe to work with as under no circumstances, we halt our operations. We also have arrangements of power back up for call centers that help us keep away other disastrous situations such as fire, away and combat with them if any occurs.

Emenac’s backup infrastructure

In all of its call centers, Emenac has power generators, UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and flywheel energy storage (FES) systems installed to ensure unhindered and uninterrupted operations at all times. Together, the three installments make up for constant power supply and reliable electricity backup plan that has not failed in our more than 10-year experience. Our backup machinery works as follows:

1: UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

Line-interactive and standby UPS are commonly used to continue usage of electrical devices in times of power outages. However, instead of saving money over its electricity backup plan, Emenac has connected electrical devices such as computers, gadgetry, internet connections and other types of machinery to on-line UPS. These types of UPS use double conversion methods by accepting AC current, rectifying it to DC to pass through rechargeable battery and then converting it back to AC. Hence, they maintain a constant flow of current even when electric supply is present. Hence, on-line UPS ensure that the virtual call center services at Emenac are not disturbed even for a second if power supply ever gets disturbed.

Line-interactive and standby UPS also work well but are not used at Emenac because they take time to begin generating electricity for the connected appliance. Even though this time span is no longer than a few milliseconds, the machinery attached would shut and this is just not acceptable to us. Hence, on-line UPS with multiple C13 and C14 terminals are what we use to supply our machinery with electricity and bring perfection to outsourced call center services.

2: Generators

Since UPS are suitable for connection with only a few devices and work only for short time span to save from interruption of electric supply, Emenac also has large engine-generators installed at its contact centers. These generators come in petrol, diesel, natural gas as well as gasoline versions. However, considering the limitation in availability of petrol and diesel in Pakistan as well as environmental concerns, Emenac has installed natural gas generators at all of its setups. According to certain reviews from professionals, natural gas-based generators have been rated as safer and more reliable options than other types of generators. Generating electricity of over 100kV and meeting the needs of our setups in terms of running IT infrastructure and machines, heating or cooling systems and ensuring perfect lighting at all times, our generators offer an unlimited run time. For each zone, a different generator has been dedicated. This leaves the company and its operations aloof from blackouts and power cuts.

3: FES (Flywheel Energy Storage)

The flywheel technology is used primarily in toys or larger applications such as rides at amusement parks or laboratories; Emenac has these installed for it managerial and administrative departments because of its low maintenance cost and high durability. Modern FES do not even require any maintenance. Yet, the installation provides constant power and is comparable to diesel generators. Keeping away risks, we have a separate electricity backup for each zone.

Emenac’s maintenance teams take good care of maintenance of all backup products avoiding all issues. Owing to all these arrangements, working with Emenac is safe and reliable. No matter what happens to electric supply anywhere, our operations run at all times. When we say that we have the capacity to offer 24/7 call center services, we really mean it. Due to our dedicated technicians and maintenance teams and a well-planned as well as well-designed electric supply infrastructure, our services remain incomparably safe and unfailing.