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Emenac Offshore Business Answering Service For Online Apparel Stores

Does it sound impossible to get incoming phone calls handled such that only the right calls reach the desk and all extra ones are eliminated? Get professional phone answering service from Emenac Call Center Services and have all important calls taken and forwarded to the right department in time.

Emenac Call Center Services can provide online apparel business with answering services to provide assistance to customers in need and take important messages from the clients whilst directing all calls to the right department. This would leave the callers largely delighted and hence, customer loyalty and retention will increase.

How Emenac Call Center Services helps apparel industry with phone answering services?

Business Hours Answering Service

During business hours, call volumes are high. For an apparel website, there could be calls of clients looking for apparel wholesale or existing customers facing problems with the delivered apparel. Marketing calls that waste a lot of time are also part of the call volume. To ensure that all extra calls are eliminated and only the ones from clients and customers are taken and forwarded to the concerned department, Emenac’s offshore business hour phone answering service can be set in place.

Our offshore call agents ensure that no calls are missed and forwarded to the right department. Hence, no chances for a new business deal are missed. As the call is transferred to the right department, the problems of existing customers such as delivery of wrong colored apparel or wrong size or maybe late delivery will be addressed, high customer satisfaction and retention will be achieved. Eventually, sales will be high and profitability will be appreciable.

After Hours Answering Service

Since online apparel stores are open to website visitors at all times and not limited to business hours, shutting down answering services after business hours means that a lot of potential customers will be ignored and sales will be lost. Also, an existing customer can call in at any time to enquire more about the bought dresses or get assistance in regards to late delivery of dresses, wrong sizes of women or men footwear delivered or wrong color of kids apparel delivered etc. These issues must be addressed or else, customers will not be retained and a bad company image will spread. Emenac’s after hours offshore call center can help. Not responding to the potential buyers after business-hours means losing chances to earn profits once the business has closed. To keep sales going, offshore outsourcing after hours answering services to Emenac Call Center Services can help.

Emenac’s offshore agents are proficient with eliminating all extra calls and dealing with the clients or customers in the best possible manner to increase customer retention level ensure good relations with the customers. Our offshore agents reroute all calls to the concerned department also saving time of the business’s management and employees.

24/7 Answering Services

Existing customers of apparel websites may need to call in regards to problems occurring with any apparel accessories they might have bought from the online apparel store. Problems could be in regards to late delivery, wrong color of dresses delivered or maybe even plus size apparel delivered in place of medium or small size. Such issues would not necessarily occur during business hours and whenever they do occur, they need to be addressed immediately. If a potential buyer watches the advertisement of an online apparel store finds jewelry, dresses, shoes or bags of interest, he would sure make a call to enquire more about the products, pricing, sizes, colors etc. If these questions are not answered, the buyer may move to alternative apparel websites to shop on. Eventually, customers will be lost and all the money invested into online or offline advertisements will go wasted. An opportunity may also come in from a client regarding shopping wholesale apparel while the business might not be operating.

If Emenac Call Center Services comes to handle 24 hour professional answering services, no employee or manager will need to run to the phone again and again and will get only the appropriate call. Our offshore agents will efficiently divert calls to the right departments. Hence neither a sale would be lost nor any customer or client be left unattended. Hence, all business opportunities coming in will be addressed, every potential buyer calling in will be converted into a lead and a customer service will be provided 24/7, ensuring that all customers are happy. In turn, there will be high customer retention and increasing profitability.

Virtual Receptionist

Mostly females, virtual receptionists can take up calls of potential buyers, clients and customers of online apparel stores as well as their clients and existing customers and tackle with their issues. Offshore outsourcing a virtual receptionist service to Emenac Call Center Services would bring friendly receptionists who could take up calls and address issues such as angry customers who may not have received the ordered apparel or might have received the wrong dress. If there is a bigger issue, calls of customers are forwarded to the concerned department for further assistance. Our offshore receptionists can also take up important messages from the clients and forward them to the concerned authorities to be reviewed. Leads can be generated too in case of calls coming in for general FAQs.

These receptionists can be set up for any time span each month. Hiring Emenac offshore virtual receptionists to answer calls is a cost effective way to getting all calls handled well whilst eliminating extra calls such as marketing calls.

Urgent Call Handling

An online apparel business may receive calls that could need urgent handling. These calls could be from clients looking to buy dresses or accessories in bulk or to introduce the new stock onto the website as soon as possible. An urgent call may also be from an angry customer who might have received a torn out outfit, wrong size or maybe not received the ordered apparel at all. To handle all such issues, a virtual answering service should be set up. If this urgent call handling service is not in place, clients may turn the business deal to alternative apparel websites and the customers will return angry, spreading bad image of the business.

Offshore outsourcing urgent live answering services to Emenac Call Center Services will result in all angry customers professionally dealt with, ensured of complete assistance and increased customer retention. Emenac’s offshore agents would also ensure that no client returns unanswered and forward all calls to the concerned departments to be reviewed. Thus, the entire process will be smoothed out and customers as well clients will be returned happy and satisfied.

Overflow Call Handling

At various times of the year, call overflow is possible for online apparel stores such as Christmas holiday or summer holidays. During such times, while the clients of an online apparel busies may call in to have their latest apparel collections introduced to the website soon, potential buyers would call in largely to buy apparel and apparel accessories for vacationing or festivity. Customers may also call in to have any problems such as late delivery of apparel addressed because in such busy times, these mishaps are possible. Of course, with all this, marketing calls will also make their way with exciting deals and offers and these would need to be eliminated or else, a lot of time will go wasted.

Emenac’s live answering service for overflow call handling can work to eliminate all time wasting calls whilst forwarding the important ones to the right department. Also, our team of offshore agents can organize each client’s query in a database to be reviewed by the concerned authorities easily. At the same time, aggrieved customers will be satiated and assured that their problem will be addressed and solved soon. Eventually customer retention, increased profitability and a good positioning in the market will all be achieved. To avail our call center services call us now at +1 888.909.2207