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 Phone System

Emenac Call Center Services uses state-of-the-art cloud technology that allows us to have local numbers with different area codes for various countries including United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Pakistan along with others. Hence, when a customer calls the respective business, the call is received at our end in Pakistan while the callers dial a number, local to them. This way, Emenac Call Center Services is able to provide call center services catering to customers of businesses in many different countries.

How the whole procedure works?

For each client, we give two options:

Using a Number that is Already in Use:

Emenac Call Center services can use a number that has already been marketed by a company or one on which, the customers are already calling up. As the customers make a call on that number, the call will be forwarded to Emenac Call Center Services through a specific setup. Therefore, whenever the customers will call on that number, the phone is going to ring at our end and the callers will never know that their call has been routed. The agents at Emenac Call Center Services will be able to take up these calls and deal with the callers.

Using a Number Provided by Emenac Call Center Services

Companies wanting Emenac Call Center Services to provide them with a number with such an area code that allows their customers to make local calls can also be entertained. To such companies, we will provide numbers which will be local to the customers but the calls will be received at our end in Pakistan. While the agents at Emenac Call Center will be dealing with the customers, the customers will not know that their call has been received outside the vicinity of their country.

How Emenac Call Center Services receives calls in Pakistan?

While Emenac Call Center Services handles call centers here in Pakistan, the customers do not have to make international calls and dial area codes or fulfill other formalities to communicate. We use a technology that allows us to use local numbers of different countries with varying area codes. The VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system allows us cloud based telephony in connection to the internet. VoIP systems can work anywhere in the world where there is facility of internet. Integrating the two systems, we are able to receive calls from all corners of the world. Hence, as the customers dial numbers which are local to them in USA, UK, Canada, Australia or any other country, the call is received at our end in Pakistan. The caller gets no feeling that the call has been routed to or received in Pakistan. Our agents at Emenac Call Center Services represent the client business on its behalf, handling the calls of customers just as they want.

How the agents at Emenac Call Center Services make outbound calls?

Emenac Call Center Services prefers using numbers local to the country where the client business is mainly operating. This is so because when a prospect or a customer is called, the number that he sees is local to him and hence, there is no hesitation in receiving a call and talking to our reps. The number that we dial is not only seen as a local number by the called prospect but is also local for our agents and we pay the price of domestic dialing for each call made.

Key Features of Phone System at Emenac Call Center Services

In order to save clients’ money and the callers’ time as well as make our phone systems compatible for all sorts of projects, we have brought in phone settings that easily serve all our clients’ needs. Here are a few of the key features of our telephone systems:

Call Forwarding or Rerouting

Call forwarding system from Emenac Call Center Services is highly advanced and well connected to computer systems. This helps is forwarding calls automatically to certain numbers that the client wants. The numbers to which we can forward calls could be of any department or extension within the office. This system helps save the call center agents’ time as well as that of the employees at the business, taking only the right calls to them.

ECCS’s call forwarding technology can also be configured to ring certain number of times before getting forwarded to another number. This saves the time of the caller as if the call is not getting received, the caller will get to talk to another agent. The phones can also be given priority for the order in which, they have to ring. All of this works greatly in making call receiving and forwarding efficient and saving time of the caller, the call center agents as well as the employees of the client.

Call Transferring

In order to satiate the needs of the caller, the agents at Emenac Call Center Services can also work to transfer calls. Each caller is asked for the concern and then, the call is transferred to the respective department or extension where the caller can find desired help. This provides effective support to each caller.

Call Recording

The Quality Assurance Department at Emenac Call Center Services works to record each call in order to ensure high service level and maintain good call quality. These calls can be sent to the client on demand. Businesses can also visit the online portal and download calls by searching them through date and time.

Toll Free Number

Toll free numbers can be easily arranged from Emenac Call Center Services. If not, the client can also provide an already available toll free number to us to use. These numbers will help rerouting the calls to anywhere nationwide while all the customers will have the same 0800 number. In order to suit the business and make it easier for customers to remember, businesses can select the0800 number according to their choice.

Auto Receptionist

An auto receptionist is not to be confused with live virtual receptionists. While virtual receptionists are live persons handling calls and other tasks on behalf of the business, an auto receptionist is a tape that welcomes the caller to the business in a delightful manner and introduced extensions for various departments. This not only adds a professional image to the business but also eases calling for the customer and makes up for good customer experience. It can be made available 24/7.


Our conferencing system is vast. Even though the main number used for telephonic conferencing is USA-based, the service can reach up to 30 different countries at a time. Conferencing can be facilitated by Emenac from a landline telephone to another and even to smartphones. At one time, around 1000 people can participate in the conference calling and this makes telephonic business conferences, professional and efficient for our client businesses.

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX or Private Branch Exchange setup is a telephonic network developed through extensions especially for use within a company. This connects a lot of telephones to the same number, which can be made to ring as per priorities, through connection with a computer. All what is needed here is an internet connection and ECCS’s virtual PBX system works wonderfully well for our clients.

These are the features that complete the phone system of Emenac Call Center Services and perfect it every way to meet the demands of modern-day businesses. All sorts of businesses can outsource their call centers and Emenac Call Center Services will provide them with excellent services leaving behind many benefits.