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Professional Way to Handle Inbound Calls, “No Chance to Miss Any Call Again”

ECCS brings bespoke and real time phone answering services with shortest average speed of answer to win & keep customers satisfied. Our phone answering services are designed to support Off-line, Mobile and On-line Businesses across the globe within almost every kind of industry.  Winning new customers with satisfactory experience in this battleground market is tough, but not with Emenac Call Center Services because we give our brand specialist reps freedom to treat customers in their way for better interaction and making sales.

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Urgent, Off Hour and Overflow Call Handling Services to Ensure 24/7 Business Continuity
Phone Answering to Help & Support
  • 24/7 phone answering
  • Call transferring to right person/dept.
  • Preorder/post order support
  • Overflow/call spikes handling
  • Emergency call handling

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Complete Contact Center Solutions
  • Brand Tailored phone answering
  • Toll free number
  • Local phone number to answer
  • Multichannel answering
  • Single point of contact for brands

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Something to Consider
  • Same day account activation
  • Clear communication
  • Pay as you go pricing model
  • Answering with zero wait probability
  • Skills based routing and answering

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Real Time Phone Answering to Increase Your Customer Base through Help Desk, Technical Support and Appointment Setting with Shortest ASA

Better Customer experience and Relationship depends only on the way your brand representatives behaves and deals with your visitors. Building successful customer network is the lifeline of every business but it would be awful if you separate sales team and selling department, order process management team and technical support services from each other. Because today’s customers are esthetic, autonomous and mobile, so they demand refined, fast and convenient access to information whenever and wherever they call. Hence! It’s crucial for every business to be prepared and well equipped to assist their customers with sophisticated phone answering services  just to reply every inquiry in the most specific but convenient style.

We know, it’s next to impossible for every business to handle everything on their desk especially to entertain every customer. Consequently! they have to deal with frustrated customers which transport on going communication into confrontation and affects business relationship, to top it all off when they have to deal with existing customers. Outsourcing contact centers or getting call answering services from professionals can help you out in this situation. Emenac offers hard hitting, fast, organized and to the point but convenient answering services for urgent, off-hour, overflow call handling and technical support services, let ECCS develop your marketing model for better customer interaction and identify your business phone answering parameters that can work best for you to get higher average order value.

Emenac Call Center Services are modeled and tailored according to your industry needs with no-nonsense call answering guide to script, trained agents to handle situations, skilled based call routing and automated phone answering services with organized communication to achieve higher customer rate. Our business answering services are up-to-date and revised to give your customers ever satisfied experience in this customer driven market. We bring everything in answering services to increase your customer base through help desk, technical support, order taking, billing invoices, order status checking, overflow call handling and appointment setting just to ensure 24/7 business continuity.