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Emenac Offshore Live Person Answering Service For Transportation, Travel & Tourism Related Websites

Does the online travel or courier business need proper handling of business calls for professional receiving and proficient forwarding to the right departments? Offshore outsourcing a virtual phone answering call center to Emenac Call Center Services will remain largely beneficial in this regard. Our offshore agents are trained to not only welcome the corporate clients, professionally but also forward call to the right departments efficiently and eliminate all extra calls such as marketing calls. This would leave online transportation and travel businesses with good business-business relations and a professional image amongst the corporate clients.


Why online transportation, travel and tourism businesses would need live answering services and how Emenac Call Center Services can help?

Live answering services are often initiated to handle calls from the corporate clients or any kind business calls. Since the employees and management of a business are short of time and cannot concentrate on receiving calls, this task is usually outsourced. For online transportation, travel and tourism businesses, Emenac Call Center Services deals in:

• Online Travel Agencies and Travel Booking Sites

• Public Transportation Companies          • Courier and Cargo           • Air Travel Services

• Car Rental Services                           • Hotels and Resorts          • Cruise Ships

Following are the types of business answering services offered by Emenac Call Center Services to travel booking sites:

Business Hours Answering Service

Online travel and cargo businesses are likely to receive a good call volume during business hours because most of the businesses-businesses communication takes place during this time. Since all sorts of related businesses are likely to be looking into their tasks during business hours, they are likely to call up travel and transportation businesses during the same time span. For instance, an airline ready to leave the airport will call all partner courier post companies to ensure that their supply has been sent. Or maybe, receptions of hotels may call travel booking sites to confirm about their reservations. Such calls have to be taken or else, the corporate clients will return angry and an unprofessional image of the online travel company will be made.

To make the process easier, business hours live answering service can be offshore outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services. Our offshore call center agents will take up all calls ensuring that no corporate client remains unanswered and that no important message is left from being taken. Only the right calls will be directed to the right department so that the time of employees and management is saved and the caller is rightly treated. We also work to eliminate extra calls such as marketing calls, cleansing the calls.

After Hours Answering Service

Many a time, online travel and courier companies may receive calls from corporate clients after business hours. This is likely because during business hours, people are usually busy with core tasks and cannot manage to make calls around. These calls may be in regards to confirmation of courier to be sent the next day, party buses to be made ready for any upcoming event or number of guests reserved for certain hotels or resorts etc. Since missing out on these calls is not an option, live answering services for after hour support can be offshore outsourced to Emenac Call Center Services.

Emenac Call Center Services will take up calls all through the time for which, the online travel and transport business will remain closed. This way, no important call will be missed and the corporate client will be given protocol that they might need after hours. As soon as the online transportation business will resume the next day, all important messages will be transferred to the right persons. This way, excellent business-business relations will be maintained and the employees will not have to rush to answering machines to check any unanswered calls. Businesses processes will be smoothed out and a good market positioning will be achieved.

24×7 Answering Service

Online travel, tourism and transportation businesses expecting calls from corporate clients at all times can go for 24/7 live receptionist answering service. This would help in receiving calls at all times and would not require employees and management to be conscious of incoming calls from corporate clients. Online travel and transportation businesses working globally would be having clients all around the world. Hence, they will need to meet all time zones and for them, this service would suit the most.

Emenac Call Center Services is here to handle the phone answering call center at all times and assist online travel and transportation businesses with business calls. In addition to taking up calls at all times and forwarding the right call or right message to the right department, the offshore agents at Emenac Call Center Services also eliminate extra calls from the lines so that the clients do not have to wait in queues for very long. This way, the incoming calls are handled perfectly 24/7 and good business relations are developed.

Dedicated Virtual Receptionist

An online travel and transportation business may have many other tasks to be done alongside taking up calls of corporate clients which could be hotels, resorts, airline companies, car rental or charter service providers, a courier company or cruise ships etc. The side tasks may include documentation of guests reserved for a hotel or maybe tickets for certain airline reserved in a day. Moreover, there could be many other side tasks such as scheduling meetings for the manager or redoing and reprinting time tables for the employees. Handling it all will take a lot of time which the manager or the employees will probably not have.

Emenac Call Center Services can provide offshore receptionist answering services in which, a dedicated virtual receptionist will take up calls and also perform side tasks to ease the life of the managers. This service can be taken up by any kind of online travel and tourism business in order to make sure that neither any important calls are left untaken nor an important task is left incomplete.

Urgent Call Handling

Travel, tourism and transportation companies working online are highly likely to receive calls that need to be handled on urgent basis. For instance, an airline company may call in to have a passenger, with confirmed reservation, followed for no-show. Hotels too can call in to enquire about sudden increase in guests who were not expected and hence, are not finding rooms now. Such calls have to be taken or else, the client will be greatly aggrieved and think that the travel agency websites are working only to make bookings and are unconcerned with related matters. As a result, an unprofessional image will be spread and business relations will be strained.

To avoid this from happening, online travel agencies can outsource live telephone answering service for urgent call handling and make sure that all urgent calls are taken and the clients’ issues are addressed in time. For this service too, Emenac Call Center Services will not only work to take up calls but also eliminate extra calls and transfer the right call to the right department saving the employees’ time and aiding the caller perfectly. As a result, the online travel business will enjoy a good image.

Overflow Call Handling

During holiday seasons or times of year with problems such as political turmoil, spread of diseases and war etc., online travel agencies may expect an overflow of calls. This could relate to clients calling in to pressurize cancellations for certain country owing to a political turmoil or maybe hotels and resorts calling in to halt reservations owing to full-house. Such calls have to be entertained because if the client faces any sort of difficulty and the partner travel business shows no concern, it ends up straining relations and earns a bad image. Eventually, all clients are discouraged to maintain partnerships.

To avoid such mishaps and allow easily handle overflowing calls, travel agency websites may outsource the task to Emenac Call Center Services. We will handle all calls proficiently and make sure that no caller is left unattended. Callers needing to wait in queues will be dealt with proficiently to avoid angers and calls will be transferred so as to keep the phone receiving process organized. Eventually, all partners will remain perfectly satiated and good business relations will develop.

Online tour operators, rental service providers or courier companies looking for live operator answering service can call us at any time, on +1.888.909.2207.

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