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An Unprecedented Phone Answering Service to Assist You In Pressurized Times

Emenac Call Center Services entertain your callers with incomparable expertise in urgent call handling services for unfortunate times when your business is unable to take calls itself. From act of god to man-caused hassle that puts your business operation in a collapse, we start handling your calls on a moment’s notice and you only have to pay for the time when you avail our services.  Impress your callers with an access point that is always on, and ready to provide your callers with the best customer service your brand has to offer regardless hurricanes, earthquakes or any other disaster.

Turn-Key Options

For issue that are common, our predesigned but unfixed solutions will save time and cost

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Call Routing

Each caller will wind its way to the best business official with our efficient routing service

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Call Assessment

We rank every call according to its importance and profitably to your business

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A Glance at the Industries We Have Been Serving

Emenac Call Center Services claims a decade of knowledgeable urgent call handling services provision to various industries

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An Extended Customer Support Service Unit To Fuel Your Strained Hours
Be prepared with Emenac’s Urgent Call Handling Services for Disaster Backup Customer Support

A back up plan should always be in play for your business operation in case some disaster (God-willed or man–made) occurs. Because your customers usually come from varied geographical locations and being an entrepreneur it is your job to ensure that the customers that reach out you get addressed, no matter how critical situation you are in. This sounds impossible but the hard times are also an opportunity to push yourself against limitations and surge above the odds. Any worthy urgent call handling service like ours would help you with this rising to a challenging occasion by strategies like hosting your PABX system.

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Despite the increasing frequency of such disastrous happening, many companies still overlook the need for a plan B. If you knew you have a contact supportive plan B, we assure you, you will feel more secure and at peace.

Your Customer Support’s Safe Haven:

Urgent Call Handling Solutions, as offered by Emenac Call Center Services’ can be your central customer care sanctuary for organizations that are forced to temporarily terminate their operational process. Because customer is the ultimate king that can make or break any business’ future prospects. Customer Care is a business’s way of showing how much their clients mean to them. Now how would they feel if their calls are not being answered? Your firm operation is down but they might not even be aware of the fact and you would not wish for them to find out if it is avoidable.

Offshore Support Back-up for Earth-quakes to Power Quaking:

Any business however mighty can be subjected to environmental factors beyond its control. Many geographical locations are prone to earthquakes, hurricanes and seasonal flooding. Or major man-caused disruptions like terrorist attacks (brutal but it happens) or minor inconvenient issues like power failures, technical malfunctioning or other incidents). With our Urgent Call Handling services backing you up, you are prepared in face of any unpredictable, unprecedented environmental scenarios that you cannot possibly control elsewise.

Being prepared is better than being sorry!

No, we are not rooting for your business to falter in its operation but we are concerned about its security. So if we say, an urgent call handling solution in the shade can help you retain your customer support standards and maintain customer loyalty through enhanced brand-image with a onetime, incase investment. You should really benefit yourself with this smart move because there is always a possibility of things not going the way you hoped. We should all live by the Boy Scout mottoAlways be prepared!’

Act of God or Human-Caused Catastrophes are always unpredictable!

Your Call Handling Service Doesn’t have to halt just because your firm did

Emenac Call Center Services, the provider of an Urgent Call Answering Service that is simply “MORE”

Why, you wonder? Here is why:

Emergencies are taxing enough without having to worry about maintaining communication and customer service. Focus on reinstating your business operation and leave those issues for us to handle.

Emenac Call Center Services has been involved with onshore and offshore outsourcing of urgent call handling services for many years. Our experience in the area enables us to provide all paralyzed business operations offshore call handling services that will upkeep the brand image in your place. Our qualified agents will improvise in all conditions to ensure customer retention and rank all issues for better customer concern resolving rates. Furthermore, the level of urgency of a call or message is pre-programmed for optimal time management of our client’s business.

And below are the features that make us a better option:

24/7 live agents or automated response:

As per your service package, Emenac Call Center Services will ensure that your caller reaches either live professional yet friendly agent or an automated self-service portal that flows smoothly without hindrance.  Our resources are at your disposal with time zone limitations, you can avail your customer a world-class service at any hour of any day of the year.

One Ring Activation:

Give us one call if any emergency struck and your call handling will be transferred to us without a moment’s delay. All callers reaching out to your business will be automatically routed to us and our skilled call center agents will make sure they want for nothing when the line finally is disconnected.

Pay Per Service:

You are not obliged to pay us until the time you need our services. So it’s a safe investment, one that has no chance of going sideways and you only pay for the service you avail. Emenac Call Center Services has transparent billing structures that leave no room for hidden client payment traps. With us you will always know what you are paying and to which end.

Solutions for Fellow Call Center Service Providers:

Corporate world runs on links between competitor organizations because customer satisfaction for all organizations is the primary concern for every firm. Call Centers are not exempt from any functional-failing conditions. We offer specialized urgent call handling solutions for those call centers who cannot continue their services, due to some sudden catastrophe. We, being in the same business understand usual concerns and will cater to their clients as they would have themselves.

“Live Call Handling Back-Up Now” solutions for your Ecommerce Company 24/7/365

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