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Emenac Offshore Live Answering Service For Ecommerce Industry

Is the ecommerce website not being able to take up calls of corporate clients? Are the calls of clients being missed out too often and business relations straining? Offshore outsource live answering services to Emenac Call Center Services and we will work to take up calls from business clients for the entire span demanded. In addition, we also work to eliminate extra calls such as marketing calls and forwarding the calls to the right departments, saving time of the business’s employees and management.

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Why an ecommerce store needs an offshore live answering service and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

Offshore live answering services can help every ecommerce business in many different ways. The services being offered by Emenac Call Center Services include:

Business Hours Answering Service

An ecommerce website is highly likely to receive calls from corporate clients during business hours because more business-to-business interactions and transactions take place during the formal business hours. Therefore, this is the time when a lot of clients might be calling up to have their issues addressed, orders completed or confirmations made. However, during business hours, the management and employees of any ecommerce store would be highly busy with core tasks and taking up calls time and again might disturb their tasks and reduce the performance and productivity. Yet, ignoring the calls of the clients is not a good option, any ecommerce business can afford.

In order to maintain good relations with the corporate clients by taking up all their calls satiating all their needs, stores online can offshore outsource live phone answering services to Emenac Call Center Services. This is how Emenac Call Center Services will help:

1. Our offshore agents will handle all incoming calls and look into the issues of each caller, satiating their needs perfectly.

2. Emenac Call Center Services not only takes up calls but also transfers them to the right department so that the employees only get to receive relevant calls and do not have to waste time on extra calls.

3. To makes things even easier, the offshore agents at Emenac Call Center Services also work to eliminate all extra calls such as marketing calls.

4. In turn, no corporate client is left unattended and yet, all core tasks are completed in the best of manner.

After Hours Answering Service

Since stores online can be visited at any time of the day, the corporate clients might feel free to call in at any time that they browse the store, to find details of the products and services on sale. Missing out such calls means missing out big business because corporate clients can be very profitable indeed as they make big orders or form long term relations. For instance, a client may call in to order internet connection for the whole office building or maybe furniture for certain department of a corporation. Since people are busy during business hours, they may prefer calling after business hours and this is the time when neither management nor employees will be available to take up calls.

To keep such calls from being missed and losing profits as well as clients to the competitors, online shopping sites can offshore outsource a live call answering service to Emenac Call Center Services. The following benefits will be achieved:

1. Our offshore agents will work after hours to take up calls of the corporate clients, answering all their questions and queries and satisfying all their needs.

2. The offshore agents at Emenac Call Center Services will take up all the important messages and forward them to the right person as soon as the business resumes.

3. This way, all clients will be properly dealt with and good relationships will form within the business world.

24×7 Answering Service

Like all other websites on the internet, online shopping sites can also be visited by people at any time. As a corporate client would visit a site, he/she would want to call up the ecommerce business and make further enquiry. Missing out such calls is just not an option for any online store or else, the client as well as the profits will be lost to the competitor businesses. In order to survive in today’s highly competitive ecommerce business world, online businesses have to keep up with incoming calls at all times, ensuring that no chances of making sales are missed out.

For 24/7 phone answering services, online businesses can outsource the task of taking incoming calls to Emenac Call Center Services. We will work for corporate clients in the following manner:

1. An offshore team will be set up to work in different shifts so that the same agents do not have to work continuously. This would ensure high productivity and care for our employees

2. During business hours as well as after hours, the management or employees will not have to worry about taking up calls of corporate clients

3. The offshore agents at Emenac Call Center Services will forward the calls to the right department whenever possible

4. All extra calls such as marketing calls will be eliminated from the trunks so that no clients have to wait in queues for very long

Dedicated Virtual Receptionist

The employees as well as management of an ecommerce business would have numerous side tasks along with the core tasks. The most important of these side tasks, one that can never be ignored, are taking calls of the corporate clients. Missing out these calls means missing out chances of sales. Also, if corporate clients are left unattended, they may return aggrieved and hence, the relationships with clients may become strained. Other important side tasks could include completing databases or making spreadsheets for orders made by the clients etc. All of these tasks require special attention but owing to the pressure from core tasks, management and employees of stores online might not be able to give the attention  needed.

In such times, online shopping sites can offshore outsource virtual answering service to Emenac Call Center Services. Our virtual assistants will:

1. Take up calls of the corporate clients and forward them to the right departments for the entire time span that they will be required to

2. Complete all side tasks such as completing spreadsheets or handling the documentation

3. Eliminate all extra calls or marketing calls so that trunks are kept free for the important calls

4. Take messages from the calls taken after business hours and forward them to the concerned parties as the business resumes

Urgent Call Handling

An ecommerce store might often receive calls from corporate clients that need to be handled urgently. Ignoring such calls or refusing to assist a client on urgent basis may cause the business relations to strain. Eventually, the corporate client will move on to alternative online shopping sites and this way clients will be lost to competitors and things may begin to fall in jeopardy. Calls may come in for issues such as immediate need for an internet connection at an office or urgent delivery of kitchen appliances to a restaurant, etc. Such calls have to be entertained or else, an online business might not be able to develop in the right manner.

To avoid such mishaps, online business can offshore outsource phone answering service for urgent call handling to Emenac Call Center Services. We will help online shopping sites in the following manner:

1. Taking up calls when the employees and management of the online shopping site will be too busy to handle them and entertain the caller in the best possible manner

2. All issues will be noted and forwarded to the right person at the right time or calls will be forwarded so that the employees only take up calls relevant to them

3. All tasks will be done on behalf of the employees or management that or agents will be able to do and issues that will need urgent call handling will be entertained in times, as less as possible

Overflow Call Handling

At many instants, online shopping sites might receive a call volume, higher than normal. In such times, the lines might get too busy and most callers will end up waiting in queues. Such callers will eventually hang-up and return angry. Corporate clients cannot be given such a treatment because it would only turn them off. To handle overflowing calls in the best possible way without missing out any important calls or messages, online businesses can outsource business answering service for overflowing calls to Emenac Call Center Services. We will:

1. Eliminate all extra calls such as marking calls to keep trunks free and allow the highest number of calls at a time

2. Forward calls to the right departments so that a trunk does not stay busy for very long

3. Provide first call resolutions to each caller and take down issues that cannot be resolved immediately so that the caller can be called back with a solution and lines are not kept busy for too long

All stores online looking to gain these benefits can call us right away at +1 888.909.2207 and our business development team will come for assistance.