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Emenac Offshore Live Person Answreing Service For Online Real Estate Dealers

Are calls of corporate clients being missed time and again and the clients returning unhappy with an online realtor? Is the real estate services website unable to handle calls, call transfer and side tasks along with numerous core tasks? Offshore outsourcing a live answering service to Emenac Call Center Services can help take up calls at all times, transfer them to the right departments and eliminate extra calls such as marketing calls. This would cleanse and soothe out the calling process for corporate clients whilst satiating their needs perfectly and making up for good relations between an online realtor and its clients.


Why an online realtor or real estate agency needs a live operator answering service and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

Emenac Call Center Services serves every kind of online real estate agency offering the following live answering services:

Business Hours Answering Service

For an online real estate company, it is highly possible to receive calls from corporate investors for buying, renting or selling during business hours. Since it is during business hours that most corporate parties prefer making their official dealings, business hours can be busy in terms of phone calls that an online real estate marketplace may receive. These calls could be about important issues such as a business party wanting to meet up with a realtor to show the new office building to the bosses, finding out the progress at the developers’ end or maybe enquiring for money transfer from the broker. If these calls are left unattended and the callers not dealt with, the corporate clients will return largely disappointed. This will give the realtor website a very bad image and hold other clients from joining it.

While it can be really difficult for the workforce or the management to look after phone calls during business hours when numerous core tasks have to be completed, the task can be outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services. Our offshore call center agents take up calls all through the business hours taking up important messages and transferring calls to the right department. This way, the employees’ time is saved as they get to handle only the relevant call. Emenac offshore Call Center Services also works to discourage extra calls such as marketing calls and provide an unparalleled telephone answering service to a realtor website.

After Hours Answering Service

Oftentimes, dealings regarding property buying, renting and selling are a private affair or a task that needs to be kept away from business operations. Hence, business parties are not able to call up an online real estate marketplace during business hours. The matter that needs to be discussed however could be important such as enquiry about the ways offered for money transfer by a broker, signing up with contractors or wanting to give a green signal to the developers to start developing the property. In such cases, corporate clients of a real estate agency website would call up after business hours. These calls have to be efficiently dealt with or else, the investing corporations might be returned aggrieved. As a result, company goodwill would fall.

To avoid staining relationships within the business world and a reducing clientele, a real estate services website can offshore outsource that task of handling business phone calls to Emenac Call Center Services. We offer an affordable offshore phone answering service that helps online realtors with taking of business calls after business hours, when the business would be closed. Hence, even when the management or employees will not be available to take up calls, no caller would be left unattended and all important messages will be taken at all times. As soon as the business resumes, all important messages will be forwarded to the respective departments and the lives of workforce at a real estate services website will be eased.

24/7 Answering Service

Many a time, corporate investors may call an online real estate marketplace at a time convenient to them. This is especially true for a realtor website catering to corporate clients in various time zones or working globally. Hence, in order to meet all time zones and cater to business calls from all the areas served, 24 hour professional answering services become largely essential. While the corporate clients could have important issues to be addressed such as finding out the developers’ rates, confirming the buying of an office space or maybe ordering release of money from escrow services, the workforce of the online real estate business might not be available 24/7 to take up calls. Of course, no employee or manager can be set to look after phone calls 24/7 but yet, there is no excuse acceptable for missing out business calls and gathering problems along with straining business relations.

All such worries can be sidelined by offshore outsourcing virtual 24 hour telephone answering service to Emenac Call Center Services. Emenac Call Center Services sets offshore agents to work in specified shifts and is thus able to take up calls 24/7. Partnering with us, no online realtor will be missing out business calls or any important messages. As a result, corporate clients will be proficiently dealt with. All throughout, the calls will be forwarded to right departments whenever possible and corporate clients all around the world will be entertained whenever they call up. This would grow company goodwill and enhance relations with business clients.

Dedicated Virtual Receptionist

An online real estate agency website will need a lot of tasks done that the employees and management may find hard to do along with core tasks. One such task is taking up calls of corporate clients all day long, transferring them to the right departments and addressing the clients’ issues. Another painstaking matter could be side tasks such as enlisting the renters, sellers and buyers under different headings, creating spreadsheets regarding money transfer as well as other kinds of managerial or administrative task. While there is no way that calls of corporate clients are ignored, side tasks too cannot be avoided because they may seem small but are very important. Not doing such tasks can leave an online realtor with serious problems.

To get all side tasks done with perfection and business calls taken and transferred properly without wasting the time of employees and management, a real estate services website can outsource virtual telephone answering services to Emenac Call Center Services. This would provide the online real estate business with a dedicated virtual receptionist who will take up all calls with great proficiency and transfer the calls or the messages taken, to the right departments. Alongside this, our virtual receptionist would also complete all side tasks leaving the workforce and management at peace.

Urgent Call Handling

It is possible for a real estate services website to receive calls from corporate clients which need to be handled on urgent basis. This could be finding the client an office space as soon as possible or maybe transferring the money through escrow services in least possible time as the other party might need money urgently. There could be many other cases that need to be handled urgently. If the online realtor business does not deal with such calls or fails to entertain the corporate client, the relationships within the business world might end up straining. Corporate clients have to be taken good care of and the relationship with them has to be maintained well or else, company goodwill can lower easily. Such situations need to be avoided.

In order to ease down the process of urgent call handling, any online realtor can outsource live answering services for urgent call handling to Emenac Call Center Services. Out offshore call center agents will handle the calls in the best possible manner, direct them to the right departments and make up for increase client satisfaction. This would leave the real estate services website with enhanced business-business relationships and increased company goodwill.

Overflow Call Handling

For emergency cases such as overflowing calls, arrangements must be made or else, an online realtor business can face severe problems if calls begin overflowing. While many calls will be taken, many of the corporate clients will be left unattended. On the other hand, corporate clients that will be needed to be followed will not be followed because the lines will be too busy and as a result, their issues will be processed half way through and then halted. This will aggrieve the corporate clients badly.

To avoid such mishaps, a real estate agency website could outsource a telephone answering service for overflowing calls to Emenac Call Center Services. We have large inbound call center setups and numerous agents who can handle such issues easily and make sure that each incoming call is handled well and that no corporate client is left unattended or unsatisfied.

Eventually, all clients will be returned happy and satisfied. Any real estate services website can take up these services from Emenac Call Center Services. Those interested can call us at any time on +1.888.909.2207. Our business development team will be there to entertain the caller and further the process.