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10 Reasons to Start With Emenac

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
  • Minimum Threshold Taken
  • Precise & Reliable Infrastructure
  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership

ECCS Delivers Best Call Center Services by Investing Skilled Agents

Live_chatToday Emenac Call Center Services enjoys the status of being a fully equipped virtual call center offering a complete range of call center services as well as internet-based non-voice contact center services. Having been in the field since over a decade now, the company enjoys fully expert call center team, capable of handling phone answering, technical support and telemarketing services for different industries.
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Our teams of call center agents are capable to handle inbound as well as outbound services in the best possible way. The team also has the proficiency of handling various communication related software, perfecting each of its projects
If customer retention or better business-customer relations are the need, we lead in Call Center Industry.Some of the reasons why Emenac Call Center can be the first choice of businesses are:

Ongoing Efforts with Latest Call Center Technology and Training Matrices

A well-equipped “Quality Assurance Department of Emenac Call Center Services” works all times to ensure high service call quality. Live call monitoring and call recording are also facilitated. Through experience of many years, ECCS has gathered sufficient expertise in providing services exactly according to the needs of each client. For offering tailored phone answering services and outbound sales representatives, our supervisors and trainers educate them thoroughly and after training sessions, they monitor them and evaluate their performances just to make them perfect fit to your needs.

ECCS Strengthen Call Center Agents’ Training Program through Wallboard:

Boasting numerous skills and a vast experience having worked with around 30 industries, our agents have the capabilities to fulfill the needs of each client perfectly. Our business answering agents have all the business answering ethics required to answer these calls. We train our existing and newly hired agents through digital wallboards and no doubt in call center industry wall boards are great way to shore-up agents training sessions.

Onboarding Training Processes:

Businesses looking to have all important calls from corporate clients answered with a proper reception and transferred to right department can make use of our business answering services. We bring onboarding training process to get best out from our call center agents by educating them for the wide range of call handling and answering techniques and corporate policies.

Balanced Phone Answering Speed and Call Quality:

Emenac Call Center Services are designed to offer you best call quality score, so our training session are designed to educate our agents with the best possible ways to offer maintain call quality score form 1st call to the last. Trainers use wallboards, performance matrices and monitoring systems to achieve the ideal balance between answering speed and call quality while training newly hired representative.

Real Time Performance Monitoring Systems:

Emenac offers traditional call center culture and best practices, so real time monitoring systems are best aid in offering highest customer retention rate with reduced abandonment rate. To get highest conversion rate, we use real-time performance monitoring systems so that our agents should be well prepared when they take their calls.

Gamification Approaches and Clear Scheduling:

Emenac Call Center has introduced gamified tactics with the help of highly experienced call center staff and trainers to incentivize the workforce. We promote a healthy sense of competition among the agents who are working on the same projects to get best from them and improve their work efficiency. And the last but not least, honor awards, extra bounces and other type of gift segments are too best of our things which help us to get the agents hang to their work.

Emenac Call Center Services have the capacity to work 24/7 if needed and even handle urgent or overflowing calls. Highly trained agents, well-equipped call centers, complete electricity backup and well-planned seating arrangements make “Emenac Call Center Services” a perfectly reliable Call Center.

In a nutshell, Emenac Call Center Services can be said to be having the right strategy that is needed to bring success out of a business.