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10 Reasons to Start With Emenac

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Call Handling
  • 90% Service Level
  • Minimum Threshold Taken
  • Precise & Reliable Infrastructure
  • 37% growth in sales conversion
  • Proactive Quality Maintenance
  • Daily Calls' Reporting
  • 43% rise in customer retention
  • Productive leadership
 Partnership With BPO Businesses

Emenac Call Center Services facilitates call centers as well as other types of BPO businesses for handling call center or contact center services on their behalf, if for any reason, they are not able to do so. We invite partnerships with call centers which are unable to continue with any of their contact center projects due to lack of resources, closure, political turmoil or any other unwanted situation. Emenac Call Center Services can take up the project and proficiently handle it with all its expertise. The profits earned through partnerships with call centers will be shared on terms agreeable by both parties. Similarly, BPO businesses not dealing with call center or contact center services can also partner with “Emenac Call Center Services” to have their clients benefited by contact center services and to enjoy the profits earned from the project. Emenac Call Center Services will share profits earned through its partnerships with other BPO companies on terms, set during the commencement of the project.

Call centers or other BPO companies looking for such profitable partnerships can call us at any time at +1.888.909.2207