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Let Us Handle Your Calls While You Tend To The Core Business During Business Hours

Outsource your business hour phone answering to Emenac Call Center Services in the hours when you’re operating and spare yourselves excessive task of inbound call flow handling. We understand the value each caller brings to a business. Our expert phone operators can take all your phone calls professionally and your working hours shall remain uninterrupted.

Virtual Office

You won’t have to empty a physical space, we will handle your inbound calls virtually

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We implement PAYG business model so you only pay for specific service you get

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Proactive QA

Silent QA monitoring ensures all your calls are being answered to mutual satisfaction

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Emenac Call Center Services offers Business Hours Phone Answering Services in a Variety of Industry Arenas

We understand that business phone answering service requirement vary industry to industry during working hours

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Advanced Cosmopolitan Phone Answering Services to Project Your Business in Industry as “CHAIRING”
Why Should You Outsource your Work-Hour Call Influx?

Imagine a usual work day. The staff is bustling in and out, running errands, tending to clients, maintaining official files, attending meetings and seeing to overall work operation. You being the business owner, are most busy one of the lot.

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Now what do you hear?

That’s your phone lines ringing at breath’s intervals. Your staff is getting over-worked and also the callers are being mal-treated. Your own-line is being flooded and you are unable to focus on the day’s agenda.

So what can you do?
Providing your callers with professional B2B and B2C Emenac Business Answering Services will take the load off your back and your call flow will be organized and dealt with carefully and exclusively exactly as you would have hoped for.

“Let us be your Company Voice”

Positive Work Atmosphere

We have shaped our work environment to accommodate international call center standards and diversely cultured workforce. We believe our employees are our brightest feature; they are responsible for entire operation’s success. They receive periodical growth and development sessions because we value the physical & mental health of the people who invest their better parts of day and night working for us. We don’t make our agents work like machines as is call centers’ cursed trend. We cherish them and that’s how we are able to maintain our low attrition rate. We care for our employees and they return the favor by constantly opting for deliverance of customer service experience of a lifetime.

Unremitting Availability

Our Business Answering services are adaptable with your schedule. If you are working around the clock, so will we and if you are working holidays and weekends, we will back you up. Your business lines will remain open and available however long you should need. Powered by Emenac Call Center Service, your customers will have unlimited access to your brand come day and night, during holidays seasons and for the whole year as per your demand.

Customer Service (Bases to Expertise)

Our agents are detailed about your entire business operation before they get to the answering desk which is why they are fully equipped to provide your clientele with 6-tier customer service. Depending on your demand we can provide specialized guidance to your customers form basic information all the way until a stage of mutual satisfaction.

Options to “Scale-Up or Scale Down” anytime

Emenac Call Center Services provide customized business answering solutions which will allow you to acquire our services as per your need. If you’d rather have us answer your inbound call overflow or emergency call inflow, we will provide exceptional service in those areas as well.

Automated System for Self-Service

For your e-commerce and other businesses that may need self-serving portals, we have updated automated tools like IVRs, and a survey afterward can be conducted for later analysis. Our automated systems are smooth and at a pace that would please the customers. We have found that although most people prefer to talk to real people, an automated system can deal with the smaller issues leaving agents to deal with the complicated ones.

By backing your phone answering service with our professional phone operators, you will never have to worry about missing even a single call.

What Makes Emenac Business Hour Call Answering Service Lead the Market?

Emenac call center service aims to provide the best answering services for your business hours by going above and beyond ordinarily accepted call center service standards. We build lasting relationships here. Depending upon your business hour answering needs we provide general customer care, tech support, order taking services, qualify sales leads and perform administrative tasks.

Emenac Call Center Services adjust to your business proportions and blend in as an extended unit of your company.

Advanced Call Center UI/UX

Emenac has an interface that is well-capable of attending to companies from various industrial backgrounds. We ensure that our interface is of compelling style yet user friendly, easily navigate able and flows smoothly as to provide the constant exceptional customer service that will outshine your competition and earn you loyal customers.

Professional Call Handling

Emenac Call Center Services have experienced and invested agents answering you’re your calls. Our agents are trained before-hand and on desk to keep them on the same page with the current trends in the industry they are assigned to. Nonprofessional call recipients can botch the sales and lose clients by adopting the wrong approach or having a bad attitude but we ensure that our agents are performing well enough to score only goodwill about your brand.

High-Tech Equipment

Emenac Call Center Services deploys the best resources for their call handling, because we prosper through exceptional phone answering. As a business entrepreneur your contact system isn’t your top priority which is why it should be handed-over to us because we have the perfect system who will implement seamless contact strategy.

Live Monitoring

All good customer contact centers have a quality assurance system in place. They record the call to check agent’s performance but they also monitor those calls live as to discern the quality of service being deliver. Our silent live monitoring system is stealthy and yields results that we can offer the concerned company in case they wish to run personal analysis.

Sequential FAQs & Personalized Greetings

We can keep an automated answer list of Frequently Asked Questions, for customers to gain a basic understanding before they reach an agent who will greet as them as initially scripted. A personalized greeting will establish a trusting and informal aura that most clients appreciate.

85% Agent Occupancy

Our professional and expert agents are always available for  customer support provision during their shift, and to compensate their breaks we add more agents to cater that shift. We understand that sometimes agents are showing availability and still not answer so we have our own occupancy formula that only takes into accounts for the time an agent spend answering calls and we hire enough agents to ensure no one is being over-worked.

Emenac Call Center Services Works to Make your Support Services “Picture Perfect”

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