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Close Down for the Day? We Are Here to Handle your Afterhour Phone Calls

You can outsource your after-hour answering service to Emenac Call Center Services’. We will become a service extension of your business which operates in your customized fashion and answers all calls even when pre-opening and after-closing business hours including holidays and weekends.  Let us be your office after hour phone answering extension to help you provide your customer with the chance to contact you at their own convenience and avoid turning ripe sale prospects to your competitors.

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Tailored Phone Answering Services Throughout The Off Hours

Advanced Phone Answering Services by Call Center Agents, Tailored to your Industry Needs

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We work as your office extension! Extend your Business Hours and Get Every Call Answered
Afterhour Support Services, a Great Start to Eliminate “Missed and Unattended” Factor

After hour phone answering services are identical to 24/7 phone answering, but in the case of after-hour, customer care agents take calls on your behalf when your business is closed for the day or you are observing local holidays.

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What is the need to handle and answer after hour phone calls?

The answer is, many customers are like all of us and remain busy with their office working tasks during working hours, so they merely get time to fix their domestic issues when they are on.  After-hour or off-hour phone answering services are tailored to their needs so that customer can get through their relevant companies easily. In this way businesses can show their customers that all their customers’ calls are important whether they call in late evening hours or early morning.


Every business or industry want to Never let their customers go unattended when they try to contact them during off hours. However, most of the companies can hire only one or two support agents for handling phone calls in their off hours. And again, small companies or businesses with small setup cannot afford that extra agent too. In this condition, Emenac call center services put their phone answering services ahead and commit to answer your phone calls when you are away.


Now with our industrially skilled call center agents it’s possible for businesses to hire call answering services for required after-hours and holidays. We are always active and awake to answer on your behalf with your given details, script, technical instructions and follow ups. It’s a great opportunity to outsource your phone answering services to use because we understand the concerns businesses have for the calls which goes unattended.


Let us make your after hour, evening hours and holidays more profitable with best scripted but live person phone answering, we are committed to offer your customer best experience over phone, voice mail and live chat. Our aim is to keep you connected 24/7 through phone answering and quality support services with your customers anywhere, anytime.

“Rocking call center agents, Raving customer reviews and Reduced rates make us best in Call Center Industry”

“Emenac Call Center Services” Is Positioned To Take Your After Hour Phone Calls

No need to tie up 24/7 with office, just relax in your off hours and let us handle after hour phone calls. Yes “Emenac Call Center Services” helps you deal with your late phone calls through live phone operators who can promptly handle off-hours hours, evening and holiday phone calls, take and forward messages along with personalized greeting in professional manner.   We are always ready to work as your office extension, instead of hiring special phone operators to handle after hour phone calls or relaying on voicemails, consider “Emenac Call Center Services” to handle afterhours phone calls.

Message Taking Or Personalized Call Protocol! Our Call Center Capabilities beyond Just Answering

Outsourcing after-hour phone answering services to professionals is a Smart Approach to Scale up your business open hours. Because a live call attendant is always better than voicemail. To offer you quality answering services, we evaluated our services under four different groups:

1: Industry Specific Services
2: Setup and Billing
3: Range of Services
4: Help and Support

It’s actually easy and cost effective to contract for after-hour phone answering services because we know every next customer, callers or prospective wants to be attended and entertained with right kind of information whenever and wherever s/he needs.

Appraisal Answering Model – Flexible Agent Scalability

We offer flexible scalability of call operators to attend phone calls, you can scale up and down services of call agents to answer your phone calls, like employ more attendant in off-peak hours i.e. late in the evening, and get lesser number of call operators in late night when you expect lesser number of calls.

Call Picking Group Extensions

Forward your call to us which you can’t answer or don’t want to attend for any reason. Here every call will be answered as soon as phone rings. We utilize call picking group extension features to answer phone calls just to make sure, “none of your call get unanswered”.

Hours of Service

We are available around the clock, choose best working hours of your needs and our agents will attend calls with decided script and greeting messages in your company name. You can avail phone answering services for 24/7, but in case of after hour phone answering, services are available for evening, night and holidays.

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