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Emenac Offshore Live Answering Service For Home & Office Decor Websites

Is the online home and décor business calling for a more efficient system to make sure that all calls are taken and no unwanted calls reach the employees or management? Emenac’s virtual telephone answering service is the solution.

By offshore outsourcing a live operator answering service to Emenac Call Center Services, home décor and interior websites can make sure that all their calls are taken, all callers are satisfied and those who have issues that only certain departments can handle, will be directed to the respective department. This will ensure that the needs of all callers are well satiated and not only good business relations are formed but also a strong customer base is made.


Why online décor businesses need assistance of answering service companies and how Emenac Call Center Services helps in this regard?

Business Hours Answering Service

Since most B2B dealings are made during business hours, it is inevitable for home décor and interior websites to be receiving calls from clients or interested business partners during business hours. These calls could be from a business in regards to introducing new furniture range on the website or maybe from a business interested in partnering to sell bedding sets. There could also be calls from the clients enquiring if the bathroom accessories and appliances have been stocked on the website. A client could also be willing to find out the status of sales of his furniture or décor items from the website. A live telephone answering service can also be used to answer FAQs of customers for problems they might be facing or potential buyers looking to purchase home décor items.

Answering such FAQs time and again can waste a lot of time. Emenac’s offshore business phone answering service would take up all such calls and answer the FAQs, saving time at the end of online home and décor business whilst making sure that no business opportunity is missed. For bigger issues, calls are forwarded to the concerned department. This way, only useful calls reach the business and all extra ones are eliminated. Emenac also rescues online home décor businesses from losing sales opportunities and leaving customers angry. Eventually, a stronger customer-base emerges and profitability grows smoothly.

After Hours Answering Service

Home improvement companies and contractors with online presence can receive calls from clients at any time. While business dealings are unlikely to go after business hours, there could be situations such as suddenly increasing demand of home safety and security systems which might lead these systems to go out of stock. After business hours, it is also possible that a potential business partner calls in with a business deal which could help in expanding the business such as increasing the furniture range on the website. Customers may also end up calling in regards to any problems they might have faced with late delivery of ordered products, wrong color delivered of the bedding sets or maybe even wrong billing which might not have included a pre-told discount. Alongside this, a potential buyer may also call in since people do not usually shop during business hours.

Missing out such opportunities is not a good idea for home décor and interior websites as not only sales and business opportunities will be lost but also customers and clients will return unsatisfied. By offshore outsourcing after hour answering service to Emenac Call Ceneter Services, an online interior business can make sure that no such call is missed and all important messages are taken and forwarded to the right department. Any incoming unwanted call such as marketing calls will be eliminated too. Thus, even when the business remains closed, sales and business expansion don’t.

24/7 Answering Service

Since a website can be visited at any time, it is highly possible that home décor and interior websites can receive calls 24/7. These calls could be from clients seeking information and updates about their products introduced onto the website or enquiring about the availability of their stock which might need to be refilled. Customers seeking assistance regarding installation of the newly delivered study table or interested buyers looking to place orders telephonically may also call in. Missing out on such calls that not only important messages from the clients are left untaken but also customers seeking assistance will be left unsatisfied. Moreover, sales will be lost.

To make sure that no sales are lost even when the business is closed, 24 hour professional answering services can be offshore outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services. Since it is not possible for décor business staff and management to stick around phones at all times, an offshore 24 hour phone answering service can be put to use. This would make sure that without the management and employees needing to answer calls, at all times, no customer, potential buyer or client is left unanswered and all calls are transferred to the right departments as soon as possible. Eventually customer experience will be enhanced, good relationships will form into the business world and sales will not be missed.

Virtual Receptionist

To offshore outsource the phone answering service to Emenac’s virtual receptionists means that home improvement companies and contractors will not only be able to ensure that the calls of their customers, clients and potential buyers are always taken but also that the side tasks will be completed. For instance, if a customer calls in to complain that the ordered furniture has not been delivered at a time when the business has closed, the complaint will be organized in a spreadsheet and forwarded to the right department whenever the business resumes.

Hence, Emenac’s offshore virtual receptionist services help in taking up calls for whatever the time span they are made to work and with that, handle the side tasks that come along. This way, much time saving is done on the business’s part while all callers are kept satisfied.

Urgent Call Handling

An online home décor and interior website may receive calls which need to be handled urgently. These could be calls such as a customer requiring for immediate assistance for having broken a new lamp or installation of the new cooking range before the arrival of guests. Clients may also call in for situations such as informing of the end of stock of bedding sets or water filters which cannot be reintroduced on the website anytime soon.

For such situations, an offshore urgent virtual ansering service is required and Emenac Call Center Services can deliver the very best with it. Our offshore call center reps can make sure that they handle each caller in the best possible way, forwarding all situations to the concerned departments as soon as possible to get reviewed and addressed. With this proactive urgent call handling system, online home improvement stores can benefit greatly.

Overflow Call Handling

For an online business of home improvement, overflowing calls can be another disturbing situation. This could arise at various times during shortage of certain products or when the seasons are changing and people are increasingly looking to change the interiors of their homes or workplaces. However, in regards to these issues, it is not only the potential buyers who are expected to call but also clients who may have issues concerning shortage of furniture or décor items.

To look into such matters efficiently and make sure that no calls remain untaken, Emenac’s efficient overflow live answering service can help. This would make sure that no calls are ignored and that all callers have been completely satiated. Eventually, a good customer base will form, customer retention will grow, profits will increase and relationships with the business partners will better too.

All online home décor and interior design businesses looking for these services can call us at +1.888.909.2207 and enjoy endless benefits.

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