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Emenac Offshore Live Person Answering Service For Beauty & Personal Care Websites

Are the customers of beauty and personal care products or services returning unhappy and breaking away to competitor businesses very often? Offshore outsource live answering service to Emenac Call Center Services and have all calls taken and directed to the concerned authorities.

This will leave all callers well dealt with and their needs perfectly satiated. Eventually, the beauty and care business will lose no customer or sale to competitor businesses, a good company image will be created and profitability will be high.


How Emenac’s live phone answering services are helpful for online beauty supply stores?

Business Hours Answering Service
Online retailers of beauty supplies or offline beauty services providers with websites such as spas and tattoo artists etc. may receive a lot of calls during business hours. The calls made to online sellers of hair products, beauty products and makeup products as well as the offline beauty and care businesses with website are more likely to receive calls from interested buyers browsing through the website. However, calls may also come from clients enquiring about product supply, remaining stock of beauty products and other aspects. Unavailability to take up these calls may result in loss of sales and straining trust of the clients. However, this is possible during business hours as there is a lot of work to do.

Hence, to ensure that all calls are taken and no chances for a sale are missed, live answering services can be offshore outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services. This way, beauty and care businesses will have all extra calls eliminated and the important ones, directed straight to the respective department. As a result, all callers will be returned happy and satisfied and a good company image will spread.

After Hours Answering Service

Online or offline, a beauty and care business can receive calls after business hours. This is so because during business hours, many people are busy and unable to make calls to beauty salons or tattoo artists to take appointments or browse through online beauty supplies stores to purchase personal care products. Hence, for after hours, a live call answering service must be set up so that calls can be attended even if the business is not operating.

Offshore outsourcing after hours answering services to Emenac Call Center Services will leave beauty and care businesses with all calls attended and forwarded to the right department. Hence, all customers given care ad assistance that they might have needed. For instance, a bought beauty product did not reach home or the wrong color of foundation was delivered. Also, customers of offline personal care businesses seeking another appointment to further the beauty treatment will be tackled with. New customers looking for an appointment or personal care product will also be entertained. This no sale will be missed, profits will be high and customer retention will be achieved.

24/7 Answering Services

Online beauty supplies stores or websites of beauty service providers can receive calls at any time since their viewership over the internet is not limited to any time span. Hence, a call may come in at any time. If the business is working globally, chances are even high that calls may flow in 24/7. These could be from customers facing problems with the beauty supplies bought or from potential buyers looking for the right body wash or concealer. Missing out such calls means that the customers’ problems will not be dealt with and they will be left unsatisfied. Also, the chances of making a sale will be missed a d profitability would not be appreciable.

To avoid such situations, it is preferable to offshore outsource 24 hour answering service to Emenac Call Center Services. Our offshore call center agents will make sure that no calls are missed and each caller is handled in the least possible time so that waiting times for other callers are short. The call center agents will divert the calls to the right departments, leading all callers to getting the best possible assistance. These services would leave the beauty and care business with increased customer loyalty and a better positioning in the market.

A Dedicated Virtual Receptionist

Beauty and care businesses with online presence are likely to receive calls which the employees and management is not able to take up. To avoid missing out on calls of potential buyers and losing sales or returning existing customers annoyed without any post-sale support given, a live virtual receptionist can be hired.

Getting a live friendly virtual receptionist from Emenac Call Center Services will help online as well as offline beauty and care businesses not only have their calls taken up but also many other tasks done. As our virtual receptionists receive calls and forward them to the right department. They may also handle tasks such as documenting the customers’ problems, the most asked for products by potential buyers and the appointments taken for spas and salon. This would greatly ease lives of business management and leave the personal care business with increasing sales and a loyal clientele.

Urgent Call Handling

Beauty and care service providers with websites may receive urgent calls from customers. Such calls can relate to situations where a salon or spa customer faces continued skin issues, irritations or reactions to any treatment taken. In such cases, the calls have to taken and the customer has to be assisted or else they will return unhappy. Eventually, a bad image of the business will spread and new customers will be hesitant in joining it.

To avoid such mishaps and ensure that all important calls are taken and urgently handled, offshore outsourcing live urgent call handling to Emenac Call Center Services can help. Our live offshore agents will take up all calls, eliminate the unimportant ones such as marketing calls and divert the important ones to the right department. This will help the beauty and care business management and employees save their time by not needing to rush to the phone again and again and getting only the call that is appropriate. Customers will also be satisfied and hence, customer loyalty and retention will grow.

Overflow Call Handling

Overflowing calls can be one situation faced by online and offline beauty and car business. These could be in cases such as wedding seasons when manicures, pedicures and make-overs are highly required or maybe seasons in which skin care problems are high and people want to buy beauty products. Not being able to pick up such calls means losing sales.

Beauty and care businesses facing such issues can outsource overflow call handling services to Emenac Call Center Services and have all their calls well received and directed to the right department. Eventually, no call will be missed and sales and appointments will be high. This will result in a good impression of the business and of course, increasing profitability. Call us now at +1.888.909.2207 and avail our offshore call center services.